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  1. I see the manuals are in the EFB. I'd like save the manuals to a PDF and put in on my I-pad for reading outside the sim. Can that be done? If yes, what path is the manual found?
  2. Long ago I heard PMDG was making a 747 sim at their facility in the Washington DC area that would be open to the public. I was told that it was waiting for the 747 to be complete. Is this sim ready to go? PLease advise, I'd love to make a vacation out of it. The only other 747 sim I can use is in Miami (not a bad choice for a vacation either)
  3. paulyg123

    What do you do if you lose speed indication?

    Is my analysis correct here Well say you just took of and climbing through 4000 ft. You are probably on VNAV and that is controlling your speed to 230-250 kts. You are climbing at 2000 ft/min. Flaps already retracted. If you speed indication is fails here and your speed drops can this leading to a fatal stall. I guess at level flight you’ll notice a loss with speed as you plane pitches op to maintain altitude. But if you are climbing and on autopilot,then the situation becomes harder to detect?
  4. paulyg123

    What do you do if you lose speed indication?

    Excellent responses. I really learned a lot here. That is why I love this forum.
  5. paulyg123

    What do you do if you lose speed indication?

    Downscc. Are you saying on a recent Boeing plane the pilot and copilots speeds are determined by separate systems? If that is the case I need not worry about losing my speed readings, I’d just check with my co pilot. Let me know if this is the case
  6. I was flying and had erratic speed readings on my 777. (Probably a weather issue with ASN or switching PMDG plane). But in real life, if you lose your speed on a 777, is there a back up instrument that gives you speed from a redundant source? Can you ask ATC for your speed? I know they have speed on their radars, but it that a result of the plane's transponder data? or from the ATC radar blip. If not, what do you do if you have no clue of your speed?
  7. paulyg123

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    How many planes does one really need? I have the 737, 747, 777 and 787. I am good for the next decade.
  8. paulyg123

    Check list and efb question

    CanI ask a follow up question regarding checklist. I just landed in KBOS and want to do a quick turn around. Checklist is stuck on Shut down, but I don't want to shut down. I want to er-set checklist to preflight page. HOw is that done. Athilele said something about the "radial dial besides the screen" What is that? I am not following.
  9. I notice if you forget a step in the check list sequence, you can,t move toward. For instance, I forgot to do the after takeoff checklist which includes GEAR UP. If you forgot that step and are on approach, you can, complete the approach or landing checklist as the after takeoff list is stuck and you can’t clear it because it is waiting for gear up. But gear is already up and now you want to lower it. The skip step function doesn’t work. Am I missing something. on the efb how come the “send data to FMC” is always blue and can’t be hit. On the 787 efb I notice you can send the efb data to FMC and then the FMC asks you to accept it. I fill out the performance pages on the efb and get the calculations for the v speeds done, but can’t get it sent to the fmc
  10. PMDG figured out what was causing my P3D to shut down while trying to open Nav Charts in the EFB. My computer clock was not properly synced with the correct time. Appartently this will cause a shut down of P3d.
  11. Michael Ticket: 0F4-234A890E-041F for this incident. Am I the only one here with this issue? Maybe I should re-install the 747-8???
  12. I confirmed I have no re-shade. I deleted Google chrome. I installed the Navigraph Computer application to view charts and logged in. Then I open up P3D and tried to get terminal charts. It still crashes. I doid create a ticket and never heard back from PMDG on the status. How do you know status of a ticket when submitted. I received no emails. I won't uninstall all my FSDT airports and GSX. I'd rather not have the charts on my EFB then lose the FSDT stuff. My charts on my EFB work great in my QW787, but they are not linked to Navigraph. Clearly someone must have FSDT and GSX and have the 747-8 charts working. For now the work around is to open up the Navigraph program and view the charts on my 2nd monitor, until someone figures this out.
  13. I do not have Reshade. This computer is built only for P3D and no other games are on it. I have P3D,all the PMDG jets, , all flyTampa airports, FSDT airports, imagine sim airports, QW787, Windows 10 64bit. . That is it. 7700k CPU, Titan X Pascal video card. I have Chrome on the computer, but Internet Explorer is my default Browser. Should I remove Chrome from the computer? I saw some dxgl.dll files, but they are not inside the P3D folder. Should I erase or re-name them?
  14. No you have it wrong. I don't get a BLANK page. I get the entire certificate. When I hit the Blue button - ALLOW, P3D shuts down. It is not a shader issue. I have Windows 10 and I am assuming IE11 is part of Windows 10. You can see I am signed in to Navigraph as my name is on the top.
  15. no one has told me how to find ReShade and how to turn it off. Where is this file exactly located? I search on files and I see 4 dxgl.dll files on my hard drive. This file is not found in P3D. Can someone please give more details on how to turn off ReShade.