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  1. The 747, with a remake of the VC and some other tiny bits would be very welcomed.The PMDG 747 is absolutely 100% bug free and have a very accurate system./ Leffe
  2. There would be now probs unless you prefer to fly at sea level... :( / Leffe
  3. I´m afraid you can´t ..../ Leffe
  4. Yes you have....If you can´t find it, have a look in Operation Manual 2./ Leffe
  5. Hi!I know that this ac is perhaps an DC3, but I find this video very interesting and good.http://youtu.be/6TwsRBXmZ6Y/ Leffe
  6. No probs whatever....But do an OC of the cpu to at least 4,2Ghz to 4,5Ghz (It´s meant to be oc)/ Leffe
  7. Not just SP1c related, but I like and love just everything, in the 737 NGX, system, vc, model, you name it..... :( / Leffe
  8. LOL, never thought I would see (read) this in an NGX thread. :( But I have to be honest!...very nice indeed, learning something new, about a languageI always belived, I could write and understand :( / Leffe :(
  9. As many here have said...EZDOK is the tool if using VC.But I guess you asked for the effects, that you could apply in Ezdok and that I guess itup to the user, if the prefer those effects or not. I don´t, but I can´t be without the EZDOK however./ Leffe
  10. Peter,I guess everything between 4 to 6 GB of Ram would be sufficient enough for FSX.But I know Ryan are into other games and perhaps also use the comp for somevideo editing or multitasking perhaps.I have 16GB though, but I´m interested in and are a fan of Photography and use Photoshop a lot,when scanning images, using Hasselblad camera and still with old fashion films.So therefore I choosed to have more than 4 GB of memory in my set up./ Leffe
  11. My Ram is original CL9 (9-9-9-24) but I run those in XMP whenI have my Sandy Bridge OC.XMP gives 1600Mhz and 7-8-9-24Still don´t think it´s because of your Ram. Must be something elsein your configuration./ Leffe
  12. That´s microstutter!I don´t have that any of that at all. My memory is 7-8-9-24 for 1600Mhz btw./ Leffe
  13. Arjen, Yes I read that other said it could reduce stutters, butwith my ram (see below) I never had stutters. So I don´t think it´s a ram thing.If it were, I would also have it./ Leffe
  14. Martin, would be good if you could attach a screenie of the MCP were we alsocould se the CDU./ Leffe
  15. There´s only one checklist in RW. Do you really rely on those pilot thatleft the ac in that condition. You´ll have to make sure and use all items and checkaccording to the checklist, that everything is fullfilled before start of the ac./ Leffe
  16. Yes, that´s your track you see there. It´s because of wind. You see it because you onlyhave set the ND on 2.5NM. All is normal according to me.Also it´s not normal to have it only on 2.5Nm so far away from any airport.Usually you use that when just departing or about to just land/ Leffe
  17. Hmm, peculiar, cause I never have any probs engaging Vnav.Maybe there are some others with ideas?/ Leffe
  18. Ok, try to use Lvl ch for pitch mode some min and then try to change back to Vnav/ Leffe
  19. Ok, have you configurated the ac before take off. Set right trim? No pressure on yoke/stick?/ Leffe
  20. What does the Flight Annunciator read?/ Leffe
  21. Use Ezdok for VC and set up one of the preset, you are gonna use for takeoff and landing,So the centerline is nearly between your knees (center of the yoke)See the included Ezdok video on their forum, how to set up EZdok./ Leffe
  22. Many things what are being said here is right!But to make it very, very simple........Just use Lvl change instead of decending by VNAV.I use RC4 all the time and never had any probs to be at an ATC altitude 30Nm ahead, if Iuse Lvl change./ Leffe
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