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  1. Thanks. I was not sure and at this point (US laws, etc) I would not put past them showing their petty vindictive nature at times. Just a simple farmer in NZ trying to enjoy my love of aviation. I can not understand why there has to be such a big division in the flight sim community of what sim you should fly and if developers should or should not be developing for that platform. Guess it is just a micro version of how the world currently seems to be, to me at least.
  2. Just checked my PMDG forum account and got the same message because I agreed with Ray and Rudy. Not like I post much there anyway. Can he cancel your product licenses is he wants to?
  3. I have no idea what RSR expected would happen with his 2 sentence throw away line. Paying customers then ask for a proper comment, he says Ray has an alternative motive and attacks him and others. Finally see this is not going away and gives a proper response as to why things are as they are. Just speechless but not surprised with his attitude. @Ray Proudfoot Thank you for been the voice of reason and hleping get to the bottom of this.
  4. @David Vega Could not have said it better myself. Look at GFO, it still promised on their 737 sales page for release in 2020 lol. PMDG Global Flight Operations compatibility (when PMDG GFO is made live in late 2020!) This I assume would be both useful to MSFS and P3D, so what happened to it? Great salesman, terrible project manager would be my guess.
  5. Maybe they are jealous of captain sims reputation and are trying to one up them?
  6. RR good salesman, but when it comes to delivering he falls massively short of the target.
  7. If I only got the cockpit update as promised I would be happy. When I ever make the move to MSFS, PMDG products will not be a part of it now.
  8. Hello Bryan, Have done as above, push back is working fine, but I am still having the issue with the pressurize hydraulics voice command. Is the whole phrase the trigger or is it a certain word?
  9. The fact that it does not have all of the stuff of the honeycomb is why I want the fulcrum version (and also it will be top quality) to replace my 2 Logitech ones.
  10. Having just purchased the yoke, I am also not in a position currently to commit close to $600 in my currency. I love the yoke and will purchase the throttle quadrant as soon as I can. Best of luck Chris
  11. Hi Bryan, I have a PTT button set up for the ugcx and have hard mute engaged on the fs2crew when using ugcx. The other commands I have no issues other than those ones. I will try and train those commands and see if that helps.
  12. I am having this issue were UGCX will just pick it's own push back route no matter what I say and also it is not responding to the clearance to pressurize the hydraulics sequence. Sometimes it will pick a route before I have finished speaking. Any tips? I have done all of the setup as per the guide. I have only a few issues with the flight crew ones and vox atc is pretty good as well.
  13. Hi Chris, Even here in NZ there are packaging issues. My wife used to work for a company that has high priority (food stuffs) for cardboard packing as well and she was still struggling to get it supplied. Just keep us in the loop is all I ask.
  14. I am in New Zealand and have had no issues with Avsim.
  15. The voice commands will be added to version 1.6 from what I understand.
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