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  1. Hi, Chris. If I wanted to refresh the PMDG folder and get rid of the current SIDSTARS and NAVDATA folders so that I could start over with the navigation data, what is the best way to do that and get everything up-to-date? I use Navigraph. Thanks.
  2. I have no NavData-Backup folder (if that is the correct label) inside NavData. Interesting?
  3. After updating the navigation database, I end up with folders named "SIDSTARS" AND "NAVDATA" in my PMDG folder, and within the "NAVDATA" folder another set of "SIDSTARS" and "NAVDATA" folders. What should the PMDG folder contain? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. That would be a nice feature to add if it is possible someday.
  5. Does OC show notifications when an updated version of an installed livery is available, or do you have to periodically go through the whole lists? Thanks.
  6. After all updates applied through Operations Center, my 747-400 and 747-8 have different version numbers. They are usually the same. 747: 3.00.9194 747-8: 3.00.9193 Both say "up to date" so I guess there is no problem. Thanks.
  7. Not sure why you do not lock your announcements. I see all the replies and am always hopeful that they contain some important bit of information. Like this one, they do not.
  8. If you don't want to see them when you load the sim, make sure they are not listed as favorites, and use "show only favorites."
  9. https://airlinerwatch.com/the-oldest-boeing-747-of-the-world-still-in-service-says-goodbye-today/
  10. Are there keyboard assignments for VNAV and LNAV buttons? Thinking of PMDG aircraft in particular. Thanks.
  11. Look at: https://airlinerwatch.com/icelandair-takes-possession-of-its-first-737-max-8/
  12. Icelandair just took delivery of their first 737MAX. A livery for the 737 would be great! Searched forum but do not see any entries on this.
  13. I always thought that when items appeared in Ops Center, they were ready to go. Thanks.
  14. The update is visible in my Ops Center, but does not install. The windows appear, text runs, but version is not updated.
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