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  1. I am curious about the new FMS for the airliners. Have they revealed its capabilites? Navigraph compatibility? The screenshots look like the old FMS in the default aircraft which would be a great disappointment.
  2. I think can answer some of your questions. A lot people like skymaxx pro (SMP) for cloud textures. It is an improvement, though some have noted performance hits. There is an addon called RWC (real world connector). To be honest I own it, but am not really sure that it does anything. Its supposed to improve weather transitions, though I have not really seen it. There is a new version of SMP coming, so you might want to wait for the new version. To get distant rendering, check extended DSF scenery in preferences. This will have a performance hit, so see how it works with high performance aircraft. For low and slow, you generally dont need it. Others can comment on addon mesh and terrain. I generally havent added any though there are many freeware options. X-plane.org store has many airport and scenery addons though I have always used freeware in their downloads sections. MrX's airports are superb, get them all. As far as EZdok, you dont need it in X-plane. X-plane has a great built in camera system. Just move your view to where you want it, and hit CTRL+num pad. That view will be saved for that aircraft. If you use TrackIR, a free addon is X-camera, which gives you greater control over Track IR. The best C-172 addon is from Airfoil labs. Its comparable to A2A, perhaps a couple of notches below. Currently it is bugged by an overaly sensitive leaning mechanic, which causes engine failure too easily and there is no way to disable this failure. We are waiting for a fix, which is acknowledged, so I would recommend following their website and the forum at the xplane.org site and holding off for now. Other alternatives are the excellent vflyteair cherokee, and the reality expansion pack (REP) for several carenado planes. REP rewrites the flight model and adds A2A-like features. I have the bonanza REP and its not bad, but not quite as good as the Comanche from A2A. For larger planes there are more and more options. Flight Factor's 767 is pretty descent as is the IXEG 737. X-plane does not have an aircraft with an FMC comparable to PMDG, though I havent tried the Flight Factor 757 v2. In essence you cant just hit lnav and vnav and expect the airplane to take you from departure to landing. For prop airliners you have a couple of great choices. The SAAB 340 from X-aviation is superb with the best checklist system on any platform. It does have a clunky system for setting up power, and props, which frankly I have never gotten to work correctly, but this is a minor gripe. The other prop plane is the PMDG's DC-6. It's fabulous and has an automated flight engineer which makes this complex beast very manageable. Finally xplane finally has a GTN 650/750 which is as good as the one for FSX/P3D. Its a must have for GA and flying the SAAB. Take your time with X-plane and you will find its flight dynamics quite satisfying. The one glaring deficiency is weather. Hoping this will be addressed though we know it wont be changed in the first iteration of XP11.
  3. Ok, I figured it out: I had to turn the master switch off (its on when the plane initializes) and then back on, and that seemed to reliably boot the GTN. So, if you have the STMA PC-12, which otherwise is a nice aircraft, this is the way, at least for me, to use the GTN.
  4. Its something screwy with plane. The GTN just started working mid flight, not sure why, and then when I reloaded the aircraft, it was blank again. Is there a guide for installing the GTN in the 3d panel. I was wondering if disabling one of the GNS' would fix the problem.
  5. Thanks for the quick response. Avionics are powered (the other default GPS's are on) and I'll recheck failures. I haven't tried connecting to the copilot side. Keep you posted...
  6. First I love this product and it works in many of my aircraft. However, in the STMA PC-12, which uses the default GNS 530, the GTN is a blank window. In essence, it doesn't turn on. To be clear, its not the previous win10 anniversary issue. In this case, the GTN is present, its just off. I'm wondering if there is some conflict with another plugin in the aircraft or whether there is something I am missing to turn it on. Any thoughts?
  7. I've been using the patched version to help get a fix for the Win 10 bug. I can say unequivocally it works spectacularly well in all of my aircraft including payware such as flyjsim and saab 340. This is, in my opinion, a must have add-on to xplane and is a game changer. After this, never going back to P3d or fsx.
  8. Considering that the product just came out, and on this thread alone there are 4 people who have blank screens, this is a serious issue. Does flight1 offer refunds for this product.
  9. No joy, rebooted, default aircraft, payware etc etc etc. As far as drivers, I did have to roll back my nVidia drivers because of the win10 FPS issue with win10 anniversary.
  10. A few of us who bought this have been unable to get it to work as of now. http://www.avsim.com/topic/496227-gtn-touch-v22-64-bits-for-x-plane-10/page-2#entry3494325
  11. Did all of the above, still a blank, transparent window. Note I did install without antivirus and the files are in the correct places. Pretty frustrated right now.. this is an expensive product.
  12. I installed with antivirus off, and the file, rxpGtnSim32.dll, is present in the correct location.
  13. The plugin seems to be calling the 32 bit dll, rather than the 64 bit one. Has anyone gotten this to work in xp10 64 bit?
  14. I have windows 10 anniversary Log: 16/10/11 17:30:46.609 09292 - ] # win.xpl version 16/10/11 17:30:50.083 09292 INFO ] using GTNSIMDATA = "C:\ProgramData\Garmin\GTN Trainer Data" 16/10/11 17:30:50.086 09292 INFO ] using GTNSIMPATH = "D:\garmin trainer\GTN Trainer\GTN\sys\sim" dll.log 16/10/11 17:30:49.723 09292 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 16/10/11 17:31:01.237 09292 ERROR] cannot write code 16/10/11 17:31:01.241 09292 ERROR] GTN 750.1 process not ready: C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGtnSim32.dll 16/10/11 17:31:01.243 09292 ERROR] Invalid access to memory location., code: 000003e6 Also I uninstalled, reinstalled as administrator, virus protection off etc. Still nothing but a blank screen. ...the hazards of being an early adopter...
  15. Yes I installed the garmin trainer and it works ok by itself. In XP all i get is a blank window. I even tried setting the environmental variables per the manual even though I only have one installation of the trainer. I tried leaving it on while booting xplane...nothing but a blank screen. Does anyone from RXP monitor this thread? btw its version 6.01.1
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