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  1. I now have the airports ZSPD, ZBAA and ZGGG running correctly with VOXATC again. I wrote an article about this in my blog that contains the solution for all three airports. It can be found here: https://a320-simulator.de/
  2. One question. It is possible to exclude certain BGL files from VOXATC indexer? So I decompiled the BGL files and found the following: <FSData version="9.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="bglcomp.xsd"> <Airport country="China" city="Beijing" name="Beijing Capital" lat="40.0724598392844" lon="116.597494482994" alt="25.0M" magvar="6" trafficScalar="0.7" airportTestRadius="5000.0M" sloped="FALSE" ident="WFAA" > <Services> </Services> <DeleteAirport deleteAllRunways="TRUE" deleteAllStarts="TRUE" deleteAllHelipads="TRUE" deleteAllFrequencies="TRUE" deleteAllTaxiways="TRUE" deleteAllAprons="TRUE" deleteAllApronLights="TRUE" deleteAllControlTowers="TRUE" deleteAllJetways="TRUE" deleteAllBoundaryFences="TRUE" deleteAllBlastFences="TRUE" deleteAllApproaches="FALSE"/> <TaxiwayPoint index="0" type="NORMAL" orientation="FORWARD" lat="40.0760395824909" lon="116.582429856062"/> <TaxiwayPoint index="1" type="NORMAL" orientation="FORWARD" lat="40.075445137918" lon="116.582680642605"/>
  3. I tried a few things today and found the problem for ZSPD. The two BGL files DPSZ_P5 and PDSZ_P5 cause the problem in VOXATC. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find out what these are for yet. If you deactivate the two BGL files, then VOXATC works perfectly.
  4. HI, yes as I know the developer is WFSS. I have VHHH, ZBAA, ZGGG and ZSPD. All purchased from ORBX. But they are also available at Simmarket. I checked the AFCAD's and found that all frequencies are included. Is it possible that the indexer has problems with the AFCADS? VOXATC writes a log file, is that also available with the indexer? I didn't find any. Yes, VHHH works for me too Regards Dieter
  5. Hello everyone, I need our knowledge please. I installed some new airports and also ran the VOX Indexer. At Pudong Airport (ORBX) I get the error message "No clearance ATSU at: pudong. Disable VOXATC". I also have this problem at another airport in China. The AFCAD's have all frequencies. I can't understand the problem. Hopefully you can help me. Thanks in advance. Regards Dieter
  6. And what is the solution?
  7. Okay, I have restored a backup from windows10 before the update. The Addon Organizer works perfect. Today, I'll give the latest Updates a try. But, there are known problems with the .net Framework Update. However, so far only for GPO operations. I'll report back.
  8. Hi all, the latest updates for Windows 10 came on September 12th. This includes the .net Framework Update 3.5 / 4.8 (KB5030180) Since this update, the Addon Organizer can no longer write to the Documents folder. You get the error message: Access to the path "C:\users\name\Documents\prepar3d v5 Add-ons\Scenery-Name is denied. "Your User account doesn't have write access to the P3D config files." It doesn't matter whether you start as an administrator or not. Regards Dieter
  9. Hi vadriver, I don't understand what you mean with com1 and 2. Do you mean two RMP's? First RMP on COM1 and second RMP on COM2 or one RMP and VHF1 and VHF2? Regards Dieter
  10. Hi all, I found the problem. It isn't a problem of VOXATC. It was the Software for the RMP. The developer of the a320 system software, can reproduce the error VOXATC handle 8.33 KHz frequencies flawless.
  11. Hello all, there was always the topic here how to listen to the ATIS with VOXATC during the approach to determine the correct runway. I have been able to solve this problem in my home cockpit, so I thought I would let you know how to get a technically correct result. Here is the initial situation with me. P3Dv5.4, Active Sky, VOXATC (latest Version), current Navigraph Charts This is what I did: I added today's ATIS frequencies to all AFCAD of my addon airports. If I now make a "temporaray frequencie change" on approach with VOXATC, I can turn in the ATIS frequency in the RMP and hear the ATIS as it is normally reproduced by the P3D. So also which runway is in use. For me this works perfectly. I hope the description helps others of you also. Regards Dieter
  12. One question. It is shure, VATC uses 8.33 khz spacing?
  13. What I mean is. If I press "ö" (german keyboard layout) for opening the P3D ATC Windows and select the line for "EDDL Ground 121.605" then VoxAtc acts on this selection. But I don't use an Aircraft e.g. PMDG or so. I'm using the A320 System Software (Jeehell Ware) for my Home Cockpit. This integrates the RMP logic. I think, it is a problem from Jeehell. I wrote the developer for using 8.33 khz spacing.
  14. Hi all, I have a problem in VOXATC that I can't solve. Based on the Navigraph charts, I have started to revise the frequencies of my Addon Airports. Now, according to Navigraph for EDDL Ground, 121,600 now becomes 121,605. That's how I set it in Afcad. However, VOXATC obviously does not accept the frequency. If I judge the problem correctly it is due to the .605 all other modified frequencies are working. Does one of you have an idea about this? Is this a bug in VOXATC? Something is odd though. I have a hardware cockpit from Skalarki, if I turn on the frequency 121.605 on the RMP, it doesn't work. But if I use the ATC window from P3D and select the ground frequency there with 121.605, VOXATC also changes.
  15. Okay, thanks for the quick answer. Regards Dieter
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