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  1. I found the CHT readout by looking at real world videos, it is the tape gauge second from right in the middle row. It is labeled in the real world, not is sim, AND, it is ridiculously off - in full power climb in never got over 140 deg, in cruise it was less than 120 deg. I also noticed that the description in the MSFS Hanger reads for the P2006T, not the 2012. I fixed the speed readout in the G1000 to have yellow arc start at 176kts, as it appears in the real videos, have not figured out how to fix the standby gauge though. Hopefully this and the rocket ship performance will all be addressed. Very rushed and poor attention to detail.
  2. I bought this, feel like it is not necessarily complete. The manual lists Green Arc speeds at 176kts KIAS, I see Yellow Arc speeds starting at about 140. I now see that in the YouTube videos, I did not watch / listen to them all the way through but wondering it that was even caught or mentioned? Manual also references monitoring CHT in climb, but I do not see it in any of the screens. Has potential, but little items like that are annoying, esp for the price. Nice to have eye candy like safety guides in seat pockets, etc, but at least get the basics right...
  3. Aerosoft is pretty shady IMHO. The cost in Euro 33.50 in the European shop, but if you switch to the US Shop it is $39.99 (both w/o VAT). Meanwhile Contrail is $37.38USD, which is much closer to the 33.50Euro at current rates.
  4. The P2006T has retractable gear, but a cruise speed almost 30kts less. The P2012 looks to be a fixed gear workhorse.
  5. I do have Navigraph - I even looked at the Little NavMap and didn't snap I had the info box in the wrong selection. I looked at the same aerial from Google Maps - AirNav lists it as "Surface: asphalt/turf" so it must default to the asphalt I guess.
  6. I see the same as the OP. It does appear as a default field in Maine, I have no add ons in the area. The Sectional lists elevation as 338', but when I start there in MSFS I am at sea level.
  7. The Q400 is in my Vimeo, the A320 program is nowhere to be seen for me.
  8. Yes, I was able to spawn at at least one helipad. I did find ORBX NZ Mesh conflicts with the area.
  9. Has anyone dealt with MS Store issue that results in "Something happened on our end"? Was doing the MSFS store latest upgrade last night. Screen indicated download was complete. But now MSFS does not start and no other MS Store app will start. In the Store page it opens and shows several programs with updates available, every one I try results in " something has happened on our end". Also under the apps menu in the task bar several of those apps have what look like white progress bars underneath. This happened last night but was still happening this morning. I can log in and out of the store, tried repair, reset and clearing the cache - nothing has worked. Internet connection is fine. Any ideas appreciated, I gave searched the net and followed all reasonable suggestions. Joe
  10. Do have a hardware switch bound to the Alternator by chance? Have not solved why but if I use my Honeycomb switch that happens to me. If I use a mouse click to the switch on the panel then all is fine. Joe
  11. You can also look in the *.FLT files - for me at the bottom is a section: [LocalVars.0] BKSQ_Turbocharged=1 BKSQ_TurbochargerSound=1 BKSQ_TipTanks=0 BKSQ_RadarPod=0 0=off, 1-on I utilized it to get the turbo sans tanks and pod ... Covered briefly in part in the manual on page 65. Joe
  12. I have the throttle and it is working fine in for me as two axis throttle in the PMDG, though I do not have it mapped with reverse. I use a different axis for that. I am using FSUIPC pay version. I would not recommend the throttle to anyone else. Was very disappointed when one button stopped working, their first reaction was to say it was out of warranty. I sent proof it was well within the warranty period. The "proof" came right off my account page in their web site - just trying to blow me off hoping I'd give up. They shipped off some parts that and it was up to me to tear apart the throttle and handle - and those parts didn't fix it. Finally just did give up and decided to have an INOP button. Joe
  13. Not sure if this has been already posted, but upon my periodic checking of the Beautiful Model of the World website the newer airports previously locked out are now available to "members". This includes KMRY, LFML, EDDW among others. KSEA and KMEM are showing as ORBX only. BEAUTIFUL MODEL of the WORLD (beautifulmodelworld.com) Also looks like the forum is removed or at least down - there had been quite a bit of drama. Joe
  14. You can get the manuals by going through the JustFlight announcement and into the product pages - just tried and it worked for me. Joe
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