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  1. sorry for the post. I had a purchasing issue on your website the other night. I sent a message via your website but never heard back from anyone. Can you send me an email or some way so I can rectify the issue. Thank you!
  2. Simba

    Black clouds

    Ok, thank you everyone for your input!
  3. Simba

    Black clouds

    Hi, I have an issue I cant seem to solve. When I fly through or near clouds they turn black. When I am further away they are normal. I am using Prepar3d V3.5 with ASN, P3d tweak assistant, and the realism shader pack.
  4. I have the flysimware learjet 35 and its wonderful on my system with P3DV3. I73770K GTX970
  5. Simba

    Cessna 441 P3D V.3

    thank you!
  6. Simba

    Cessna 441 P3D V.3

    Is the 441 compatible with prepard v3?
  7. Was interested in the L=1011 pro from Just Flight but have not heard much about it. Is it worth it? Reviews? Thoughts? Would appreciate any feedback.
  8. Simba

    2.3 did the trick for me!

    Me too ! Stellar performance with this update.
  9. Good advice. Do you use dx10 in your setup? I went back to dx9 today, great visuals and smooth, but gotta watch out for the oom errors. I use a very vanilla .cfg
  10. Guys thanks for the input. Greatly appreciated. Dx 9 did work great but with a lot of oom errors. Dx10 I have not had one, so I am reluctant to go back. Bert, as far as tweaks go I just followed the avsim hardware/software guide.
  11. Upgrading to a newer system with a haswell processor Current setup Intel i7 3770k overclocked to 4.5 Nvidia gtx 770 Win 7 home 8 ghz ram 1600 Using dx10 with the fixer, constantly battling stutters
  12. Simba

    How to use NGX 737 FMC and AutoPilot?

    Read the tutorial flights that pmdg produced with the product. There are two of them, the second being a little more advanced. Also the FCOM in the documentation. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Simba

    Checklist problem

    thank u!