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  1. It is released for v5, but of course w/o the RWY update - I too hope someday. Not likely though. I pointed out when they released PAVD they failed to include a seaplane base just a few miles away (L93) - their aerial photo scenery even shows planes parked on the lake. They acknowledged, and even have a Facebook post with a screenshot and a forum post they started stating an update was forthcoming. That was over three years ago and still never an update . . .
  2. FYI - seems like ORBX is on a roll - found several more releases updated to P3Dv5: 65S Bonners Ferry Airport 74S Anacortes Airport ENSD Sandane Airport ENSG Sogndal Haukåsen Airport KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack Airport WA79 Walter Sutton's Private Strip There may be others I don't own, so may be worth a check. I am still waiting on: CityScene Barcelona CityScene Charleston CityScene Orlando 2WA1 Diamond Point Airstrip EGLC London City Airport ENHF Hammerfest Airport KRDD Redding Municipal Airport W28 Sequim Valley Airport W52 Goheen Airport But at least there is progress. Joe
  3. I am glad it is working for you - would be curious your ENVSHADE settings, EA/HDR? I use EA. Done low like your shot it is ok/passable for me, but over flying any city at the FLs looks like I am overflying lava . . . I even did the uninstall / reinstall of P3D with the latest ENVSHADE release.
  4. Just an FYI to anyone waiting / wanting ORBX KTEX for v5 - it is now released. It will show in ORBX Central for existing users. Downloaded and running the config - have not opened in sim yet. Joe
  5. Latest update that I show -
  6. Many of the "answers" are far from adequate resolution. Blood red roads night lighting issues etc.
  7. The manual does not have it that way - per the manual it should be LFPG - Terrain bottom, LFPG middle and LFPG - Layerup on top.
  8. Does the same for me - very frustrating...
  9. Great to hear - I lived in Ruidoso for a few years and later Las Cruces and would eat at both often. Miss the green chile wontons ...
  10. Same question as Frank above - what slider / setting is being changed to get rid of lava roads? I applied the patch/hotfix, downloaded/applied ENV again and basically no change. Roads as lava red as ever?
  11. As I said earlier in this thread, I managed to get it on the first release. No regrets, but . . . Major Gripe is regarding Documentation: No word on the EVO FADEC at all. Nothing in manual regarding steering button on yoke - it is required to actually taxi. Steering system is referenced, but no explanation on how to activate modes. No information on V Speeds (takeoff, approach or landing). I have been using Vr as 105, 110 seems better. Vapp at 120 or more depending on weight. When asked in the support forum MilViz responded that their information used is copyrighted and can't be posted. No cruise tables, or indication on what cruise power should be. RW aircraft apparently has a cancel button for the Gear Warning Horn on right throttle - I find and descending and leading to approach to slow to flap speed the horn gets pretty annoying. Manual makes no mention of it but it seems to be there and working. Only way I found it was by reading about it in an unrelated real world test flight. Tool tip lists it and the one on the left both as GA buttons. Guess it pays to poke around! Appears to have an emergency gear system where release handle and pump handle move - no mention in manual Page 17 list wheel by throttle as trim, tool tips call in friction knob - functions as friction knob - as expected - don't turn it to 100% or your throttle won't move, perhaps lower values would help with a noisy throttle? Manual Page 5 says chart functionality, web page "This release does not include a chart viewer system" They included an XML Controls Variable pdf - no one reviewed (or cared enough to fix) the fact that in converting to a PDF the comments/notes/values were truncated and no longer lined up, just on pages by themselves. Seems to fly fine for the most part - VERY sensitive in pitch, very squirrely in turbulence, all which is probably very good modeling. Was rotating at 105 but hard to unstick, 110 seems better on latest release. I have read various real world reviews, some that say 800+ deg can be maintained in climb but 785 is recommended. Not clear what best ITT for cruise is. Max TAS is listed as 402 at FL310 /Mach 0.70. I was able to get a TAS of 353 TAS at FL310, ISA and an ITT of 810, 9,500lbs GW. Cruise seems to be governed by ITT, RPM stays at max (1800) throughout the flight (true to life I believe). One real World EVO flight test says they were able to maintain 75% torque at FL350 ISA+5, MACH 0.64, no mention of ITT. I set this up and got very close to same numbers, but ITT was very high at 823/825. Since it is not covered in the manual hard to say if that ITT is maintainable for the engine. It flashed warnings at 830. I find approaches challenging. Everything you do will require significant pitch trim changes going from neutral to almost full up pitch trim. At 130 slowing to 120 pitch attitude even on short final is 5 deg nose down. Pitch up does not bleed speed as quickly as it seems to cause an increase in VS, so time of power reduction and pitch up for landing attitude is tricky (fun). Not sure if that much pitch down is realistic? All the numbers I mention are just gleaned from the internet, would love input from anyone with some solid info.
  12. You might search for *kabq*.bgl in main sceney/world/scenery folder to see if something got dumped there. Also a long shot but *kirk*.bgl (i have seen that sometimes as the military designation for KAFB).
  13. I don't know if it would solve this issue, but, you may look at the freeware addon for metro Albuquerque area (works with the TS KABQ for me). Google SimWest Albuquerque, freeware but you have to "purchase" at no cost from FlightSim store. The boundaries with default/ORBX area are quite noticeable, but, for me it is worth it.
  14. FYI the new installer is showing in my SimMarket account - downloading now . . .
  15. I saw on T2G Facebook page a fix might be out tomorrow. He says he has also been emailing out fixes, but I submitted a complete request with a picture and purchase info and have not received any reply.
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