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  1. Hmm, peculiar, cause I never have any probs engaging Vnav.Maybe there are some others with ideas?/ Leffe
  2. Ok, try to use Lvl ch for pitch mode some min and then try to change back to Vnav/ Leffe
  3. Ok, have you configurated the ac before take off. Set right trim? No pressure on yoke/stick?/ Leffe
  4. What does the Flight Annunciator read?/ Leffe
  5. Just press "NUM2" key and you will hear a sound.Now you can edit it (You have to be on that view) Move forward and back with your arrow keys, also you can use yourmiddle mouse button if you set one button to "Z" in EZdok. After finish editing, press "NUM2" key again (the sound stops)Then save the file./ Leffe
  6. Read this Mike: (a post from another member)"I'm running Win 7 RC x64 had the crash.Seems to be fixed by just copying my Vista x64c:\windows\System32\UIAutomationCore.dlltothe Win 7 x64 main FSX dirC:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator XAt least it has not crashed since I made the file copy,I did not need to register it or copy it anywhere other than the FSX dir?AS per:http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums...26-f2ed6fbeae97 "/ Leffe
  7. Hi again!110.70 is the frequency, 249 is the heading to the rwy.If the landing rwy is equipped with ILS or LOC, the ac will autotune some 20-30 NM out. Just look in your NAV/RAD page when you are decending.If the rwy is only equipped with a VOR ,VOR/DME or NDB you can
  8. Hi Frederico!Look here on those 2 pics. It
  9. Please sign your full name according to forum rules!Yes, we can. The easiest and most rewarded way for you, is to d/l this Tutorial for the PMDG 747http://www.flightsim.com/kdl.php?fid=101674 (You must log in to Flightsim first though)Or to look and learn from this Tutorial video, with PMDGs 747. The Tutorial will learn you all froman Cold and dark cockpit state, to landing and shutdown of the ac. (10 videos in all) Use full screen for best result, when watching / Leffe
  10. Superb video! Far the best FS- video I ever seen./ Leffe
  11. Bill!When you save a flight in FS then the panelstate (PMDG) also will be saved, therefore i think you have to reload your panelstate (Pmdg menu in FS)/ Leffe
  12. Michael!Always start up a flight with the default Cessna. After standing at your prefixed gate and airport, then change aircraft in MSFS menu and choose your advanced aircraft such as PMDG, or other advanced aircrafts./ Leffe
  13. Craig!Just wanna say thanks for a superb professional work Craig.I get more and more astonished over how excellent good the PMDG 747 are!!!(Pax and Cargo). What more is there really to improve in aircraft simulation? Couldn
  14. Leffe


    Hi Dick!Use the program EditVoicepack (it
  15. Hey all!After reaching your altitude and when flying a long-haul (that could sometimes be real boring)and when you set your speed in Fs to 8 times (You do it because it
  16. Jake!When you d/l the PMDG you got an set-up (exe file).Are you sure you haven
  17. "Operational FMC a combination of Real procedures and FS GPS Native system."Well according to the ND and the above, this isn't a plane for me.I
  18. Ron!If you got the current AIRAC then you have the newest airway, but sometimes you need to d/l some newer SID/STAR to let the rwy show up in your CDU.(you proberbly have an old one,or none for that particular airfield) / Leffe
  19. Hi!Could it maybe be that problem I thought I also had, butwasn
  20. Thx for the info Dan!I had an old one from sept 2004. I
  21. Hi!Made my plan in FsNavigator but it seems there
  22. .....and if you press your NAV/RAD button on the CDUyou can check your ILS freq. It comes to live when youhave som 75-50 Nm left to your destination./ Leffe
  23. RoyH!There is a download on FsNavigator site. The download file is here:http://fsnavigator.com/download/pmdg737expv10.zip (The file works for the 747 also)/ Leffe
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