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    P3D v5.2 FDS: MIP, CDUs, Clocks, Shell, Liners, Tiller; CPFlight: Overheads, Pedestal; MCP, EFIS; OPENCOCKPIT: Pedals; FI: Brake-pressure, jaw-damper, compass; FCS: linked Yokes (mod); Weber-Seats, PROSIM: B737, +Utils +EFC737; AIVLASOFT: EFB 2,

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  1. Hi, can you be a little more specific how in detail the installation process run? My process so far. It fails, I don't see the aircraft in the Vehicle-menu for instance SR22 GTS 1.) after start I choose P3D4 > shall I route the installation to user/documents/Prpar3D-addons or not? 2.) run P3D v5 patch. Is a patch for P3D v5.3 available? what's wrong with this installation process?
  2. Does anybody have information how to config a ethernet connection between a SISMO Overhead Panel aftw and Project magenta software? SISMO does not support Project Magenta Installations anymore. They recommend a FSUIPC based way, which is tricky by the way..... Bernhard
  3. Firmware 1.04; Engravity drivers installed properly, as well the PMDG Interface. The config window in the PMDG menu pops up only for a moment and it is impossible to choose a port, the gadget doesn
  4. hello Soren,I found this menu. there are 160 key commands, but none for landing lights which could be altered. I ask you now how to add for example a line like this at the bottom. 162 LANDING LIGHTS CTRL-LCan I change for example line 115 CDU-CRZ, and how, or how can I add a line?thanks in advanceBernhard (LSZH)
  5. I was told in PMDG 747 I can create my own key commands. I printed the handbook, i searched the forum, no hint. Can someone give me please a hint where to find a instruction to create own key commands, for example landing lights, taxi lights and so on.thanks in advanceBernhard (LSZH)
  6. Hello,can someone give me a list of key commands for landing lightsbeacon lightslogo lightsnav lightsstrobetaxi lightswing lightsthanks in advanceBernhard (LSZH)
  7. dear friends,I want to assign the GF-T8 switches with the landing-lights, taxi-lights, beacon, wing-light, logo, strobe and so. Until now I did
  8. ...we were absolutely the right candidates for Beta-Testing. Just in case PMDG is short of capacities.....some kind of professional bug-finders are expecting the beginning of the hunt!PMDG 747-400PMDG 737-600/900and old but gold PS1.3Bernhard (LSZH)
  9. Hello Thorsten,happy new year as well. Momentarily I seized my PMDG747 activities(& STV activities) due this incombatilities with Aerosoft MCP. Its a pitty that things go so slow. CheersBernhard (LSZH)
  10. Hello Marc,Aerosoft MCP is no longer available, Aerosoft Australia stopped the production some years ago. Owner of Aerosoft MCP, like me are waiting now for several weeks to get a suitable update to use PMDG747. MR. McLean, the former owner of Aerosoft Australia, announced few weeks ago that he is willing to do a software update, PMDG announced they are collaborating with him, until today nothing happend yet. Do a search AEROSOFT AND MCP on this forum, and you will get an overview about this unclear situation.Valid other products are not on the market yet.Next year may be better,greetingsBernhard LSZH
  11. Hello John,this was the striking hint! Problem solved. Next I will do an appointment with my ophthalmologist....Thanks very muchBernhard
  12. how can I get rid of this distortion at the base of the N1 columnes?P4/32001024RAMASUS AX800 PRO graphic adapterthanksBernhard
  13. Hi MichaelThere is only one powerful machine for FS2004 with XP (PIV/3.2GHz) in my setting. the other ones are PIII/II-systems with Win2000 and Win98. (Internet communication during online-flying, the oldest one is for using PS1.3 a old DOS Program). All connected via LAN-Router. The table was done by myself with a sloped part in the middle to angulate the lower monitor. Then you need two switch-boxes to share one keyboard for two sytems and different monitor settings.The dicision has to be made, always reconfiguring my working desk for my hobby or to run a seperate simming place. I decided for the latter.... Side effect, I found a way to use my old PCs.Bernhard L.25NM east of LSGS on the boarder to Italy in the german part of Valais.
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