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  1. Joe L

    Coast to coast test flight (FA50)

    Santiago - thanks again for sharing - much appreciated. Joe
  2. Joe L

    Coast to coast test flight (FA50)

    Nice post ! Would love to have your PFPX profile. Joe
  3. Joe L

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    OK - never mind - found it in my Users/Public/Desktop folder - fyi not a convenient location. Liking everything so far.
  4. Joe L

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Is the GPS switching tool available? I do not see any options to change inside or outside the sim?
  5. Joe L


    I will send an email as well, but, the link in my email leads to the file - B350i for FSX (Original) . Also says link is in 350i Support Forum, I have never seen/ had access to that forum . . . Joe
  6. Same issue here. Every fix so far was temporary, but, right now disabling IPv6 seems to be working for me. Even though could not connect in Explorer WideFS was connecting, could ping each system . . . Joe
  7. Joe L

    BVAI P3Dv4 freeware AI model package

    There is no one correct path, each cfg has its own entry as the original AI developer deemed. As I understand BVA had the approval to group the AI together, but they did not modify cfg files (except perhaps to add liveries). What I do is find the folder with the AC I want to add, say BVA_CR7, open the aircraft.cfg file and look for "ui-manufacturer=", in this case AIG. Enter that in the Manufacturer UT Live Box, choose the airframe, etc. Some of the manufacturers names you will find listed are:Alpha India / FAIB (a lot) / RAI /The Fruit Stand (a lot) / UTT. There is is even some GA in there you can add, though some only have one repaint (MFAI / HTAI plus more).
  8. Thank you - much appreciated. Joe
  9. Does anybody know another source for the file in the first post? Looks OZx has had big issues - been down, looks like it may be for awhile. When I try to access the site best i get is a message saying JayKae is working on it after the site being " compromised". Sounds like he may get it going again, but, doesn't sound like it will be too soon. Sorry to hear that - great site that I have supported. Joe
  10. Thanks for the info Bill - that helps a lot. Joe
  11. I really like this mod and appreciate Bill sharing this. I do have a question. It seems that the visual ITT indication doesn't match the tooltip by almost 190 deg. I normally do not use the tool tips, but, it seems as if the engines are running hot. I am at FL240, ISA +5, and set for 1800 RPM / normal cruise power (1940 Ft Lbs using the Raisbeck charts ISA +10). With that I am getting a visual indication of 790 deg (tooltip 600). Airspeed is almost to the book (great job Bill). Is that expected behavior? There is no way I could get to maximum cruise power w/o toasting an engine, it seems. (2070 ft lbs for ISA +10 / 1800 RPM). Also tried 1700 RPM, similar results. All in v4.2 using the gns panel cfg. Thanks for any thoughts.. Joe
  12. Joe L

    TechnoBrain RJTT Haneda - AI not visible?

    Dave makes another good point. I believe that a bad traffic file may not affect areas far from any related areas that the aircraft would spawn (not sure if this is true in v4). That being said a quick check of RJAA might confirm if that may be a cause. Another thing to check, though doesn't sound like it would have an affect in this case is I recall installing the scenery created an issue in my scenery.cfg. The installer used an area and layer number like 227 for both entries, when it should have been 400 something. So I had three areas with the same area and layer number. Caught it before any errors would have been thrown. Might be worth a look. Joe
  13. Joe L

    TechnoBrain RJTT Haneda - AI not visible?

    I don't think its the scenery or their AFCAD. For what its worth, I have this scenery running in P3D v4.2 , running UT Live, and just counted at least 50 ai on the tarmac. About 25 were ANA, 15 or so JAL and the rest various airlines. That was mid-morning, if I switch to night, around 1 am, there are over a hundred and forty parked AC. That being said the AFCAD does look like it could use some tweaking. During daylight hours there were more ANA than spots for them, so they were parked in remote stands, penalty boxes, etc. Also despite many open gates around JAL aircraft I had some JAL and Sky parked in cargo areas, and no obvious cargo airlines showing. Joe
  14. Joe L

    FFPS:FFTF question

    So I am confused. The webpage says: Frames range option: Suggested for unlimited frames + VSync disabled + TB disabled. You set the minimum and the maximum frames + FFTF range + times you want FFTF to be updated per sec to Flight Simulator. An example can be: Min frames=24, Max Frames=28, FFTF minimum=0.05, FFTF maximum=0.33, times to update per second=1. In this case, at 24 frames FFTF will be 0.05, at 26 frames FFTF will be around 0.19 and at 28 frames, FFTF will be 0.33. Below minimum frames set, FFTF will always be 0.05 while above max frames set, FFTF will always be 0.33. So is "FFTF Dynamic" actually affecting anything if we run unltd frames?
  15. Joe L

    What happened to SunSkyJet?

    Still active - quite a bit of activity on their forums: Joe