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  1. Hi I watched a youtube on here about setting up the tiller and rudder in MSFS when setup you can use the rudder pedals as the tiller by pressing the button on the tiller but the rudder pedals in the Fenix don't move when you want to get control of the rudder you press the button on the tiller, I've not been able to find it again
  2. Hope they bring a update that will give a option to disable failures
  3. I've got it working I changed the microphone (realtek(R)audio) to use prefered audio input I'll have to work on it i'ts not picking up what I'm saying very well
  4. Yes I was looking for the green the voice recognition has started but the log has not picked up anything from the mike
  5. I've already gone through all that Bryon
  6. Hi windows 11 Ive gone through the Command Center Troubleshooting here is how I have things setup speech properties microsoft speech recogniser 8 for window (englise -uk) and (englise-us) Advanced use this audio devise microphone (realtek(R)audio) config the micorphone and it pickig up my voice run train propfile go into sounds set recording to microphone start msfs 2020 as admin launch application bfw a320 i talk into the mike nothing shows I've done a full unitstall rienstal in case that was the probleml. i can not get this to work at all it's just been a waste of money for me and don't tell me to use button i bought it for voice. back FSX I bought the ifly 737 voice
  7. Will just have to see how long this lockdown last to get the computer
  8. Thanks for that Bryan my win7 fsx computer has crashed out on me will be getting a new computer win10 and P3D5
  9. alfy

    Hard Mute

    Hi Bryan, when I open the main panel what I get is FS2REW VOICE RECOGNITION STARTED no version number. It's FSX
  10. alfy

    Hard Mute

    Yes I assigned it to ALTERNATE STATIC ON/OFF I've tryed different keys but no luck one of the keys I tryed the N brought up the kneeboard I then used that one as I know that one works but no joy with that the Soft Mute with L
  11. Hi I'me having a problem with Hard Mute not used it before now that I am going to be using UGCX I set up the key d to trigger the Hard Mute but it's not turning the Hard Mute on
  12. Hi I have run into a problem I've migrated over to ORBX and went to install all the prerequisite software every thing went well till I tryed to install the KB2533623 and KB2999226 it tells me not aplicable to your computer and because of that I can not use ORBX Central whitch means I am now unable to download ChasePlane and use it Regards, Alfy
  13. Yes you could do that but could we have option to turn it off I don't want it
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