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  1. Interested to hear feedback - my only concern is the pics on SimMarket seem to show several of the tree stands as pretty poor and standing out. Might be just the shots.
  2. Honestly hopes this turns into something great - was really looking forward it. At this point I read shades of UTL all over. A program that does function but with a lot left to make it meet expectations. Right now, you cannot run it over a network, not clearly answered if you ever can ("not at this time"). It doesn't integrate with SimBrief (hope to add in future, you may have to modify your route). If it communicates that modification via clearance, etc then that would be a plus actually. If you miss a taxi route you have lost ATC (plan on offering a feature in the for future). Can't use my AIG traffic - to be looked at in the future Five voices, "more planned". Your landing runway etc is locked based on weather at takeoff, so using updated weather during flight / landing could mean very unrealistic handling (will look at systems .. in the future ...) Early adopters - keep us posted please. I "hope" most all of the above will be implemented at some point - then a buy for me.
  3. There are various phone apps that will do pass predictions - I always find it amazing to track and realize how far away it is when it fades out of sight...
  4. It looks to be back up now. I am w/o my primary system after it took a dump, so not able to check it out. Joe
  5. Looks like it has been pulled from SimMarket for now.
  6. Well Totally disagree with your assessment, and the use of "probably" - tax is added at checkout, not when not signed in and browsing. My price at SimMarket if $85 is I bought the full AC at current sales price - period. You are implying the sales tax is over 20%, which for me where I am located is ludicrous.
  7. Can anybody confirm the actual JustFlight upgrade cost? The email I received looked like they may have jacked up pounds vs euro and it was $15 USD higher than SimMarket. Or they are just gouging. Looking at the JustFlight web page their off-sale in USD retail is $149 for the training edition, vs. $113 at SimMarket (sale price $110 vs. $85). Anybody actually buy the upgrade from JustSIm confirm? Joe
  8. There is a support forum for the PC-6. You should be able to drop an email for access - they would likely want proof of purchase. Joe
  9. In their support forums MilViz has released v5 installers for several AC. There may be more, but, for me Otter, Turbo Otter, Beaver and PC-6. A reversal from earlier statements about charging and on again / off again. No changes except compatibility. Kudos to them, I have been a critic at times but credit where credit is due and THANKS to the MILVIZ team. Joe
  10. They announced some time ago on FB that it would be released in MSFS, and no chance for P3D (bummer). As recently as a month ago they said they are still working on it for MSFS . . .
  11. I am finding a conflict with AILRP and the MilViz Avanti landing and taxi lights. The issue persists with just AI lights to a degree. I am using P3Dv5.2 HF1, AILRP 1.35.0 and the latest MilViz Avanti release. When I check "Use FSReborn Landing Lights instead of P3D Default" I get the following: MilViz Avanti: AILRP Preview Mode: When I uncheck that box: MilViz Avanti: AILRP Preview Mode: This issue has persisted since the very first release of the Avanti, it is only now that I finally found a connection. I can just leave the box unchecked, but it appears to also be an issue within AILRP since the landing lights seem better with box unchecked. Any help appreciated. Joe L.
  12. Thanks for sharing - spent a lot of time in Watkins Glen in my youth - had family that lived there, as well as many a times on a cottage rental on the lake (COLD>>>>). My uncle flew his Cherokee out of a now closed grass strip on the east side of the lake - fond memories. Joe
  13. It is released for v5, but of course w/o the RWY update - I too hope someday. Not likely though. I pointed out when they released PAVD they failed to include a seaplane base just a few miles away (L93) - their aerial photo scenery even shows planes parked on the lake. They acknowledged, and even have a Facebook post with a screenshot and a forum post they started stating an update was forthcoming. That was over three years ago and still never an update . . .
  14. FYI - seems like ORBX is on a roll - found several more releases updated to P3Dv5: 65S Bonners Ferry Airport 74S Anacortes Airport ENSD Sandane Airport ENSG Sogndal Haukåsen Airport KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport WA79 Walter Sutton's Private Strip There may be others I don't own, so may be worth a check. I am still waiting on: CityScene Barcelona CityScene Charleston CityScene Orlando 2WA1 Diamond Point Airstrip EGLC London City Airport ENHF Hammerfest Airport KRDD Redding Municipal Airport W28 Sequim Valley Airport W52 Goheen Airport But at least there is progress. Joe
  15. I am glad it is working for you - would be curious your ENVSHADE settings, EA/HDR? I use EA. Done low like your shot it is ok/passable for me, but over flying any city at the FLs looks like I am overflying lava . . . I even did the uninstall / reinstall of P3D with the latest ENVSHADE release.
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