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  1. ok thanks - somehow messing with all the keys on the keyboard, I locked my drone and now no keys move the drone. Any advice
  2. I installed the new iniBuilds KJFK released today. Nice addon. It has so much custom scenery. I'd like to explore the airport and go inside the control tower. I can't figure how to change elevations in drone mode. I watched so many videos of how to go left right and pitch up and down, but how do I climb?
  3. So I had a conflict with KSEA airport doing double buildings. I was advised to remove the Asorbo KSEA. That worked perfectly. I have these oter addons KLAX Feelthere KORD FSDT KDEN Flightbeam KATL Imagiee sim KLAX was a no brainer to delete as it came up as Asobo KLAX, but KORD and KDEN come up as PREMIUM UPGRADE. Do I delete the PREMIUM UPGRADE file. KORD is listed as DELUXE upgrade and KATL is listed as WORLD UPDATE. Something tells me not to delete these. Please advise.
  4. According to their web site it said last week it was due in 1-2 weeks I added in the lead in lights So I will remove them along with kjfk default
  5. Ok. They indeed did air my post. At first the post never went thru so I used the AV Sim forum. Good to know there are so many experts out there to solve some of these pesky issues.. so if there is an Adorno handcrafted scenery that I want to upgrade, I guess I’d need to delete the existing one. KJFK by inibuilds is the next addon due this week that I will add.
  6. Thank you- you nailed it. Much appreciated!!! No I did not remove the default scenery. . I just removed it and it works perfectly. I tough these installs did it automatically. For those who do not know how to delete default scenery, look at this video
  7. Look at these 2 photos after installing ORBX KSEA from BMWorls/AMSim. It seems the 2 control towers merged into one and the runway markings are corrupt. Any Advice. BMWorld/AMSim has no forum to ask. ORBX forum won't post my requests!!
  8. Well I never flew a plane in real life. I have 1000’s of Boeing takeoffs and landings on a really good home set up. I have done many sessions in a full motion LevelD sim on 737, 747 767, and 777. I start out each 2 hour session simple and then do difficult approaches like JFK 13L or LGA expressway 31. Or ILS approach in really bad weather. 200 ft ceilings, 1/4 mile visibility and 15 kit crosswind I pretty much stuck every landing pretty good. The only time I crashed is when the dopey instructor gave me severe wind sheer as I crossed the threshold. So yes, give me a Boeing and I have a high chance to land it. Oh, all my approaches were hand flown, no autothrottles or autopilot. At $500 per hour, I’m hand flying this puppy.
  9. OK Bert: Thanks so much for your guidance. I got it working. My mistake was creating a new folder in my community folder. The added lights do indeed make a big difference. I just flew the approach in real weather (rain and fog) and the lights were a huge help. Thanks again for your assistance
  10. A little help needed. I downloaded the file. I created a new folder in my community folder JFK LIGHTS and I extracted the download file in that folder. But the lights don't show up. I think I am missing a step?? Please help. I am not too computer savvy.
  11. Polo: Thanks for your reply; A few questions for you if you don't mind: 1. works as expected? does that mean good? excellent? any description. 2. If I download the file. do I just extract anywhere in my community folder. I never messed with that folder.
  12. The best NYC approach to fly is the Parkway visual 13L. You really need to follow the lead in lights on this one but MSFS and any addon scenery has them missing. Even the Enhanced Hight scenery. I discovered this site who claims to have them added. Has anyone used this? It seems to be FREE. https://bg.flightsim.to/file/48731/kjfk-rlls-ldin-approach-lights-for-canarsie-parkway-visual
  13. I guess "Silence Is Not Golden" when you are trying to see when your favorite airport add ons are due out. I am waiting from KSEA KTPA KDTW KPHX FlyTampa has gone completely quiet in anything due out. Drz Des made no mention of KSEA. I actually bought KTPA from from VerticalSim - should I have waited for FlyTampa?? I wish these companies would give a clue of what is next. n the end they lose business as I may do elsewhere.
  14. Is it me? Or did the release of major airports addon payware come to a slow grind? From the Big 5, DrzDeigns, FlyTampa, FSDT, Flightbeam, LatinVFR there is NOTHING that really has been released recently. Their website/forums give no indication of what/when is next. For the North America, we really KSEA (DD), KPHX, KTPA (FT), St Marteen (FT). Is it also safe to say, if Asorbo maked a handvrafted scenery like KDFW, no one would attempt to make it?
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