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  1. Hi Bryon I just got a new computer and its been awhile since I've played so I down loaded 737 2010 voice default and the panel doesn't come up so I uninstalled not sure why if u could help me I would appreciate it greatly hope all is well hope to hear from you soon Les
  2. can anyone tell me if any of fsx stuff can be used on p3d
  3. need to know does the p3d work with the steam fsx version or is p3d all on its own
  4. Hi Bryan I will subnit it when I get off tonight wich will be at 8:00 pm PDT time thx bryan Les
  5. Hi Bryan well I did what u said to do the program does seam to work better how ever when I install fs2crew voice command nothing still so can u please help cause its like now what
  6. Hi Bryan just submitted the ticket I did try what u asked and I'm sorry nothing or either that not savy on computer
  7. Hi bryan just to let u know after I did the fsx registry it still does not work I was wondering if u would be willing to do a remote with me I'm in California so right now its 1:50 pm here so if u r will to do a remote with me let me know thx Bryan thx Les
  8. ok I did it so I will see what happens how ever when I did the fsx registry tool I dint see where it did anything cause I don't know what to do with it so if u could let me know or help me out with this I would appreciate it thx les
  9. Hi bryan I installed fsx steam edition and downlded fs2 crew 737 default voice and nothing hasppens I have tried everything I can think of but its not working can you help me to figure out whats going on thanks Les oh and I'm using windows 10
  10. Hi Bryan im sorry if it seems im kinda short with the ticket i submitted but i feel now that its being just pushed off onto other areas and i have been a pretty big fan of your products.how the support was how you took the extra step in making sure that its not your program but now it seems like things have changed. anyways if its not meant for me to use the programs I my new computer then I guess I will move on. thanks Les
  11. well I've looked I'm not sure where the ticket is on the support page is so never mind and I guess I don't use any of your products and I will use fsx by its self cause how funny you would say that I have read several forum reviews about programs crashing anyways thank you for your time.
  12. Hi Bryan yes I have. in fact I went onto your web page to see if there was any new updates for that program if there was I installed it so I did everything that I've done before but for some reason when I start the program it works for about the first 5 or 10 min and it freezes and then it crashes I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times and still does the same thing I have tried to figure out the problem but I'm just not that computer savvy. so I am seeking your help please thank for your time. Les
  13. its the voice command 2010 for fsx default 737
  14. Hi Bryon its been a long time since weve talked but i got a new computer it came with windows 10 and has a intel i5 core with 8gigs of ram i reinstalled all my programs but for some reason when i start up fs crew 2010 voice command t crashes on me never had this problem with it when i had windows 7 can you help me out with this please thanks Les.
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