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  1. Hi Bryan, The new installer is adding the window lines to the -400 model panel config and works fine, but for me it is not adding it to the -8 one. Should it be creating it in both?
  2. I had the same issue with the add-ons causing it to stop working after trying to activate them. Narrowed it down to ones i had created using AO. Update, I found my issue was caused by not have the "description line" completed in the addon.xml.
  3. Are you running version 1.2a? I had the same issue with 1.2.
  4. Hi Simbol, I was going to buy an airport this month, but I will purchase this day one instead 🙂 Looking forward to it.
  5. Has anyone noticed a slight increase of vram with HF2? I seem to have be using another 1 to 2 gig more with the same settings compared to HF1.
  6. I have found if I limit my frames to 20 fps in P3d my core 0 runs at 100% all of the time. If i have it set to unlimited it runs between 70 to 100%
  7. Hi Pat, I had the same issue and found it was caused by having the autogen draw distance setting at max. Once I lowered it to very high or less, the issue seemed to have resolved it's self.
  8. Hi John, REX EF on auto + ASP4 is brilliant.
  9. I had the same issue as well. Turns out for me it was MSI Afterburner causing the issue. I removed it and it worked fine after that. Just my 2 cents.
  10. I was interested to read comments on their excellent add on, but got the above instead ....................................... Anyway my thanks to Dutch, Travis and Peter for the update and I look forward to their future releases.
  11. Hi Robert, I have bought the 737 and 777 for FSX and then again when I moved to Prepar3d. When the 747 arrived it was a first day purchase again. For the cost of these products I have had hundreds of hours of enjoyment flying them around the world, which for cost of the products is way less than a dollar per hour. Where else would you get that kind of value? My thanks to you and your teams efforts in getting this update out as fast as you have and I look forward to the others when they arrive. Unfortunately we are now living in a world of I want this now and for free. Good products such as yours are worth the wait and the price.
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