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  1. I was really thinking of getting the PMDG 737 but I think, I will go with iFly. 😍
  2. I need to put out this beauty from my Hangar again. Last flight was a CTD midflight (no idea why) therefor she was in the Hangar a few month unfortunatley.
  3. Just for info, I got informed that If you install the Visual Expansion Package, you dont need that files cause they are already inclduded there. I compared both dll files and the one I have in my Panel folder (mjc84_main.dll) is later than the one I can download. Make sure, that you wont "downgrade" your installation :)
  4. I use the latest Beta and it worked so far.
  5. Dont install Aerosoft One! I used it and all my sceneries were messed up.... I wont never use it!
  6. Hey, for me the Memory in 5.3 is worse compared to 5.2. At the same airport it comes to an out of memory ctd with the same settings but yeah, its settings related. For the TFDI: In your TFDi_Design_717\Panel folder, there is a LegacyRender folder with 2 files in it. Backup the files in the Panel folder first and than copy the files from the LegacyRender folder into your Panel folder. That solves the VRAM issue with the TFDi for me 🙂
  7. Just an idea, probably we should start telling LM at which location/airport we seeing this issue. Also if its starting during flight, which airport/scenery we are currently overflying. I can only guess, but it looks more and more like a scenery / airport problem that some scenery are causing this issue for whatever reason. I hope not, because I have little hope that some devs will adapt their scenery to a new P3D version. I saw the issue at Simwings Munich, with Orbx Base, OpenLC, Germany South installed. FSLabs was used all time. 3 times at the Gate during boarding 1 time it recoverd but started than again during taxi. 2 times during take off and taxi 1 time it didt not occur
  8. I am not sure but I probably found something. I need to do more flights to see if its really that I guess it is. Can someone of the guys who are affected by the sudden stutters/FPS drops answer, if you are using REX SkyForce and/or REX SkyForce Cloud Sync Mode. REX SkyForce is changing the Cloud Models, based in \P53D\Weather\clouds. I did some reinstallation of the 5.3 Client, which also regenerates the standard Cloud Models and did my test flight (3 times) again EDDM-LSGG with AS historical weather on and REX SkyForce Cloud Sync on. No issue at all. I than run REX SkyForce Cloud Model installation again, did the same flight again and during Pushback the stutter/fps drops starts. Next will be to crosscheck this by installing the default cloud models again to see if its happening again. Probably someone can check it too, to restored default cloud models. Can also just be a coincidence: D Happy New Year to everybody!
  9. Yeah did that too. Worked fine. I also restored my old ShaderHSL folder I used since 5.2 🙂 and I tried to get the Percipation Effect for Dynamic light working with the 5.2 client, caus that looks really cool unfort. its not working 😄 😛
  10. I rolled back to 5.2 Client now cause it gets me too frustrated now cause its so spordaicly and not really reproducable. I hope LM will find the cause for the stutters we get 😞
  11. I think there is some increase of VRAM in 5.3 HF1. Just tried to depart in EDDM (simwings) with same settings which I used in 5.2 and got an out of memory warning 🙂 Whatever, I will reduce my Texture Size to 1024 until my new graphic card will arrive....
  12. Both, the Manager and the Folder where the AI files are. In my case its: E:\AIG Manager (the AIG Manager) E:\AIG_AI (the Simobject FIles etc.) If you restore it, they need to be at the same location as before and the Add-on.xml in E:\AIG_AI\AIGAIM - OCI\OCI-Configuration\add-on.xml needs only to be registered to the simulator. Works well here. Dont want to redownload all 50gb again and I tried that and works :)
  13. For the first time a bit annoying, true, but If you have download everything, you can backup the Folders and copy&paste it if you reinstall anything and its worth. AIG is really nice! Works fine here on my system. It is recognizing the exisiting installation and merging all files.
  14. I think not. I had it with 496.13. Just "updated" to 496.49 (need to do it step by step cause with newer versions all my games are unsharp) and did 2 flights without the issue. I remember that I read that for some with 5.3 (without HF) this did not happen. Its the question wat has change between those 2 version what can potentially cause those behaviour.
  15. Hey Rob, [MAIN] UPGRADE_PROCESS_PRIORITY=0 [SCENERY] MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame=1 AUTOGEN_BATCH_LOD=2 [TrafficManager] AirlineDensity=0 GADensity=0 FreewayDensity=20 ShipsAndFerriesDensity=20 LeisureBoatsDensity=0 IFROnly=0 AIRPORT_SCENERY_DENSITY=0 RoadTrafficLevel=0 [TERRAIN] ENABLE_BATHYMETRY=0 Just saw that: [SCENERY] SCENERY_DRAW_DISTANCE=42666.667969 This value seems to be a bit weird. :D Cheers Bernd
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