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  1. paulyg123

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    I am having a hard time seeing the benefits of this. I have multiple monitors and just drag the EFB over to one of them. I do love the idea of it on a separate iPad. I hope someone makes a YouTube video on a tutorial on how to set this up. I will definitely get it if I can figure it out. Also what is the paid license for. To get the ap to use the EFB on an iPad? How much is it exactly? I am not opposed to paying for something brilliant. I just need more info and the link says nothing about $$
  2. paulyg123

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    I feel a bit dumb here. I don't understand how this works. - I read all the posts. - someone with patience please explain! 1. The link directs me to a site where I need to put in a credit card. It says free, but why a card? Is there a charge for the remote EFB for the PMDG 747? 2. How does my Ipad know what my computer and P3D/PMDG is doing. Do I connect my Ipad to the computer with a USB cable?
  3. paulyg123

    Am I too conservative?

    No, I won't waste time dumping 100,000 lbs of fuel. I just go the the FMC and change the fuel there. Who has time for a 14 hour flight? But these are the cool things I love. Now I wish I could cool my brakes mid air. If you roast your brakes on takeoff (after taxiing for a bit) for a short flight, you are stuck. But that is a rare occurence.
  4. paulyg123

    Am I too conservative?

    Mace the word not allowed was D_A_M_N. I can't believe that was filtered out. Anyway, back to the fuel topic. What is the best utility to figure out the correct fuel. I wasn't kidding when I said I guessed on the fuel. I also like to do short flights (< 1 hour) with my PMDG 747 but I like to take off very heavy to feel the weight. Then when I level off, I reduce the fuel to 10%.
  5. paulyg123

    Who Makes the Best Add-on airports?

    FlyTampa says KLAS is coming "real soon" but what is "real soon " Just like the 747 upgrade due by New Years. - where is that? Anyway, I just wanted a pecking order of who makes the best airports in the US - ragardless of where it is. My rating is: FlyTampa A+ Drzewesky Design A+ Flightbeam A FSDT A- But as someone said, use of coutil in Addon Manager. causes me nightmares. One wrong move and you can wipe out all your scenery.
  6. paulyg123

    Who Makes the Best Add-on airports?

    I am talking about Payware airports in the USA. Detail and Quality is my criteria. Who has the highest quality US major airports ? Any reviews on Imaginesim. I don't have any of their airports.
  7. There are so many choices for US airports scenery. I have FlyTampa , FSDT, Flightbeam and Drzewesky Seattle Airports. I want to add Atlanta, Charlotte, Ohare and Las Vegas I know KLAS will be out soon by FlyTampa., Charlotte is offered by FSDT and ImagineSim - I don't have any ImagineSim airports. How do they rate? I also see Drzew.... is doing Ohare and Chicago. Is that the best choice for Ohare? Is there a clear pecking order in terms of quality of these players?
  8. paulyg123

    Am I too conservative?

    word not allowed Tbarker and Mace, I don't get your references about me. I think I need to use the Google to find out what you are trying to say! No fuel for you.
  9. paulyg123

    Am I too conservative?

    I just pick a random number, and if I run out of fuel in mid flight- I hit Pause, and add fuel. Pauly is a bad pilot.
  10. paulyg123

    The New Avatar Mode in P3Dv3 is so Cool!

    This is a old post, but I just discovered the Avitar. I am reading posts and searching YouTube, but I can't seem to figure out to move the avitar or make him walk. Any advice
  11. paulyg123

    Brakes overheating to easily?

    I have the ground crew on speed dial. I always toast the brakes after every landing. I have the Saitek foot pedals. Yes, autobarkes do the trick, but nothing like stomping on them yourself. I noticed if I only apply the brakes 1/2 way, I get the asme braking power and don't cause over heating. Try applying them 1/2 way.
  12. paulyg123

    A little help on displays

    OK after a re-boot of the computer. It now is normal. When this happened I turned on the computer, loaded in the 747-8 at KTPA and imported my route in. The right display showed the route, the left did not. Both displays were in MAP mode. Right one had magenta route ine and when zoomed in, it showed the airport diagram. Left did not. Even after hitting STA, APT, POS nothing ever changed. I think it was a bad start-up. All is good now - hope that don't happen again.
  13. I am at KTPA right now. I noticed today my left seat main display doesn't show the magenta route, nor the airport map, nor any VOR's, my right side display does show it. What did I do to disable that feature on the left side? MFC is fully configured.
  14. paulyg123

    Same bugs in P3D as FSX

    I have been using Microsoft Flight Sim for a few decades and moved up to P3D. I notice the same flaws exist in both. It happens throughout multiple computers and still exists on the latest P3D 4.4. 1. I terrain mesh is set to high < 16, you still get a severe downward crash as you approach a runway off the water. I thought it was a freak thing with FSX, still exists today. 2. If you do a touch and go and try to enter a new destination in the FMC (as you just took off) you get a CTD every time. Still exists. 3. I was told that the instant replays for PMDG would not show the speed brakes and reversers on instant replay as it was a FSX constraint. No! - PMDG still can't show that on replays, yet all other planes like QW787 does. Also,I thought V4.4 was better than God. I see no difference between 4.3 and 4.4. Don't get me wrong, but 4.3 or 4.4 is totally amazing (A++ on either version) - Just 4.4 is not a game changer for me versus 4.3.
  15. paulyg123

    Adding Freedom Tower

    I appreciate your response but P3D doesn't have a Addon Scenery Folder. I created a folder in Program files==> Lockhead Martin==> Prepar3Dv4==>scenery added Freedom Tower folder there and then extracted all the files there. But freedom tower doesn't show up. Update - now it shows up. I had to go into P3D start up screen and under scenery add the folder's name. Now I see it.