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  1. Aaahh i seee !! Thank u for the info ! 😄 i will take a look!
  2. Thanks for the fs2crew for FENIX A320. But here is the issue for me... is totaly different then other fs2crew for airbuses.... i will put a list what i am missing. ' Before takeoff checklist to the line: Before takeoff checklist down to the line: TRIM: 0.2/0.3/DN/UP percent set: Start apu: After takeoff checkilist down to the line: After takeoff chk below the line. maybe is more missing stuff but what happend to this one i have wrote down?? Not fun to fly A320 with fs2crew when it has been messed up.
  3. Hi, fs2crew, any updates on De-Ice procedure ?
  4. ahh... but is so strange because i never need to say it twiice on NGXU or other fs2crew products,only fslabs even when i have trained the voice recognition
  5. I have to say twice sometimes before FO do anything or say anything... when i say Flight control check the fo will say ( Ready) but i have to say it twice somethimes before something happend.. only happend with Fslabs never had this issue with NGXU or Maddog or other fs2crew product..
  6. well have done that but greenbar show only flaps retract...
  7. Hi Byork. I have the same issue at my Maddog,when i say "slats retract the fo show Flaps retract insted... have tried many many times but still not going to say slats retract :/ have trained my computer and delete profile twice but Green bar show Flaps insted of Slats
  8. Hi,was asking this long time ago, can you add deice procedure for ngxu like NGX, when i say: Prepar for deice the fo will turn of Engine bleeds and apu bleed i think. plase add this since winter is coming to europe soon
  9. Since the A321 is no released will Fs2crew work right out of the box ?
  10. yes i did... but found out i have to say : Start the apu please
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