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  1. Made no difference :) but the button clicking sound is still centered xD
  2. Done this weekend. Win 10 2004 with the latest updates. I also found an updated SOundblaster driver which solves some other Channeling issues but not the FS2Crew one :(
  3. I dont want to be a buh-man, but I tried it now with my Headset from the office (USB Headset, nothing special) but I had the same result :-S I have really NO idea what is causing this. Which Windows Version are you using? I am already with 2004.
  4. I have no USB Headset :-S I am using a Logitech Z623 since years now. Probably some Windows Update caused this issue no idea :-S
  5. I switched no to the onboard sound and disabled my Creative Soundblaster completly, same result :-S Okay, interesting finding. Audio Test in Aerosoft: coming only from the right side. Audio Test in Dash: LEFT -> ok Right -> more centered Audio Test complete coming only from the right side. Did the Speaker test with the PMDG 737 NG Version (not the NGu): Left Speaker Test -> Left Speaker Right Speaker Test -> CENTERED ?!? Audio Test complete -> only Right Speaker
  6. Its all the same, but how can it be my audio if its only happening with FS2Crew Airbus Pro Edition and with NOTHING else and I dont have this effect in prev. versions. Do you have probably older versions for me to test it w ith them too?
  7. Set to Stereo, Sound is coming FL/FR but not with FS2Crew Aerosoft Pro :( Additional Info: The sound you get if you click a button on the FS2Crew interface are fully centered but not the voices. Voices are coming much more from the right side.
  8. I need to use the Pro Studio cause its part of the Audio Driver :-S No Idea where to set "Stereo" in Windows Audio COntrol Panel, there is no option for it. Isnt it a possibility to provide an "non 3d Sound" version too?
  9. What is XACT audio engine? Everyting else is working fine (all other FS2Crew Products as well) I am using an Soundblaster Z. Thats set in my settings: I have just tried to change that to Headset, and did the audio test, and still only playing on the right side o.O This wasnt present in a prev. version.
  10. I can agree. I feel the same. There is much more on the right speaker as on the left speaker :(
  11. It looks like it worked but I guess the latest Bitdefender build is really buggy at all :-S It just deletes my whole exclusion list without any warning and I have no idea what is happening -.- Never had such issues with BItdefender :(
  12. Disregard my mail. I really found it in the quarantine -.-
  13. The strange thing is, I did all that. Its working till i restart my computer. Its gone. Something is really wrong with BD i guess in the current version. Can you probably send me the exe file, I dont wanna to do a complete reinstallation again xD
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