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  1. Hi, Could you share your source for the Ortho data? I wasn't aware than any existed for AK? Thanks
  2. Hi I use the BSS soundpack, and it's wonderful. There is an easy fix to the engine shut-down, that is included in the documentation (requires a very easy tweak to the N1 limits in PlaneMaker). Overall, this soundpack makes the CRJ200 so much better to fly with.
  3. I've been fortunate enough to be able to experiment with a few of the XP weather options, including XEnviro, SMP, UWXP and now ASXP. I love XE when it works, and 1.10, if it delivers, will be magnificent. In my tests last night matching ASXP with SMP, I found the fluid aspects of the atmosphere to be much improved using ASXP. I think ASXP should be thought of as a fluid atmosphere simulator right now (visuals provided via another source of your choice). As an atmosphere generator, so far it appears to be very accurate in METAR rendering and interpolating winds, and in incorporating turbulence, chop, and a more general "fluid" feel--making flying more challenging and real feeling! Until XE is stable and released in 1.10 form (and I am hoping it's a smashing success, because it looks stunning), I'll keep tinkering with ASXP as the atmo engine, and see how SMP and UWXP do at rendering.
  4. I SO love that livery! Great shots.
  5. Very nice! Is there an XP-11 update that allows for the PBR effects that show on your engines? I have this, but was not aware of an update. Please advise. Thanks!
  6. Nice photos! How immersive and complete are the FMOD sounds on this aircraft? Thx
  7. Flew my first "TrueSky" flight in DTG, and really, really enjoyed the ambiance and the 3D feel when flying through the clouds. Darn near the best GA flying experience I've had in any sim!
  8. Thanks....my, how much I've forgotten about FSX related shortcuts!
  9. Hi all, In the spirit of supporting new flight sim efforts, I've flown a bit in the early release of FSW and think it has promise, especially if they can get good third party support. Flight dynamics are smooth, as is rendering with GForce 1060 card. Having said that, I've been with X-Plane for some time now, and am used to using the mouse for view movements. I can't seem how to figure in FSW how to use the mouse for moving my view (like I can in AeroFly2 even). Any suggestions? I thought I remembered being able to do this in FSX, but it's been a while. Thanks
  10. Yes, you need to edit the cockpit.obj file, and change the setting for camera to ATTR_no_solid_camera (Default is solid, hence you are locked into the cockpit or cabin)! You can open the cockpit.obj file with wordpad, notepad, or similar. Bill
  11. Rotate MD-80 for 11 is silky smooth, love the sky textures and color reflections off the wing...this PB is a great step up....so glad I've stuck with XP. When aircraft start getting FMOD sound enhancements, it'll start making me cry! :)
  12. Thanks so much for your engagement in this forum! I'm looking forward to purchasing your KSAN scenery. AND...do you have any other teaser information on the DC-9 project? Will you be including early variants like the -10, -15 or -20? Would love to see those, as the -50 starts to look and feel so much like the MD-80 series. So exciting to hear about a DC-9! Thanks, Bill
  13. Hi, I love flying in and out of KSAN, and am pretty happy with one of the payware versions (Mister X?, not sure) for X-Plane. I also like some of the payware airports--and would like to know if anyone has tried Icarus' new KSAN via X-Aviation? Is the upgrade worth $20US? Thanks Bill
  14. I must be fortunate...I've done lots of long-distance flights and have not had wx-related crashes or sudden snap changes to weather. But then I'm flying tubeliners that don't linger in one spot very long!
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