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  1. The 747, with a remake of the VC and some other tiny bits would be very welcomed.The PMDG 747 is absolutely 100% bug free and have a very accurate system./ Leffe
  2. There would be now probs unless you prefer to fly at sea level... :( / Leffe
  3. I´m afraid you can´t ..../ Leffe
  4. Yes you have....If you can´t find it, have a look in Operation Manual 2./ Leffe
  5. Hi!I know that this ac is perhaps an DC3, but I find this video very interesting and good.http://youtu.be/6TwsRBXmZ6Y/ Leffe
  6. No probs whatever....But do an OC of the cpu to at least 4,2Ghz to 4,5Ghz (It´s meant to be oc)/ Leffe
  7. Not just SP1c related, but I like and love just everything, in the 737 NGX, system, vc, model, you name it..... :( / Leffe
  8. LOL, never thought I would see (read) this in an NGX thread. :( But I have to be honest!...very nice indeed, learning something new, about a languageI always belived, I could write and understand :( / Leffe :(
  9. As many here have said...EZDOK is the tool if using VC.But I guess you asked for the effects, that you could apply in Ezdok and that I guess itup to the user, if the prefer those effects or not. I don´t, but I can´t be without the EZDOK however./ Leffe
  10. Peter,I guess everything between 4 to 6 GB of Ram would be sufficient enough for FSX.But I know Ryan are into other games and perhaps also use the comp for somevideo editing or multitasking perhaps.I have 16GB though, but I´m interested in and are a fan of Photography and use Photoshop a lot,when scanning images, using Hasselblad camera and still with old fashion films.So therefore I choosed to have more than 4 GB of memory in my set up./ Leffe
  11. My Ram is original CL9 (9-9-9-24) but I run those in XMP whenI have my Sandy Bridge OC.XMP gives 1600Mhz and 7-8-9-24Still don´t think it´s because of your Ram. Must be something elsein your configuration./ Leffe
  12. That´s microstutter!I don´t have that any of that at all. My memory is 7-8-9-24 for 1600Mhz btw./ Leffe
  13. Arjen, Yes I read that other said it could reduce stutters, butwith my ram (see below) I never had stutters. So I don´t think it´s a ram thing.If it were, I would also have it./ Leffe
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