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  1. CajunRon

    No Des Path After ...

    In the PMDG 737-800, I'm flying the HAWKZ7 Star with a LMT transition to the ILS34L with PONDR transition approach into KSEA. I get an FMC message almost immediately after takeoff that says "NO DES PATH AFTER GOALZ". When I check the Legs pages I don't see a problem. All of the proper way points are there and they all seem to have correct and achievable altitude guidance and restrictions and no discontinuities. Why am I getting this FMC message?
  2. Sorry, I was confused. I interpreted the IMPORT button on the GTN to mean import the flight plan shown above it. I didn't understand that the import button was how you got your list of flight plans to import. Dang I feel pretty dumb now. Guess I should have read the manual.
  3. CajunRon

    Latest update won't install

    Thanks. Please consider that some of us "long in the tooth" simmers can't even remember what we had for dinner last night much less what we may have read weeks or months ago. I guess until the government initiates a "Thinning" program, you younger whipper snappers will just have to put up with us. 😉
  4. CajunRon

    How to install .ptp files

    Thanks to all. Just as an "excuse" to save a little face. I had adjusted the scaling factor on my display to make the text size larger so that these 68 year old eyes could read the desktop text on my curved screen monitor. This caused the right side of the Operations Center window to be truncated so the ADD button wasn't visible. (Yes it did warn me but I just thought it was text that was being truncated...didn't think that some buttons would not show as well)
  5. In my many, many years owning PMDG products I've always only installed their liveries. I'm now trying to install a livery not available through them. I know how to install liveries ( files but have never encountered .ptp files. I've searched throughout the forums and through Google to find the basic instructions (you would think that should be something easy to fine). I have made one attempt. I found on my computer where PMDG *.ptp files are located and tried copying the downloaded *.ptp files into that folder hoping they would show up in the Operations Center Livery Downloader...they didn't. So here is a very basic question whose answer I am astounded is so elusive. How do you install PMDG liveries downloaded as *.ptp files into P3DV4. Thanks for any help you can give.
  6. I've tried installing version 3.00.90196 with the Operations Center. I've insured I'm running as Administrator. When I try to install, a command window opens very briefly and a few lines of code scrolls by (too quick to read) and then the command window closes (all within a second or two). Operations Center still shows that I have the older version installed (3.00.8605) and that a newer version is available. I've tried multiple times including doing a fresh reboot of my PC before trying. Nothing works. I've installed countless updates over the years with the Operations Center and never had any problem before. Please help.
  7. Won't install. I've tried to install this latest update via the Operations Center. A cmd window opens but then quickly closes and the version number still shows the installed version to be 3.00.8605 and available version to be 3.00.9019. I've tried numerous times, insured I am running in as Admin and tried a fresh PC reboot.
  8. CajunRon

    Numbers on STAR chart legs

    Thanks for the reply. I thought the STAR is a procedure so I'm still not sure I fully understand when the the nav signal altitude limit and terrain altitude limit would be used instead of the procedural altitude restriction. I'm guessing the chart can be used as a reference if ATC doesn't instruct use of the procedure?
  9. CajunRon

    Numbers on STAR chart legs

    I'm trying to get a better understanding of STAR charts. I've search on Google but can't find the answer. On the Navigraph STAR charts each leg of the STAR shows four numbers. (I'm looking at the CHINS 3 arrival into KSEA) First the heading for that leg, then what looks like an altitude which I understand is the minimum allowed altitude for that leg, then a number like 6600T and then the length of that leg (I think). Question 1: What is the meaning of 6600T? Question 2: If the STAR contains altitude restrictions at certain waypoints (12000 ft at AUBRN for example), why would the minimum altitude shown for the leg to that waypoint (7000 in this example) be less than the altitude restriction? What is this number (the altitude for each leg) used for? Thanks for any replies.
  10. Yes, these long pauses definitely cause loss of immersion for me so much so that I tried the X-Plane 11 demo. Maybe because of unfamiliarity but I just can't get into X-Plane. I recently upgraded my system to include an M.2 SSD connected via the PCIe bus to speed up data transfer. This had no affect at all that I can see on the number or length of the pauses. So I'm thinking it is not a data transfer rate problem. And I upgraded my CPU to a i-5 8600k (Coffee Lake) overclocked to 4.9 GHz. Again, no affect here either so I don't think it is a CPU or GPU limitation problem either. I too removed the Orbx SoCal scenery and the pauses where reduced significantly in this area. But I still get them at most third party detailed airports. More so on arrivals than on departures. I might try the airport ground textures theory mentioned above. I am becoming really leery about the commitment to quality (i.e. performance) being shown by many third party product providers. None of them including Lockheed Martin seem to be concerned with what, to me is the most detrimental issued now that the 64-bit issue has been solved. It sure would be good to see "We're working on it" from them.
  11. I have been plaqued for some time by intermittent pauses that really diminishes my immersion. These are not the millisecond stutters that are discussed in great length in many forums. These are pauses where the P3DV4 freezes anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds. Frame rate are decent 30 - 40 when these occur. I recently upgraded my computer to try to eliminate these. My new system is a 6 core i5-8600K processor (newest Intel processor ) overclocked to 4.9 Ghz (tested stable using Prime95 torture testing). P3DV4 and all add-ons are installed on a M.2 SSD with a x4 PCIe M.2 connection.....but with all of this power, brand new system and new install...the pauses are still there. My Nvidia GTX 780 graphics card is getting just a little long in the tooth but still no slouch. Since I am getting a decent frame rate when experiencing these pauses I can't see how this could be graphics card related. The pauses are worst flying a PMDG aircraft or the Aerosoft CRJ 700 (which I don't think puts quite as much demand on the CPU) in the Orbx Southern California scenery in the KLAX area. I completely uninstalled FSDreamteam's KLAX scenery but the pauses were still there...just not as often or severe. I then disabled the Orbx Southern California scenery and the pauses went away....still had some microsecond stutters though. I re-enabled the Orbx scenery and the pauses returned. This is with the default KLAX scenery. Sliders are all one or two notches less than max which my system should easily handled. I use Ultimate Traffic Live set at 50% commercial and 50% GA. My test have been without any external weather generation and without Navigraph charts (using simconnect) running. I've checked my background tasks and they are only using minimal CPU power. So my only reasonable conclusion is that the main culprit is the Orbx Southern California scenery which is worsened by the FSDreamteam scenery. Very frustrating especially after spending quite a bit on a new powerful system. Does anyone experience these intermittent pauses or have any ideas on what might be causing them? At this point it seems like I will have to put Orbx Southern California in my long, long list of mothballed software (I've been simming since SubLOGIC third generation flight simulator running on a Commodore Amiga computer...yep I'm that old)
  12. The manifold pressure gauge on the MilViz Beaver doesn't appear to be working. No matter what the throttle setting, the gauge is pegged to 10 in Hg. Also, the prop lever doesn't move. I can still adjust the prop speed using my yoke but the lever in the virtual cockpit doesn't move. I'm currently running version 170829 but had the same thing with my earlier version. Anyone see this also and have any clues?
  13. I tried Chaseplane on P3DV4 for over a month but have decided to uninstall it. Just couldn't take the stuttering anymore. My take on the FSX vs P3D discussions is that Chaseplane is primarily an FSX product that will work on P3D but not in the best fashion. This is a legitimate business decision but long term may not be the best business decision. I'm disappointed with the functioning of the product in P3D but so be it. I'll try it again when it goes beta but if the intent is to continue improvements based on FSX functionality I will probably continue to be disappointed.
  14. I show I am running version v0.3.67 but see references in this forum to v 0.3.90 (which is suppose to fix the problem of the key assignments not working any more). I searched for updates on the FSFX site and looked at VFXCentral for a way to update. I even uninstalling and reinstalling ChasePlane to get it to update but still can't get any version above 3.67. How do I update to 3.90
  15. CajunRon

    Strange Engine Failure, 737 for P3D V4

    Yes I am. I haven't had any problems with any of the Orbx scenery in P3D V4 using it. I just flew the approach with the PMDG 747 for P3D V4 (flew the approach, saved a scenario along the way and then flew from the saved scenario). Didn't have any problems at all. So it appears the problem is only with the 737. Now to try other airports.