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  1. I know this is an old topic, but I was wondering if there is a fix if I mess up. On Pushback, I disconnected ground power (By mistake) without having the APU supply power and got a temp blackout until I hit the APU power bus switch. Now "No Land 3" shows up. And yes the IRS #2 differs from IRS 1 and 3. So now I take off - still with No Land 3 showing. Is there any way to get rid of that? Can't re-align IRU at 340 KTS?
  2. A OP here, I read all the posts and see FSDT seems to be a favorite. I'll take your advice. I do have DD Chicago City X, Washington DC and KSEA and SEA airports and I must say they are all unbelievably stunning. The DD KPAE airport is insane. You can actually go thru the Boeing facility. DD KSEA is also awesome. I get a solid 30-35 fps tere compared with 20-25 fps at Flytampa's KBOS. I have all FSDT airports and they are great. I guess it like choosing between a Ferarri and a Lamborghini,
  3. Default KORD is horrible. Anyone have DRZ KORD? They make great stuff. So does FSDT. Should I buy KORD from DRZ. design or wait 1 to 24 months for FSDT?
  4. in reading through this post, I see SODE is mentioned. Can someone be kind and explain what that is? I sometimes get a pop up saying SODE is no working
  5. I have the new Chicago X by Drz.. it is awesome. And has amazing details of many buildings. There is really no performance hits on your computer. Runs something. My only criticism is the buildings are so detailed, but there is no details on the streets. Looks like a major city with dirt roads. But it is a masterpiece Anyone know which KMDW is netter? Flytampa or Drzewiecki? Both are powerhouses in the scenery addons For the Chicago Airports which I did not get yet = I have Flytampa KMDW. I would like to keep FT KMDW for now. Is there a way not to install Drzeweicki KMDW with Chicago Airports?
  6. Ok thanks for that reply. I couldn’t explain the randomness of it.
  7. I loaded up FlyTampa Montreal and there were ground people there, but with FSDT KJFK there were none. That why I am asking. Is it a P3D default thing, or an addon feature. And I am referring to the ground people withthe batons, not the GSX people loading planes and driving.
  8. I have been running a 46" 4K UHDTV plus a 30" monitor using a TitanX card and a 7700 CPU. You gotta be getting awesome FPS with your set up. I am 40-50 fps now at 10,000 ft approaching KLAS in PMDG 747 - cockpit view.
  9. What controls the ground people in P3D? I don't see them anymore. Is that a P3D feature? If so - where in settings is it. Or is it an add on scenery such as FlyTampa, FSDT, GSX, Imaginesim. I have it all installed on P3D (latest version) but I don;t see ground crews by my aircraft anymore. Any Advice? Maybe my settings are not right in P3D??
  10. He is a 767 pilot so I am looking for a major airport in the US to do video
  11. If you had to vote on one (must have) add-on airport in the USA, which would you choose on the basis of detail? I want to make a video to show my pilot friend and I want to "wow" him on the level of detail out there.
  12. I hope the new forum is under construction. There is no content there. AmI missing something? https://forum.pmdg.com/ This website yields a sterile page.
  13. Obsolete plane. Make a 797 next decade
  14. I see you are updating the flight director logic. Is if flawed now. I do notice flight director tells me to acend while the ILS indicator tells me to descend. I thought is was something I was doing wrong. I noticed if I switch autopilot ON and click on Approach mode. The flight director will instantally go center to match my ILS instruments. And even though I am perfectly on glide slope and I turn off autopilot the flight director quickly drifts off. Is that a flaw or me.
  15. I just read my reply and it makes no sense. Sorry. After the re boot all is ok I never have failures turned on. But if a engine bleed valve is stuck closed is it even possible to start an engine. Is a failed bleed valve a common failure.
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