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  1. I agree with Sabretooth78, would be nice. As to it being "a bit much" - what's wrong with it being a configutation option as he stated? My gosh people look for any reason to pile on.
  2. Hello Eduard, Your tip helped solve my issue - thank you for sharing. I am trying to run P3Dv5, so in addition to your step i had to copy over the WebSimBrowser entry into my P3Dv5 dll.xml. Even though I pointed the installer to v5 it placed files there but seemed to modify the v4 dll.xml. Once I did that I reinstalled the SVS and in my case the 182T. Upon start I got the failure / please start manually message (I ignored), the terr test message showed. I had to turn on the SVS in the PFD but then it was fine. Again - thanks! Joe
  3. I have quite a bit of TS and generally like it (STILL waiting on KABQ)- but as pointed out this bundle is about 8 years old and I am pretty sure it does not include the latest version of many of the ones that have been updated.
  4. I have to say I received excellent service from Stefan. Following this thread I decided to see what type of upgrade discount I might get on my DVD version purchased at least three years ago. In less than 10 minutes I received a very nice reply with a 40 Euro discount. Quite fair in my mind. Joe
  5. According to ORBX it is. Last entry - https://orbxdirect.com/prepar3d-v5
  6. Regarding the TER ERR - same for me. I tried the fixes on their website, etc. Seems to be a fair amount of users experiencing, but, little concern on their part.
  7. Yeah, somethings up. Happening on every forum I visit that uses same / similar software, and, on multiple devices for me (Android phone and PC).
  8. I live in Rio Rancho - same here, as it was when I lived in Santa Fe many years ago. Tragedies do happen, in 2005 a baby being held in someone's arms outside in their driveway was struck in the head by a stray bullet on 4th of July. She survived, but it was touch and go.
  9. It seems to be just the right speaker now, but, that seems better... thx
  10. I discussed nothing via any support ticket, I just purchased and downloaded 2-3 hours before my first post on the issue? With what I downloaded from your site today the left - right channels are not correct - as indicated by the audio test. The FO is not centered it is definitively coming from the left chanel, and the captain the right. The FA Calls also come through the right. Again, this is happening only with the Airbus. I verified channels are playing correctly on the NGXu and now the 747 as well (where the FO does seem to sound centered).
  11. Should add - using button control.
  12. Just purchased and installed the Airbus version. When playing the audio test the left and right channels are reversed. It sounds as if that is the case with the voice audio as well when FO is speaking. I have only the Aerosoft A330 installed, no other AS Airbuses. This is unique to the Airbus version. I have verified my system audio is correctly configured. I also tested the FS2Crew Audio in the NGXu and the audio test / general audio plays correctly through left / right speakers. Thanks for any help. Joe
  13. I don't see exactly the same issue, but, those "saw tooth textures" are the silt lines and although not shown in detail you can even see them on the ORBX product page. (Left column of screenshots, 5th row). I had not noticed it before, but mine looks quite similar to yours in that area with rough edges in areas. I did a quick web search of other PAVD shots and interestingly it is much less pronounced in most screenshots. I normally do not get the oval you mentioned, but,when I paused by sim I do see something similar but it does not follow me and eventually goes away. I also often very briefly see square lines in the textures that go away as the texture loads.
  14. I am not overly pleased with price point and how that may equate for 64 bit. I also am disappointed by the whole navigation data choice. Too bad - so sad for me. I *hope* the Challenger is not past this in terms of price point - I honestly look to that as what I would potentially buy (probably the -X as well...). I do hope it is successful for EagleSoft despite my consternation.
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