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  1. Darn, I was really looking forward to and hoping that We would get an update to an Awesome Tower View and more, sometime down the road...
  2. Are they at some point going to update for P3D, so we can have tower view and everything else we have come to enjoyed?
  3. YES, FANTASTIC JOB!!!!!!!!!! I am just waiting for the fs9 version, that is all! Thank You!!!!!!!
  4. Requesting a new paint of Air Transat's current colors on the A310. Now I don't own the CLS A310, but do have the HNAC A310 and have a copy of the SSW A310 also. If you can't do it, I kindly ask for either of the two that I do have; the paint kits. That is all. Thank You SO much!!!!:)
  5. I Love the Telephone poles in FS2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D They go up the road for miles when you zoom in on them!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I think I remember a plane that was created out of fun. You could see the pilots just floating inside their cockpit, but you could see the silhouette of the plane and the internals. Like you said, it was like for fs2002, but worked in fs2004!!!
  7. I don't know how much deeper the CS can be over the JF, considering that now it is brought to a truly professional level. Also I too have been waiting to read reviews and watch user video's of the craft. So just as you, I'm in the same boat, just looking lol. :)
  8. And let me take back what I said about Sanmalav's landings, lol I was just agreeing, but honestly I see Sanmalav's landings as highly realistic besides the low crossing, you would have honestly felt your were watching a real life landing when it comes to his videos. That's how it's really done in my opinion, no re-climbing or bouncing back up, his are sweet perfect landings in my honest opinion!!!
  9. I see FSX landings all the time, but the ones that do make it happen, have to work really hard to pull it off, FSX aircraft are almost it seems, almost heavier in mass, so when I see someone flare early, they still seem to sink even after preparing their flare ahead of time it seems(maybe they just cut power early), in other words you would think they would have leveled off at the runway at that appropriate angle-of-attack of theirs and still carry over, but instead, they sink onto the runway and break their necks and spines. Just my 2-cents. You know I think FSX really doesn't give you enough time to correct during a landing, its almost like if you cut power you sink right away, if you have a little to much power you climb back up again so there's really no in between. What I happen to see in these landings really, to be precise, to be really precise, they give hardly any flare at the last moment, BECAUSE they can't give anymore, there's no in between unlike FS2004, you can't really correct fast enough or be precise at the last second to perfect that landing, that's why when it comes to FSX people just shoot for the touchdown that is it, the momentum has to much control, no more really milking it unlike FS2004! Almost like the runway is sucking/pulling them down. Lol let me throw the infamous Flying Brick in there lol. FSX is a new breed, a new style of landing, you know when you heard that the a300 is meant for firm landings(well that's what I read one time anyway lol), that's what everyone is doing in FSX, it's almost like they're in a rush(but they're really not) to just get her on the ground, no more in between milking her. There's no more gliding, it's just pin the tail on the donkey type landings. They have to settle, they have to let her down, they have to give/cave in to the force almost. The Airplane gives in too easy!!!
  10. lol I wish I could fly but no, but yes you are right, they don't land like in Sanmalav's video. I believe you are right also, it's almost like they have multiplied gravity or have thinned out the air like at high altitudes or something in FSX lol I don't even know. But again, even though it may be more realistic, the landings are admittedly rough and brutal.
  11. Yes I know his approach is probably too low and too slow but it is sooo easy to land smooth in FS2004, too easy in comparison to FSX lol.
  12. All I want is flight dynamics that are just like or similar to FS2004. I can not stand fsx flight dynamics when it comes to landing aircraft. For say when in FS2004 you can actually hover and practically hold off like by 1 or 2 feet and kiss the runway or climb again, just think about a fighter jet flying low against the runway for a fly by or air show or something. When you watch real world airplanes on videos or in person, past or present, they can hold off and achieve that perfect landing. Now I'm not trying to bash FSX (like I believe I had before) an any way, but landing in FSX and even watching FSX landing videos you can tell that the simmers even anticipate a flop landing because they know FSX won't let them hover like 1 or 2 feet above the runway (in some videos, some people can pull it off) but most people just try like at 10 feet or so to initiate their flare and then plop jerk the main gear right onto the surface. Now I mean if we did all those FSX landings in real life, I think aircraft landing gears and such would need frequent maintenance and passengers would feel those hard landings considerably, and I just can't stress to you, even though you love, adore FSX, I just can't get over those unrealistic landing properties and characteristics, I mean FSX simmers are landing their aircraft like AI Airplanes, just plop flop smash crash right into the runway; EVEN after attempting to pull off a smooth landing. I'm just hoping that P3D will be so much, so much much better than FSX eventually and that its handling properties will be just like or similar to FS2004. I mean I want butter smooth landings, popcorn butter smooth landings like Edetroit's landings. Even amateurs,i myself, and everyone else, even you yourself landing in FS2004 can pull off a easy smooth landing with nothing to it, like take Sanmalav for example, here's his channel link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQOGZveniQv7A-wfOh41tEQ Even though he crosses the threshold pretty low, he's set himself up for a butter smooth landing at no cost every time. I hope someone gets me as to why I love fs2004 so much, I even wasted money on the Captain Sim L-1011 even though I believe it's probably really good, I just can't enjoy it at all, I have a weak pc, but soon next year i will be getting a powerful one,(even though i'll be sticking to FS2004 until I buy P3D or something) and the approach in that plane is insane, it's like flying a roller coaster, up and down, up and down, low airspeed dropping to like 130/120 up and down with those handling characteristics and FSX flight dynamics and just forget about trying to pull off a smooth landing whatsoever. I just want to enjoy advance airplanes like for say PMDG 777 and QWsim 787 in a GRAND flightsim such as P3D, and I hope P3D in 64bits will fix all my problems or something close lol. Thank You, that is all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-800 AirTran!!! I mean just look at this video for example and other countless FSX videos for examples. I mean that landing is not bad but not smooth or realistic for a 777 in real life either no offense. http://youtu.be/c0jkQLghgfM
  13. Just an all out nasty recreation you've spawned!!!!!!! do you see what you have spun lol?
  14. Out of this world Awesome your're replica is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfathomable is the C++ code language that works behind it unseen!!!!!!!! A panel of which you can do some dirty hairy leg landings behind!!!!! Lol I'm trying not to worship it. :im Not Worthy:
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