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  1. The ability to conduct an IFR flight plan in just one aircraft would be nice for a “flight sim.”
  2. I honestly think some people here are paid by MS or Asobo, because while previously I had been unable to complete any flight under any flight plan, now, post patch I have no airplanes except for a c152. Now I know I will be told that its my system, or its my impatience or whatever, but the product is just obviously broken and I am not sure its getting better. Some will say, “bye bye, I am having a great time” and eventually all that will be left here are those that somehow tolerate the dreck (translate dog’s dinner) that was marketed to us and that we bought. Someone here posted that they flew a complete IFR flight with ATC in IMC in the airbus along with multiple other aircraft (not sure they were real or players) that were miraculously sequenced into landing all while IFR. I have desperately tried to repeat this in the futile hope I am wrong in my judgement. Let’s just say, no joy on my end. Maybe the true answer is what’s been staring us in the face every time we launch....XBOX
  3. It does help, and I am dying to try it out, but when I launch MSFS nearly all my airplanes are gone. Is this a thing?
  4. Since I have been unable to fly the airbus virtually anywhere on a flight plan, I am curious about how you flew IFR using ATC and live traffic because I would love to replicate it. What was your route? Did you use ATC the whole way or selectively to avoid being vectored into Mt Rainer? Which STAR, and did ATC vector you correctly along it? When you say you were “sequenced” how did you know this and with all this traffic was there a threat of GA? Did all this traffic appear on your TCAS? How did you land? Did the AP capture the Localizer and GS or hand fly it since from your description you were IMC at capture? Did you have to hand fly it down given some of the cross wind issues?
  5. From my memory sim rate increases were problematic in FSX with any complex aircraft, the only one that seemed to get it right was PMDG with their clever variable speed.
  6. then market it as such rather than tease A320 operating like the real thing
  7. Anyone else try to boot up post patch and get stuck with a picture of mt Fuji? Do I need a reinstall?
  8. Translate: “these are our partners and we cannot overtly say that we are pulling our MSFS development staff to work on P3d planes.” But, as he states almost immediately after, “Since we had planned to be very deep into 737, 747, 777, J-41 and DC-6 conversion to MSFS by now- but it is clear that we won’t need to dedicate those resources to MSFS” Translate: this bug filled google earth imitator doesnt deserve our time right now.
  9. I find it interesting how much effort they continue to put into p3d as I have been worried that V5 might be the end, so I guess there is some good news there.
  10. If you start at a gate, you will be cold and dark in the A320, with the option of ground power. APU seems to work instantly and without a functioning EFIS, hard to know if its powering up normally. W&B is kind of hit or miss and simbrief numbers aren’t helpful. I think xpilot works though I am not ready to fly the airbus online, because of its erratic behavior. I flew the airbus for the first time since the patches, here are my impressions: *Flew KMIA/KIAH Winco5-Gilco2. Both procedures are missing waypoints that need to be added manually. *Gilco5 was missing waypoints and constraints..had to add them. *I was unable to add altitude constraints. *Aircraft descended unexpectedly from cruise without any warning on moving map or fgms. Also the converse, of starting to climb unexpectedly during the descent. *Descent had to be done manually, and it would switch out of VS mode without warning, possibly related to constraints that I couldn’t change. *Gilco 5 feeds into 31R ILS but aircraft didn’t capture localizer, and hand flew the landing. I don’t know if GS capture occurs reliably or not. *Speed was all over the place, so I had to disable the AT, as the aircraft blew through the alpha floor. I don’t think it can stall, they got that part right, but shouldn’t have gotten to that point. I guess you could fly this online, but have to be ready for unexpected things to happen and be comfortable with taking over from the AP.
  11. Does the fmc allow you to stall the ac? If you turn AP and auto throttle off, can you perform a stall? It’s an easy test for FBW configuration.
  12. I haven’t tried the mod...does it accurately model fbw? A good test would be can you stall the aircraft, in other words does the fmc protect against a dangerous aoa?
  13. Sorry your hair threw me off!! It’s my point exactly and somehow the default xp managed to figure out how to do this. And some will say, they are a small development group, but those of us who have worked in these environments (small startup—big company funding all or part), know that if they felt that they needed more expertise in an area they could have gotten it from MS. If they had really thought out of the box, imagine a “Diamond” version with the PMDG QOS and the A2A Cherokee bundled. I would gladly pay $300 for that.
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