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  1. Hello , i just bought it and i have issues , when i take off i see the plane moving sideways like in a slew mode . I found thAt weird even if i dont turn the aircraft . Is their a update for this ?
  2. Hey i want to install chaseplane or i would say make the move , how to uninstall Ezdok Fully before i make the move to chaseplane, thanks
  3. Hey i updated to the latest updates for the 747 and i tried to get my terminal charts working on the efb but it loads a white pop up page but nothing at all . I am using Reshade and tomato shade and p3dv4.4. I hope i get a resolution for this .
  4. I did that nothing works some gauages work and some do t . Any fix for this
  5. There are no Gauges to be seen on my Falcon 50 all black after install and i unistalled it and installed it again and its the same thing how to fix ?
  6. Hey.. please look out for a PM message from him he is doing it now. Thanks alot for your time and understanding i hope your discussion works out as i said before we all make mistakes. God bless.
  7. Can i tell him to PM u direclty on this forum on avsim and discuss this whole situation. Please confirm.
  8. Is there any way he can get back onto your site? Or he is ban for life ? The reason for this mis understanding is that quote on quote from him " he got a file and never knew the piracy policy he aplologizes for any mishaps or mis understanding this has cause he is ready to purchase the product directly from pmdg" quote on quote from him. If u could give a chance cause we all make mistakes in life.
  9. Thanks jarret. Will pass this message to him. Thanks for your help.
  10. He contacted pmdg about this he said like 8 times but no response. I was wondering if a pmdg personal can send a email to him for this issue to be resolved. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello. I have a friend who cannot access pmdg site thru his computer but he can access it thru his cell phone. He told me to post this to.the forum to ask what may cause the problem. Thanks in advance for your kind reply.
  12. I went to pta no change at all. Whats the next option.
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