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  1. The voice commands will be added to version 1.6 from what I understand.
  2. Thanks for replying Bryan, Could you please tell me what a need to change in the config panel to do adjust the main panel to the original size?
  3. Hello Bryan, Is there a way to revert it back to the pre 3.4 size?
  4. I think that was a bug, it is now showing as a 30% discount
  5. Thanks Bryan, I thought I would just give it ago 🙂 Looking forward to the update.
  6. I am currently doing a flight with it and have had no issues so far. I just pointed the installer to the P3D V5 folder.
  7. Is this not an alpha build and subject to change?
  8. Hi Bryan, The new installer is adding the window lines to the -400 model panel config and works fine, but for me it is not adding it to the -8 one. Should it be creating it in both?
  9. I had the same issue with the add-ons causing it to stop working after trying to activate them. Narrowed it down to ones i had created using AO. Update, I found my issue was caused by not have the "description line" completed in the addon.xml.
  10. Are you running version 1.2a? I had the same issue with 1.2.
  11. Hi Simbol, I was going to buy an airport this month, but I will purchase this day one instead 🙂 Looking forward to it.
  12. Has anyone noticed a slight increase of vram with HF2? I seem to have be using another 1 to 2 gig more with the same settings compared to HF1.
  13. I have found if I limit my frames to 20 fps in P3d my core 0 runs at 100% all of the time. If i have it set to unlimited it runs between 70 to 100%
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