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  1. Due to reasons I can not remember, I changed from BGL to AIG's flight plans system and did a complete reinstall of AIG. I just pointed AIG to v6 (when it was updated) and let it do it's thing. Sorry I am not much help. I does work in V6, I have no idea why it is not working for you.
  2. I have AIG running in V6 using both BGL and their flight plans via the traffic controller with no issues. I would not say V6 is a waste of time, I have only had a few addons that I can not use at the moment. Have you asked over at AIG's forums for help?
  3. Nice to see them working on the P3D version still. Will keep waiting patiently for the P3D v6 update.
  4. Just bought the MJC Dash 8 and an airport for use in v6. Will keep getting things I like.
  5. From when I asked them a while ago, it will be after the MSFS version is released.
  6. It is just a box to tick. Why my sim with a 12900k and 3090 would freeze every flight at random times at unlimited I do not know. But when I change to limited FPS in sim it runs perfectly. Not a software engineer, just a user offering a simple test to try out. I really do not notice any issues with a 12900k at locked frames and I doubt a 13900k would as well. Good luck and I hope you get it sorted.
  7. I did that as well and had CTD. The FPS kept spiking all of the time. Try using Nivida to lock it at 30fps. In the end it is just a test.
  8. Do you have your frames locked in it? I had random crashes with unlimited frames and not using Nivida to lock the frames. Maybe try locking your frames to 30 using the sims one.
  9. For me, PMDG 747 base pack works fine, the 747-8 has issues with some of the displays during daylight hours (same as the QW 787).
  10. AIG & ProATC X, Will change back to Vox ATC when updated to work with P3D V6.
  11. I had it installed in V6 then removed it. As far as I know the V6 atmosphere does it all, so RealTurb is not needed.
  12. V5.4 is gone from my computer, V6 is just too good.
  13. Are you comparing your sim with addons or default to a default v6?
  14. My one wish, is that all of the countries use their correct atmospheric pressure. According to wiki is the following, Hectopascals are mostly used in aviation worldwide, while inches of mercury are used in Japan and North America.[47] One hectopascal is equal to one millibar.
  15. I emailed the dev not long after V6 was released. They will be updating it and adding V6 compatibility, but not until the MSFS version has been released. It is coming but do not expect it this year they said. Hello At the moment we are concentrating on finishing the MSFS version of VoxATC. When that is done we'll update the P3d versions and support V6. It will not be before the end of 2023 though. Regards VoxATC Support
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