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  1. There si not any reason to switch off SMT/HT generaly in a normal conditions. It could by use for debugging software or similar reason, bud there is not any advantage if everythink works nornally. You can't get any energy savings, because if all cores are not loaded by your apps, it do not generate power consumption and heating. So switch it on and forget, that setting there exist 😉
  2. Are you sure, that your monitor cable is connected directly to the graphic card output and not to the mainboard?
  3. Why only 30fps limit? Try 60fps, I'm sure, that it will minimize fps dropping under 30fps.
  4. 1nm is enough too 🙂 Descend will allways start, if ALT will be adjusted anyrywhere before TOD pass. I don't know, if it the same as in the real world, but it works.
  5. Are you sure, that you have the monitor connected directly to the graphic card output and not to the mainboard output? With your hardware you must get more than 30fps everywhere.
  6. Ok guys, thanks to all for the info and ideas to fix it.
  7. Hello, sometimes I'm experiencing a bug with an incomplete graphic of PFD, as attached screenshot, which is flickering fast between this and normal graphic. It appears most, if sun is low on the sky. Anyone else too?
  8. Thanks to you, but I'm not sure, that it will works so simply, as default with joystick hat. I would like to replace default view controlled by hat with this custom views. So if I move and hold hat to left/right side, view should be change to one of custom views and when I release hat, view should by return to straihgt ahead. Is possible set it by this method?
  9. Yes, it is a very bad speciality of PMDG. This strange view zoom manipulations was in all previous PMDG737 version and I don't understand why. But in FSX/P3D there was possible fix it with a small parameters edit in aircraft.cfg Maybe in MSFS version too, but I can't find right parameter to change it.
  10. Thanks for the hints, but after few hours of researching camera.cfg parameters I am still not able change the default cockpit views. Basic front view is good and when I press and hold numpad 4 or 6 on keyboard, or move joystick hat to the left/right, view changes to desired direction, but allways with some unzoom. It is absolutely unreal and disruptive and if I tried overwrite many values with "zoom" parameters in this file, still without effect. So I think, that this default cockpit view must be defined somewhere else 😞
  11. Hello, I just finished my first flight with this fantastic plane, everything works fine as expected, but I hate one small thing 🙂 I really dislike, if I change direct view to the left/right or closer to the panel or another else, that in addition to changing the direction of the camera view, the zoom will also change. This is very unreal compare to real head rotating or movement. When I move my own head, only direction of wiev will change, but my not angle of view, because my eyes can't zooming 🙂 So I want remove zooming with view direction change in PMDG cockpit. In older FSX there was aircraft.cfg for each plane, where I could edit parameters for every default view, including Zoom. I can't find something similar in MSFS for PMDG plane. Is it somewhere in MSFS too? Thanks!
  12. Do you want keep all bugs withnout fix and you don't want add a new functions and improvement? 😉
  13. Not true. After Holiday or other pause in using, when user again start MSFS, it will not allow continue without upgrade.
  14. Maybe only I don't know how I can do it, but I still wait for "visibility" parameter in custom weather setting. I don't understand, why there isn't this so simple slider, what was in every previous version of MS FS, where I can did set a distance of visibility (in meters) and top altitude of fog layer. It was so simple and very usable for low visibility flying practice. I know, that MSFS can make a low visibility conditions on the ground, but I thnik only in with a live weather. I didn't find any way to set it manually in the time when I want and on airport where I want. Someone knows the way? 🙂 Thanks.
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