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  1. Hi Tony, Thank you for your information. I will give it a try to save a flight and hope for the best. That is because often I'm having problems with FSL320X acting up when I try to load a saved flight. I guess I'll just have to improve my undocking proficiency. Regarding the use of two 17inch USB3 monitors (by AOC)...I use them for PFD+ND and EWD+SD. I'm haven't checked the FPS, but I've done a few short flights that worked very satisfactory for me. The flights were done using one 1080 GPU for 3 FHD Tv's and the USB3 displays connected to 1 USB3 connection each of my desktop. No external power adapter required. I Installed the drivers from CDrom, update online and plug and play. I just used W10 display setting to position and orient them as required. Viewing angle in portrait is not great but my intention is to eventually use both displays in landscape. ATB Vincent
  2. Same question here about saving the undocked displays to 2 USB monitors. FSLabs32X in P3DV4 ATB Vincent
  3. So I've made the jump and bought 2 USB monitors and so far I'm very happy with the result. The only thing to save the undocked displays. I'm using FSLabs 320 in P3D4. If anyone has any experience with this, any help would be highly appreciated. ATB Vincent
  4. Thanks Gerard, I'm going to give it a try starting with one USB monitor to begin with. ATB Vincent
  5. Hi guys thanks for all this information. I'm running P3D4 with 3 HDTVs in portait as one big display using NVidia Surround from my 1080 card. This works really well without distortion. Now I'm looking to expand my set up and add 3 17inch monitors for my MIP (2x PFD/ND 1x EWD/SD). I only have one displayport left on my 1080 card. The Mobo also has HDMI and DVI but I'm not sure if I can succesfully use these next to the 1080 outputs. I've been looking at Matrox2GO but find that rather expensive and have been told it has become obsolete. Another option is to use 3 USB3.0 monitors which would be a very easy and relatively cheap solution if it would work. Any recommendations on how to proceed? Thanks for any advice!
  6. Hi is there any way to get Trackhat to work again? It used to work fine with Chaseplane using Opentrack. Now it only works if I turn off Globally enable. Vincent
  7. Anybody able to get Trackhat to work with Chaseplane? It worked fine in the past using Opentrack and the modded PS3 cam. Now it only works if I deactivate "Global Enable".
  8. I can no longer get Trackhat with Opentrack to work with Chaseplane with Global Enable active.
  9. Hi in the past I was able to use my Trackhat with Opentrack in FSX SE without having to disable GLOBAL ENABLE in CP. Is there any way to get this to work again?
  10. Using SPAD.NEXT I actually do have good FCU control with the Multipanel....apart from the display. The radio panel does allow COM1 frequency changes, however I have actually assigned the selector to perform rudder trim functions.
  11. Again thank you for the reply. I fully appreciate your position. I'm trying both Linda and SPAD.NEXT. Initially I had better results with SPAD.NEXT for my Saitek panels. I will try Linda again with the latest module. Great job with Linda anyway!
  12. Thanks you for your reply, however I was looking specifically for the ROTOR BRAKE codes for these, to complement a list for all available switches on the FSLabs 320 forum. I'm not sure if they even exist, but I noticed you have these working in Linda.
  13. Very nice that the support for FSLabs is continuing. I was wondering if you would have the "ROTOR BRAKE codes" available. In particular for TCAS, TRANSPONDER and WIPERS since these ones are missing on the FSLabs forum. Many thanks! Vincent
  14. Hi Scotflieger, Thank you very much for your reply. Regarding the top inner frequency selector which refuses to INCREASE, maybe there is still a conflict with the drivers from SPAD.NEXT. I figured deinstalling SPAD.NEXT and rebooting the PC would clear those...but maybe I need to do more. Could it be related to the Saitek drivers for the ProFlight Yoke? I did see in other posts that the frequency changes need to be done slowly. It truly is a big difference compared to SPAD, so if that could be improved in Linda it would really benefit the immersion. As for the A2A C172 Switches, I already tried the commands from the A172 module. But I will do another clean install of both Linda and the A172 module. I won't give up on Linda just yet haha. I am especially looking forward to get more switching functionality with my FSLabs A320, but first things first. I will keep you posted when I have everything running smooth with the A2A C172 Saitek project. Vincent
  15. Hi guys, I'm new to Linda but this post looks promising. However I'm having difficulties getting my Saitek Switch and Radio panels up and running. I've installed the latest Linda and the A2A C172 module 1.0.3. I've checked that there is no more default C172 entry. I've copy pasted as suggested: To apply the default assignments to the panels, copy the contents for the panels in use from config-Saitek.lua to config-hid.lua (both found in /modules/Linda-cfg/FSX Default) Saitek original driver have never been installed, I have run SPAD and SPAD.NEXT, but I make sure they DONT run together with Linda. When I run the A2A C172 I sync Linda with the A2A module and the joystick entries seem to been good. However the Radio panel doesn't behave as expected e.g. the Top innerknob decreases the frequency when turning clockwise...while the joystick entry shows "SAI RADIO1 Incr 1 kHz" I would like to get rid of the ADF2 display and to have the frequency selector knobs make bigger adjustments. At the moment it takes forever to change the frequency. P did see an option in SPAD to change the steps (....kHz). On the Switch Panel I am having Master BAT and ALT issues...even when assigning the special SAI joystick commands from the ELEC group. Any help is very much appreciated! Vincent