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  1. yes it did not come directly from voxatc
  2. No, there was a bad translation I remembered that the problem occurred after the update of P3D v5.1 and I therefore tried by removing the scenery from this last version to go back to that of the previous version
  3. Here we are, I found it ! By changing the scenery of P3D I have the right frequencies again.
  4. Well, in fact I can't find where the afcad files are ... I have tried a lot of things and it's always the same ... 121.840 for clearance. The most questioning is that it worked correctly before, but I don't know from when and especially if I added something before it no longer works correctly. I put the new version of Navigraph, uninstalled / installed Vox, several times ... nothing changes I changed planes, nothing I think I have to reinstall everything!
  5. Ok, thanks a lot for all these informations i'm going to explore them
  6. Hello, Thanks for answer Come to think of it, I was really wondering which Voxatc database will look for frequencies in. I tried in parallel with Vox to check with P3D's ATC and, there, the key frequencies are classic: 00, 25, 50, 75 ... So it's Vox who has a problem See with AFCADS, where am I looking, in which file? For info, I have Navigraph which I installed for Vox in the C: and I directed Vox towards it I also have up-dated the tracks
  7. Hello, I have this frequency requested when I am at LFPG ... I had already had a problem like this approaching Amsterdam and I think I remember a 25kz-8.33kz problem but now I tried both and it doesn't change anything I am under P3D v5.1, Prosim738 Thanks for help Guy
  8. thanks for help, I'm going to see for the B baro pressure I was flying in France with Prosim737 I don't understand: TA / TL
  9. hi, it's been several flights that I can not finish with voxatc on the descent, yesterday, I managed to follow the instructions: descend to 5000 feet ok, I have no reason to refuse ... I continue my descent, again: descend to 5000 feet I get to 5000 feet and stabilize Very quickly I hear: immediately, descend to 5000 feet I answer: descend to 5000 feet 3 minutes later: immediately descend to 5000 feet I answer: descend to 5000 feet 3 minutes later: immediately descend to 5000 feet... And that did not stop, vox was blocked on this injunction not taking into account that I was at 5000 feet as requested It's been several times since this happens and impossible to make him understand that I was indeed at the requested altitude Yesterday, I had to continue my descent and take the axis of the track while vox was still telling me: immediately, descend to 5000 feet
  10. I just took the flight back to EKCH I must say beforehand that I take off from LFPG and I have to set the frequency to 25kz At the approach of EKCH I receive from VOXATC: copengague center 119,430 (once again) I would have a little further a vector to finish the flight Here, for me it is reproduced exactly at the same point Now it doesn't matter if it remains exceptional ...
  11. I use Prosim738 what is weird is that this has only happened once so far I'll do the flight again to see thanks again, Guy
  12. Yes, I am well under P3D v5 Alright, I'll see for the log Thank you for your help, Guy
  13. no, for EKCH I have no addon This is the first time that I have this kind of problem
  14. Hi, When I arrived on EKCH, I received a message from voxatc asking me to contact the airport indicating the frequency OF XXX.430 ...
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