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  1. CapnSplat

    X-Plane announcement?!?

    Yeah, "big news" might have been a bit of an overstatement, especially considering Angle of Attack has been providing training courses for a while now.
  2. CapnSplat

    X-Plane announcement?!?

    Took me a while to track down the source. For what it's worth, this announcement tease comes from X-Plane Pilots, not X-Pilot/X-Aviation. Had never heard of the former before just now.
  3. This was nestled in at the end of the 777 SP1C update: This may or may not hint at an update on PMDG's X-Plane projects, but let's keep a weather eye on the horizon nonetheless.
  4. From the "12SEP14 - General Update on Many Topics" thread: Unfortunately, not much that we didn't know already.
  5. CapnSplat

    What is DCS

    Seems like a great area for some carrier ops. :smile:
  6. CapnSplat

    Outerra Roadmap

    Fascinating post; I'm very interested to see where Outerra goes!
  7. CapnSplat

    Where is my Caravan now?

    Now that is a detailed airport! Some Google-fu suggests that this is Aerobridge's handiwork, but there isn't much info on their site. Hope they haven't gone the way of the dodo. :unsure:
  8. CapnSplat

    Bf-109 K4 Kurfurst

    The DCS: Bf 109 K-4 teaser trailer just went up on YouTube. Looks great! I wonder if the background music is going to be the Bf 109 theme. If so, sounds great too!
  9. CapnSplat

    Bf-109 K4 Kurfurst

    Super excited for this one; the Bf 109 is perhaps my favorite plane of all time. Can't wait to see how it flies in DCS!
  10. Continuing the burgeoning trend of making flight simulators available on Steam, the upcoming IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad can now be had from Steam Early Access.
  11. CapnSplat


    An FMC may not make the actual act of flying from A to B more challenging, but the challenge of learning the ins-and-outs of an aircraft's particular FMC is what many, including myself, find enjoyable. Starting from the manuals and working your way up to being able to key in routes, do your fuel planning, reroute around weather, perform a diversion, etc.--it's a lot to learn and it can be very satisfying to practice with a high level of competency.
  12. CapnSplat


  13. CapnSplat


    Nothing other than "work continues" (Aug. 3, 2014). Things have been pretty quiet since they posted the demo flight videos.
  14. CapnSplat

    DCS: FW-190D-9

    How's everyone enjoying the Dora so far? I've just gotten to the point that I can get her in and out of the air without breaking anything; time to build a gun range and try out the weapons!
  15. CapnSplat

    VEAO P-40F Kittyhawk

    Nice! I haven't been around the ED forums in a while so I'm out of the loop when it comes to third-party modules. The P-40 is a cool bird; hopefully we'll eventually get a Mediterranean theatre and some tropicalized Bf 109s to go with it!