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  1. Since I am using a 4090 card, I waned to upgrade my current 40" 60 Hz monitor to a 50" 120 Hz one. I was hard finding a 50" 120 Hz TV for under $1000. But I finally found a LG QNED 50" open box/new for $450 at BestBuy. So I pulled the plug and bought. I have been getting around 120 fps and was wondering if a 60 z TV has hurting me. I really can't tell the difference yet, but it looks amazing. I like how big the gauges as now - almost real sized while not having to zoom in. I always thought the bigger the TV, the less frame rates you'd get, but that is not the issue. I took the 40" HDTV and made it my main monitor on my non Flight Sim computer.
  2. I get a high rate of CTD on start up when I choose an airport by typing the Code in. The map will zoom in quickly to the airport, the nthe sound stops and I get CTD. I did fid if I run a Landing Challenge first, then ytr to goto the same airport I don't get a CTD. Anyone get this CTD? If so - what do I do??
  3. micstatic: thanks for your response, it is what I am looking for but you are talking way above my tech abilities. If I do buy a 120 Hz tv strictly for MSFS, using a 4090 card. 1: how do I do vsync or VRR. It that a TV option? or a setting in MSFS??? 2: did the 144Hz help make a big difference for you? what brand tv did you get?? I am tech savvy, so I trust you all for tis advice- - tanks.
  4. I have a 40" UHDTV as a main monitor for MSFS. It looks pretty good. Itis at 60 Hz refresh rate. I have a 4090 card and an Intel 13900 CPU and get around 120fps mot of the times. Would I notice a difference if I buy a 50" UHDTV that operates at 120 Hz. Does the refresh rate really make a difference for MSFS???
  5. Ok. Big help. Sometimes these solutions are not easy to find. I thank you for the reply. This made a huge difference. Now KLGA is much much better. Again. Thank you kindly for caring
  6. I have Feelthere KLGA and GSX Pro in MSFS. Some buildings are missing. I wrote to Feelthere and they say to exclude Feelthere KLGA from within the GSX settings. I have searched Youtube and all my setting and don't see how it it done. Am I doing this inside the MSFS sin and opening up GSX? or opening up GSX outside the sim? then where do I go from there. Any advice will be appreciated.
  7. I have FS2020 and GSX Pro Installed. I have many addons from Drz Design, FSDT, FlyTampa, Flightbeam, LatinVFR and so on. Does GSX pro overwrite the default and addon jetways? I see some jetways missing and some posted to remove .bgl files in GSX. But I see no where to do so? KLGA has many gates 20-25 missing and Feelthere is the addon for them
  8. I love the MSFS 787. I notice sometimes the elevators stop working. I see on the ground The FLT CNTR indicators show I can move the elevator to full up and down position, but while in the air the hardly move. Is that because the FBW system is preventing me from over-stressing the plane. But sometimes, I am losing altitude and I deed to pull up, no matter how hard I try, the elevator axis won't move. same happens in a climb, if I push yoke forward nothing happens. AP Pis OFF, no other elevator axis assigned. It all works when I take off, but somewhere it (elevators) stop working. The indicators seem to "try" to move, but something forces it back to neutral. Again, this doesn't happen all the time - I'd say 33% of the time. It just seems like something is forcing the elevators back to neutral. Also I can't trim the plane either. On the ground I can easily trim the plane to get to the correct trim setpoint for takeoff, but once in the air I can't trim the plane. (AP OFF)
  9. I have no issues with default MSFS 787 other than sometimes the elevator axis stops working.
  10. I have been flying the 788-10 a lot and have the plane down pretty good. I run into one nagging problem. Some flights go off without a hitch, others have the elevators freeze up. I can’t trim the plane either and despite on pulling or pushing on the yoke, I can’t move the elevators. I see the flight control indicators showing me no movement to support this. Airelons work fine, so it is not my yoke. Elevators are not assigned to any other controller. The elevator axis simply falls asleep and I crash an I am stuck ina decent or climb. Any advice?
  11. I have a license for PMDG 737 CDU in MSFS and it works great. PMDG will roll out the EFB soon for the 737 in MSFS. Does the EFB license cover that?? Also the default 787-10 is awesome in MSFS. Are there any licenses that cover the CDU or new EFB for that plane.
  12. I only used to fly PMDG planes, but this 787 really impressed me and I am flying it. I want to add some liveries from Marketplace. I see so many. Which one is the best for United, AA and other US carriers?
  13. Great advice - thanks - you guys sure know your stuff !!! OK seems like I have to remove the Heavy Sim Mod - dumb question, how do I do that? I found the XD787 folder in my community folder and just moved it to a different location. That seems to work now as all previous functions now work. Was my folder move the right solution - I never un-installed anything.
  14. I really want to fly the 787 in MSFS. I have the premium version. I see I have the 787-10. I also see I downloaded the Heavy Division 1.15 update version. I am not sure if it installed properly. In my plane menu in MSFS, I have only a 787-10 available. In the 787 CDU under Ident Page, OP Program says - HD-PROD-1-15-STA. There is a HEAVY button in the CDU - so I think the update went thru?? correct?? I also notice I have many issues with the 787. The FWD EXT Power is indicating AVAIL, yet when I i hit the buttons, nothing happens (BAT is ON), the AT ON/OFF buttons are inoperable and I have no autothrottle. LNAV doesn't work, nether does HDG select work. I can't start the engines when away from the ate as I am disconnected to external power and APU is not picking up the load. I can't push back from the gate as my engines are running. Question for the Forum: Pease help - I searched long on the forums to solve this with no answers. 1. Do I indeed have the HD update? Can I delete the update if it corrupted by default 787?? 2. did it get messed up? 3. when I go to their website it says 2.0 is no longer supported - why do I do now? I see KURO has a 787-8. It that good? which is better? 787-10 with HD update or Kuro.? Thank you
  15. An alien would look nothing like humans. we look like what we are due to our gravity, atmosphere composition, atmospheric pressure, radiation, temperatures, 300 million years of evolution, or a God who made us in his own image. I doubt they will have 2 arms and two legs with a head and two eyes like ours. With a mouth nose and eyes positioned like ours. Simply impossible. I do know their flight sim community would not have to wait 3 years for a new version of a UFO to come out.
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