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  1. I am not making assumptions, I am asking PMDG.
  2. Can we expect a price increase for the P3D version, as was with the 777? And if so, will there be a release discount like there was on the 777?
  3. gdscei

    Confused about UIAutomationCore and P3D

    And just a note for the FSX users, PLEASE don't replace the DLL in the System32 folder, just copy over the correct UIAutomationCore to your FSX installation directory. Otherwise you can break some applications from starting.
  4. gdscei


    Hello, Does FS2Crew 777 work with Prepar3D, now the 777 is released for that simulator? I'd like FS2Crew, but I don't want to spend the money only to find out it doesn't work
  5. Clickable link: This weekend Royal Dutch Virtual celebrates the one year anniversary of its opening. It has also announced its new partnership with KLM to become the one and only Official KLM Virtual Airline. Royal Dutch Virtual has over 400 pilots flying hundreds of flights every week to destinations around the world. Pilots receive complete flight briefings including loadsheets and operational flight plans which are also analyzed post flight in conjunction with their flights log to provide a flight analysis and score. Pilots can review completed flights in-depth and learn how to improve future flights. Royal Dutch Virtual is certified on both IVAO and VATSIM and while pilots are encouraged to fly online to improve the experience, offline flying is permitted. Clickable link:
  6. Note Kyle - wasn't trying to argue with you, but just wanted clarification on what you said. For me, considering I am a staff member of what I consider to be one of the most innovating VA's there are atm (call me biased), I do take some of this as insulting though. I think you are blaming the wrong group here: it is not the VA's that cause these policies to go into effect, it's the community. There is some general (albeit, not everytime correct) consensus that <10k feet equals landing light. But (I hope) most IRL pilots know that is simply not the case, because black-and-white does not exist in the real world. My point is, it's not the VA's at fault here that these policies exist; it's the general mindset of the community. We've had this same "policy" (we have a point-based system for flights, so you get less points if you do not adhere to it), and as far as I know, we haven't had many people tell us they don't agree with this policy. Also - before you jump in and say this point-based system makes it too much of a "game": well, I consider that up to the pilot flying. Some pilots do it for fun (= it's a game for them), others just want to simulate.
  7. gdscei

    Made The Switch But...

    Kuragiman - I see no evidence in that reply that you tried anything that was suggested by the helpful folks here; please do before posting a reply that really adds nothing. About "the best 737 available for P3D", the PMDG 737NGX works fine in P3D if you know the trick
  8. I was talking more about the VA's aspect of his comment, but if you are correct, I don't see how those are "asinine" metrics?
  9. Could you explain yourself here, "asinine metrics"?
  10. gdscei

    17JUN14 - Scheduling and General Updates

    I am so happy to hear the news about P3D, I was thinking it was going to take another 2 years! Very excited.
  11. gdscei

    Autoland Issue At Jfk

    I guess I misunderstood you, as I thought your method was more like "this is the way everyone does it" and not "this is the way some do it". I've gathered in my FSX days that aviation is sometimes an unnecessarily complex business. Though I guess you can find that everywhere :rolleyes:
  12. gdscei

    Autoland Issue At Jfk

    It says in the tutorial: "Press the MCP LOC button to arm the localizer capture mode.". And I understand your comment, but then again it IS a tutorial. I definetely know the basics of ILS approach & autoland, but I think I should expect from an aircraft-specific tutorial that it should tell me accurately what I should do in the specific aircraft. Anyways, I tried reproducing the scenario just now. It seemed like I actually engaged APP too late last time. Also, I think this is because I am used to longer glidescopes with more time to intercept the localizer. From what I gather and from my own findings, I am pretty certain that KFJK is not one of those airports ^_^
  13. gdscei

    Autoland Issue At Jfk

    Then why is it stated to press LOC before in the PMDG tutorials? Not saying you guys are wrong, but why are they opting for telling their users to press LOC before, instead of not?
  14. gdscei

    Autoland Issue At Jfk

    The PMDG tutorial first makes you press the LOC button, and then press the APP button when you intercept the localizer. That's in the 777 tutorial, but was also in the 737 tutorial, so it being a mistake would be left out, I think. By the way - that quote was directly below the instruction to press the LOC button - so how else is someone like me, who has not the most knowledge in this, supposed to interpret that quote, given the context?
  15. gdscei

    Autoland Issue At Jfk

    I quote from the PMDG 777 Tutorial 1 (pg. 91 in the PDF): "It’s always a good idea to intercept the localizer before the glideslope – in fact, the configuration options of this particular PMDG 777-200LR/F airframe does not even allow for the GS to be intercepted before the LOC.". So this differs of course per livery. Why is this an option by the way, if you should or should not intercept the localizer before the glidescope? Why do some do it, some don't? Is it to get a better approach? I am pretty sure I did make sure LOC was in green before I pressed APP... so I would assume it would put me on the glidescope? Anyway, I'll try it out tonight And what's the problem with flying a fictional livery? Not correct with the real world I guess? I just wanted to fly with KLM Although I do understand that (at least if I remember correctly) KLM flies Airbus and not Boeings across the atlantic.