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Found 57 results

  1. Hi, i was flying the pmdg 737-800 and I wanted to load the forecast in the des page but there was a problem. I clicked ,request forecast’, but when I hit load, it said ,datalink config invalid’. Do you have any idea how I can fix that? ps: I introduced the flight plan myself( i didn’t load any f plan)
  2. From the album: Real World and FSX Pictures

    Freeware livery for the PMDG NGX from McPhat Studios.
  3. Chris F.


    From the album: Real World and FSX Pictures

    This was as far as I could get at the time of this picture. This picture was taken on an iPhone 4 while at work.

    © Chris F.

  4. Hello Avsim Community, My sounds for the PMDG 737 are broken (no vid provided). Some interior noises eg: Flap motors, fire bell, AP disengage, etc can be heard outside the aircraft & some exterior noises are heard inside (can't remember). Also, I can only hear the interior & exterior "Motor" noises throughout the flight (when the engines are running too). I also can't hear the engine noises either, even at takeoff, cruise, landing, etc I cannot hear the engine noises AT ALL during flight. I have the SP1d service pack installed. By the way, I had to re-install the aircraft when installing SP1d (This issue was present before) I really hope anyone knows how to fix it. (I hope @PMDG replies - I doubt it) TrainNutter
  5. The house PMDG 737 800 initialise at all times, but after downloading a Airline livery from either de CD or Operations Center these initialise the first time but not when attempting to use the same livery the second time what could be the problem, this only occurs with the 737, 800 either WL or the other, I have no such problem with the 737-900 liveries.
  6. I was wondering what is the maximum (safe flight) range of the Boeing 737-800 PMDG, that it can still have like 2000lbs in the reserve. And can I actually make a transatlantic flight with it? Thanks in advance Mixer
  7. Name: The Maderia Approach with PMDG 737 NGX Category: FS Instructional Videos Date Added: 27 May 2014 - 03:11 PM Submitter: Martinair50 Short Description: Doing one of the most dangerous approaches in the world on FSX. One of the most dangerous approaches in the world. This is exactly how the Visual 5 VOR to LPMA procedure should be executed. Please watch in HD! The video starts off with me approaching the Missed Approach Point (MAPt), you can see this point on the navigation display as MA05. From this point on I should have the runway in sight and the VOR part of the approach pretty much ends and I am fully visual. At around 6 DME from FUN at around 900 feet I should switch off the autopilot and start my base turn towards the runway, to cross the waypoint GELO at 850 feet. From then on I follow the approach lightning that brings me right in front of runway 05 of Funchal Airport. Thank you for watching please, subscribe rate and comment! Addons: PMDG 737 NGX ActiveSky Next REX Essential Plus Real Environment Xtreme Aerosoft Madeira X scenery EzDok Saitek X52 View Video
  8. Lots of news lately about X-Plane's current and upcoming 737 simulations, but I haven't seen much mentioned here regarding the upcoming virtual cockpit for EADT's x737 project. While the cockpit has been in the works for a while now, it's begun to take shape over the past several weeks and the devs have been sharing some eye candy over on the .Org. In case you've missed it, check out the screens below! Note: the most recent updates have stressed that this is still a way out since additional systems need to be implemented, so try not to get too antsy! Also, when the cockpit is completed, the project will remain donationware.
  9. Hi guys, Sorry if this question sounds a bit odd but I am fairly new to FSX and I have hardly acquired 10 - 15 hrs on PMDG 737 - 800 Winglet. Yesterday on my approach to EGNT runway 25, ATC (FSX default) gave me clearance to land, I was 2nd to land after a small aircraft (possibly a Cessna). There was barely 10 - 15 nm distance between my 737 and the Cessna and I was already on VREF Speed with speed breaks up and flaps 30. On final approach I suddenly realised that my 737 was moving a lot faster than the Cessna and I was about crash into it. I immediately took control and lowered my altitude and somehow managed to avoid the collision and landed before the other aircraft! After reaching the minimums ATC advised me to go around but it was too late so I landed before the Cessna regardless. My question is have you ever come across this situation? How a pilot would handle this in real life? Who's fault was it as I couldn't reduce my speed further without losing lift. Thanks in advance for your input. Ronnie
  10. Hey, So I have had the 737NGX for a while and it has been working perfectly. Today though I flew KPHL-KORD in it and something very wierd happened with the fuel Loading. I set up the aircraft same as I always do, programmed the FMC and loaded the fuel. I loaded about 15,000 pounds according to the FMC and FSX and FSC. Plenty of fuel to reach ohare. I flew the departure as usual, used VNAV, LNAV and the A/P same as always. Everything was normal. I then left for a quick 5 minute break, and when I came back there was 0lbs of fuel onboard and the engines were at idle. I have no idea why this happened. So, anyway, I flew the flight over later and it all went perfectly well. Any ideas? ~Remy
  11. Here are a few screenshots I took on my routes using the Boeing 737-700 and -600 by PMDG. All use default scenery. Trip #1 Southwest Airlines KMSY-KEYW (New Orleans - Key West) on the 737-700 Pushed out of gate, taxiing to the active: On the runway on takeoff run: Rolling to the right, about to fly over water: Flying over some of what I think are the keys: Just after touchdown: Flight #2 WestJet CYVR-CYWG (Vancouver to Winnipeg) on the 737-600 On take-off run on the active: A nice slice of Canada: These clouds don't look too nice: Cruising at 37K: Finally, landing in the snow at Winnipeg: Thanks for viewing my pictures, they do need more work... default scenery isn't the prettiest!
  12. I would like to know how to get the "g-force effects" when I am in the virtual cockpit of my PMDG 737-800?? The view that I fly in (by pressing F9) is a "locked" view from the captains chair. Of course I can look around but I do not get any "g force" effects like when I land or in turbulance. The pilots head does shutter or move around it just stays locked in the line of site. I have heard that the pmdg 737 comes with this cool feature but how do I use it?? Also how do you walk around the plane or in the cockpit? please help THANK YOU -Correction- The pilots head DOES NOT shutter or move around it just stays locked in the line of site please help THANK YOU
  13. Does anybody know when next month Southwest is getting their 738's, and how many?Thanks,boeing247
  14. Hey captains!Why my 737-800/900 doesn't have wings?I installed NGX, Updates 1, 2 and 3 and then installed SP1 and SP1b. Now I realized that, when I switch to the back point view, I can't see the tip of the wing through the window.Is anyone dealing with this too?Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi guys, Maybe someone knows this problem: First of all, I own the 737-800/900 NGX with the latest service pack running, and I'm mostly using the 737-800WL version. My problem is as follows: 1) After pushback and startup the throttles themselves don't respond whatsoever and I receive this error advisory which cant be located. This problem is solved only after entering slew mode, raising up and aircraft a few feet, releasing it from slew for a fraction of a second and return back to place. 2) The next problem is occuring upon takeoff: Everything works fine till the rotation moment. from there and on the aicrcraft stuggles to gain speed and works on a VERY low angle of attack, even -5 degrees while climbing. The major issue is, while tying to take manual control or controlling the climb via vertical speed intervention the speed slows down dramatically up to buffet alerts and even stalls- that's when the angle of attack is very low. I thought it might be 2 problems: 1) incorrect weight distribution and CG problems 2) Some conlifct with my weather engine (ASN) regarding these potential problems I've managed to eliminate them all, as everything was OK with the weight and balance, and I've also tried changing my payload while airborne to check the problem with no change- even when I've set everything on 0. Same with the weather engine- Even when it was switched off it didnt make any difference. Another thing is that I've encountered is that the problem is occuring only in some specific aicraft inside (another painting) while some are working OK for some odd reason. Yet another thing is I've also tried uninstalling and re-installing the 737NGX from scratch with same results. In order to illustrate the problem better I'm adding here up a link for my flight broadcast in order that those of you who might know the problem will be able to understand it better: http://www.twitch.tv/yardenbe/b/543805749 Problem timelapse: 34:00 - Throttle problem on startup 41:00- Departure 45:00- Aircract cant gain speed, negative angle of attack on FD 49:00- Receiving buffet alerts due to problem 54:00- Changing payload to 0 with same results Thanks for all the helpers in advance!
  16. Took the Boeing 738 from Atlanta to Reagan National. Got a few decent shots from the VC as the sun was setting. Hope you guys enjoy!
  17. Today I was flying the EADT 737-800 from Gdańsk to Vienna.
  18. Hi friends 😊 MCP-BEL (Macapa to Belem, Brazil) GOL Boeing 737-800 (real world route) ----------------------------------------------------- Ready for taxi at MCP Lined up at MCP Descent, approach & landing into BEL
  19. Delivery flight med PMDG 737 NGX / 737-800 from Amsterdam EHAM to Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen ENGM. TOW: 70.1 TPAX: 174/174CARGO: 5500 KGFUEL: 8100 KG Routing: EHAM ANDIK SID UN873 JUIST UN873 TUSKA N873 VES P602 AMSEV UP602 PIPEX UM609 RIPAM STAR ENGM Take off RW EHAM: 27, no intersectionLanding RW ENGM: 19R ENGINE SETTING: 22K Derate, TAss: 30 degrees C. CLB1 + CLB after 5000 feet Block time: 1:50Trip time: 1:35Delayed: 0:15 Remark Delivery flight Her starter moroa| Fyrer opp motor 1. Nr 2 har stabilisert seg pa 23% N1 og viser normale verdier. IRS1 og 2 er alignet, noe som tar ca 10 minutter. Ellers er FMC satt med dagens verdier. Cockpit preperation og pre start checklist er ogsa gjennomfort. Here the fun starts! Starting up engine 1. Number 2 has stabilized at 23% N1 and shows normal engine parameters. IRS1 and 2 are aligned, what takes about 10 minutes. Otherwise: FMC is set. Cockpit preps and pre start checklist is done. Klatrer ut og starter høyresving. Det flys manuelt og knotes mest og flys minst. Konser mest om å holde climb out speed på ca 170 knop oppover de første hundre fotene før jeg egentlig starter på noe sving. LNAV og CMD aktiveres etter 1000 fot. LVL CHG og N1 presses deretter. A/T er aktivert før take off. Ny MCP speed settes ikke i MCP som gjeldende når jeg aktiverer men får A-warning (low speed) i MCP vindu og 155 står fortsatt og blnker (som var V2 speed og satt i MCP prior to take off). Noen som vet om jeg har gjort noe galt her siden jeg ikke fikk aktuell speed i MCP vindu ved aktivering av N1 og LVL CHG? Climbing out, starting right turn. I fly manually and struggle to hold stable course. Most of consentration is adressed to remain at correct climb out speed aprox 170 knots for the first houndred feet. Therafter right turn. LNAV and CMD is activated after 1000 feet AGL. LCL CHG and N1 is pushed. New MCP speed is not automatically set in MCP (from current IAS). Is this correct, my error or program error? When you push N1 button, shouldn`t you get IAS into MCP speed automatically? Gir opp CLB1 med vekt på 70 tonn og sletter hele CLB`reduction. I gave up CLB1 and deleted CLB1 for CLB! Got 5-6 % N1 more! Turbo-mode =) Forlater koselige FL370 for 140 og deretter 6000 og så 4000 som minimum ved siste WP. We are leaving FL370 for FL140. Therafter 6000 feet and 4000 feet at last WP. Gav opp VNAV på slutten. Var litt kranglete med en del frem og tilbake. Litt restrictions på noen punkter som dro speed tilbake til 260 for deretter å demande 306 og så litt tilbake igjen. Snakket med SAS-crewet som fløy meg oppover fra OSlo her om dagen om akkurat dette. NG`en kan være litt tullete på VNAV og preditcions i real av og til også, slik at mange etter det jeg hører, faller for fristelsen å heller bruke LVL CHG der det går an. Jeg gikk over til LVL CHG og satt speed 260 before FL100 og 250 etter. Var litt tilbake til VNAV/LNAV før jeg på base gikk over til LVL CHG Og HDG SEL som jo er en litt mer direkte måte å fly på. Gave up VNAV at last. It comes up with restrictions at different waypoints. Sometimes 260, then 306 then back to 260. Maybe some bug in the STAR, but it was annoying. I converted to LVL CHG mode. Some pilots also tell that the real NG can be unfriendly at some VNAV operations. Sometimes it lives its own life I hear. (DESCENT PATH NOT ACH or DRAG REQ..) Sjekker 19R kart for Gardermoen. Mulig det var 19L som var i bruk. Fulgte FS TWR og fikk right. Anyway. Manglet to punkter i min STAR. Checking approach plate 19R for ENGM GArdermoen. Maybe 19L was in use in real. I followed command from FSX TWR. Two points were missing in STAR. Intercepter manuelt med HDG SEL. 10 grader ofset Manually intercepting with HDG SEL and 10 degrees ofset. Makes the day Begynner å bli mange år siden det var en overaskelse når RW var in sight når man brøt gjennom skydekker, hehe : ) Her stemmer også verden med kart, selv i FS. Er egentlig alltid litt morsomt, synes jeg : ) It becomes many years since it came as a surprise when the runway lights showed up befront of mine under the clouds : ) Here the world and map agrees, even in FS. Fun every time! Idle reverse og autobrake 1 som står og jobber. Satt reverse off tidlig og lar flyet bruke hele banen. Også bare for morro skyld : ) Idle reverse and autobrake 1. Let the a/c drift all the way down the runway. Just for fun Shut down checklist kjøres. IRSer skrus av, parking brake set. Logbok signes. Mens jeg hører lyden av CFM`ene spinne seg ned tenker jeg med meg selv: Dette var en fantastisk flytur! Dette addonet har jeg ventet i 5 år på. 5 år som slettes ikke var forgjeves! Shut down checklist. IRSes turned of, parking brake set. Logbook filed. Hearing the sound of the CFM`s spooling down I think by my self: "This was an amazing flight". This addon I have been waiting for, for 5 years. It was really worth it! Sorry for bad english : ) Very happy with this a/c. A little bit heavvy feel, but maybe this is correct. Comments are welcome : )
  20. Rare for me as I hardly fly these days with all the paint projects recently.🤔 Anyway....most of my flying is paint inspection flights where I take my latest paint on a short hop and along the way, pan around her to check for issues. Since these flights are done almost exclusively in the day, a night flight is a welcomed treat (thank goodness we don't have to paint night textures anymore). When the flight ended (at an airport that should be easy to guess after the last 2 shots), I was panning around the plane and struck with how great night textures look compared to the "old days" 🤣 Love the reflections on the fuse, you see I have the wheel well light, the cockpit overhead, the cabin, and wing inspection lights all on (and the logo light of course). And look at the reflection of the gate lights on the tip of the nose! So adds to the immersion. 🙂 The beautiful moon glow reflection on the fuse by the L1 door and on the blue edge of the engine, and the hint of the wing inspection light on the very polished engine leading edge. 🙂 The logo light looks great (maybe a bit bright, but nice)...the astute will probably know the airport by this pic. Any doubt where my flight ended after viewing the shot below? Hehe
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