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  1. sorry for the post. I had a purchasing issue on your website the other night. I sent a message via your website but never heard back from anyone. Can you send me an email or some way so I can rectify the issue. Thank you!
  2. Ok, thank you everyone for your input!
  3. Hi, I have an issue I cant seem to solve. When I fly through or near clouds they turn black. When I am further away they are normal. I am using Prepar3d V3.5 with ASN, P3d tweak assistant, and the realism shader pack. http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/images/2016/06/20/Untitled.jpg
  4. I have the flysimware learjet 35 and its wonderful on my system with P3DV3. I73770K GTX970
  5. Is the 441 compatible with prepard v3?
  6. Did they release a service pack already?
  7. I think it borked mine. Have a look at this and how do I fix it.
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