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  1. With RTX 3070 the starting point is everythink on ultra. There is not reason for lower setting.
  2. What a simply help 🙂 Thanks to you and all other
  3. Hello all, from SU5 (and still with today WU) i have a serious problem with the throttle control on Thrustmaster Airbus T320 joystick and with keyboard too (keys F1-F4). I can't move the throttle lever from "feather" range to the left to the operating range (from REV to POWER), so i can't fly with my favorit plane TBM 930. With every other planes the throttle controls works normaly, but not with TBM 😞 Is there some tips to fix it? Thanks! Pic: https://ctrlv.cz/YPXf
  4. Unfortunately, it is not real in our lives. From satellites we never get so detailed scenery, what si needed for train or car simulator. Scenery from satellites is enough only for flight view from thousands or more feet above terrain, but not lower.
  5. It is not a general problem, so source of this problem is on your computer. This is a typical behaviour, when computer has problem with cooling. From start it works good, but in few minutes CPU or GPU reach its temperature limit and FW decrease its power for damage prevention. So it is necessary check CPU and GPU cooler and case airflow too.
  6. I got many and many CTD's with SU5 and I was not able complete any flight. But my CTD's are away now 🙂 I did only one small thing, I switched MSFS graphic settings from my previous "custom" to "Ultra" and set again some item manually how I want and suddenly everything works without CTD. I think, that there are many changes in MSFS graphics on background, although graphic settings menu looks the same. But some items may collide with old versions graphic settings and if you select some select, it load all items from the begining and do not collide. Who still have CTD, can to try it.
  7. For me too many and many CTD's now. I'm was not able to finish any flight yet. CTD during MSFS start or CTD during preflight prepare with default A320 (not FBW mode) or in best cinditions CTD in few minutes after departure. Before SU5 I do not saw any CTD. So there must be some significant bug 😞 For sure, community folder empty.
  8. Every temperature <85°C under load of GPU is normal and OK. So there does not exist any problem.
  9. CPU is very old. Maybe reliable, but very slow. It cause low performance MSFS.
  10. The pilot is responsible for avoiding the terrain in a real life, not ATC 😉 ATC is responsible only for avoiding the other traffic. So you always must use the approach charts for IFR flights.
  11. It simply isn't possible, because with MSFS updates usually comes some changes on server components of MSFS. So it allways must match the MSFS client version with server components version and it is not possible keep many different version of server components live at the same time. Therefore, it is not possible downgrade MSFS only on client side as you want, like this 737MAX add-on, for example.
  12. Hmm, I think, that SU3 performance problem will not be solved. Asobo tells about a biger airports areas, but there are heavy performance problems in a many locations very far from any big airport.
  13. Do you have installed some clearing or "optimizing" software, like CCleaner, Advanced system care, Glary utilities or similar?
  14. If you are flying still in the same small area, the rolling cache can lower utilisation of your SSD. But if usually you are flying in a diverse areas, there isn't any reason to use the rolling cache, because it cache data, what you never use again or only small piece of this.
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