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  1. I had a look but in my cfg this was already set to 1. Thanks anyway.
  2. Any information is much appreciated.
  3. I don't have a previous version of this scenery, only for P3Dv5. But I do have LGIR from JustSIm as well. I have "solved" the red cross issue by creating this JustSim_LGRP_Windsock.XML from the LGIR Windsock.XML. This puts a windsock at each end of the runway where they are placed according my (up to date) LIDO chart: <SODE> <SimObject Name="JustSim_Windsock_LGRP"> <Placement Lat="36.408666 " Lon="28.102500" Alt="5.791000" Hdg="70.03"/> <Model SimTitle="12bPilot_SODE_Environmental_Data_Probe"> <EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList="JustSim_WindSock"/> </Model> </SimObject> <SimObject Name="JustSim_WindSock"> <Placement Lat="36.408666 " Lon="28.102500" Alt="0#AGL" Hdg="0.0"/> <Placement Lat="36.401833 " Lon="28.070833" Alt="0#AGL" Hdg="0.0"/> <Model SimTitle="JustSim_Windsock_Static"> <VariableDrivenRotation Variable="WindDirection" Axis="HEADING" Animated="No"/> <ConditionalVisibility Variable="WindSpeed" Value="0-2"/> </Model> <Model SimTitle="JustSim_Windsock_Slow"> <VariableDrivenRotation Variable="WindDirection" Axis="HEADING" Animated="No"/> <ConditionalVisibility Variable="WindSpeed" Value="3-5"/> </Model> <Model SimTitle="JustSim_Windsock_SMedium"> <VariableDrivenRotation Variable="WindDirection" Axis="HEADING" Animated="No"/> <ConditionalVisibility Variable="WindSpeed" Value="6-13"/> </Model> <Model SimTitle="JustSim_Windsock_Medium"> <VariableDrivenRotation Variable="WindDirection" Axis="HEADING" Animated="No"/> <ConditionalVisibility Variable="WindSpeed" Value="14-20"/> </Model> <Model SimTitle="JustSim_Windsock_Fast"> <VariableDrivenRotation Variable="WindDirection" Axis="HEADING" Animated="No"/> <ConditionalVisibility Variable="WindSpeed" Value="21-99"/> </Model> </SimObject> </SODE> I have copied the model grass .mdl files from LGIR to LGRP and renamed them, but that still doesn't give me 3D grass.
  4. Hi I'm new to UGCX, when I try to download the logo pack I receive the following... "The following error occurred: The requested URL was not found on this server. Please check the URL or contact the webmaster." Have the logo's been deleted again? Thanks, Vincent
  5. Thanks to a very smart person, my problem has been resolved. Once he told me about it, I found the following.. "just looked at your INI file that shows that the Dialog window is positioned far of the screen, 5271 pixel to the left of the primary screen OptionsDialogOffset=-5271, -10 Just open the FSUIPC6.ini file with a text editor and change that line i.e. to OptionsDialogOffset=100, 100 You will find that line within the [General] section in the last lines of that section" All good now😅
  6. I have installed FSUIPC 6.0.12 however I still only get the black screen and have to close P3D down get get rid of it. I even unplugged all my screens, but the same happens with only 1 screen connected. My FSUIPC console log window is showing by the way, but not the FSUIPC UI window.
  7. Hi all, I have a multimonitor setup, and today when I selected FSUIPC from the Add on menu as normal the P3D screens went black but the FSUIPC UI window was nowhere to be found. Basically this CTDs my P3D because the only thing left is shutting down P3D using task manager. What I tried to sove this: -Reboot P3D and desktop -Change configuration of multiple screens -unplugging a screen -SHIFT rightclick in the taskbar But I just can't get the FSUIPC window back on my screens. As long as I don't select FSUIPC everything is fine. Is there eg a config change that could resolve this?
  8. Hi all, Maybe this has already been covered in another post, but I couldn't find it. I have completed my DIY MCDU and I would like to clip the undocked captain MCDU panel (shift 7 or 6) in order to drag only the actual display to my MCDU display. I have seen posts about making changes in the panel.cfg to resize and set the position of undocked panels. This works but I still have the MCDU frame and buttons showing up on my other screens. Anybody knows how to change an undocked panel. It would be very nice to be able to do this as well for the ISIS and DCDU. Thanks for any info!
  9. April 2020 and XP11 is now using Vulkan...so I guess P3D is not there yet.
  10. Hi, just wondering as this topic is from 2017, is there still no triple monitor viewgroup support by CP in P3D? Thanks
  11. This works. For better framerates it is possible as well creating a view just in front of the external model. But then you no longer hear the cockpit sounds. If only this was a native feature.
  12. Does this solve the elevation issues when using NL2000 airports together with True Earth NL? Now I have for example large ditches in the grass at AMS that should not be there.
  13. Hi Tony, apologies for the late reply. I now have 2 USB3 displays and a HDMI display for my homecockpit. For the outside view I use 3 TVs as one display. I have now done a few tests and I am very happy with the result. Someone pointed out to me the free downloadable program Panel Store/Panel Restore which saves me a lot of time. When all Windows are set up as desired, just go to windowed mode and run the Panel Store exe. Next time just undock the required screens in windowed mode and run the Panel Restore exe. Then go FULL SCREEN and you are ready. Just a few clicks for me to set up my Homecockpit for FSLabs 320X using 3 monitors for 2xPFD 2xND and 2x ECAM. All the best, Vincent
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