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  1. In spite of some of the other issues plaguing the SU14 beta, the latest release is still proving to be a noticeable improvement for me with regards to my CTDs. I'm still running my internet at full speed and am only seeing an occasional crash now. FWIW, I've not been using any AI traffic, 3rd party or default.
  2. And it seems MS/iniBuilds have done a decent job at listening to everyone's feedback because a good number of issues have been addressed. This is probably were 1.0 should have been buts it's still a very welcome update.
  3. I am testing SU14 Beta ( as we speak and am having great results, so far. I haven't posted my experience yet since I'm only running my 3rd session of MSFS since I updated to the latest version, but something has changed. In my last session, I loaded 18 random aircraft/airport combinations around the world running my internet at full speed (1 Gbit fiber), zooming in and out of the world map in satellite view without a CTD. I could never have done that since this issue started for me weeks ago. I ended the session and started a new one to see if this is just an anomaly or not. Hopefully, I can report back with good news. Yes, thank you!
  4. I should have clarified that I was just curious if you had done it for testing purposes since I agree that these are not solutions. I still have Bing data on, and full-speed access set up on my PC, as well. I was just curious if it had made a difference in your CTDs.
  5. I must sound like a broken record by now, but have you tried limiting the download speed of your network card or turning off Bing data in the sim? I see that you too are using a very high-speed connection, which seems to be a common element amongst those of us with this issue. I don't have enough of my old components to rebuild my old system, but I don't blame you for trying. I'd do the same thing just to be able to rule out my PC. Maybe I'll try to find some new burn-in software and stress test my system. I still don't think that I'm the problem, but I am trying to keep an open mind.
  6. I don't disagree with what you're saying to the extent that not everyone is being affected by this bug, but here's my point; my system didn't change one single bit when these crashes started, and MS had just released a major update. If I were the only one complaining about this then I would fully expect that the problem is with my system. I think the fact that my specs match up with @sniper31 is more of a coincidence than anything. I don't think it's a coincidence that this happened literally overnight with the installation of SU13. If you haven't already, read through the thread on the MS forum and you'll see that people with varying systems are experiencing this bug. MS/Asobo is aware and presumably working on it. After all, it's #4 on the bug list! Here's a link to the discussion. The OP changed the thread's name to better represent the fact that as more people started experiencing it, it wasn't just happening around Lake Constance. Someone else just reported this problem and they're running an RTX 2060, so I don't think it has anything to do with my 4090. And as part of my trouble shooting process, I tried a number of older video drivers and I still had crashes. Sim crashes when zooming in at the worldmap - Bug Reports / Crashes (CTDs) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums As I've already stated, the only relief I get is when I limit my download speed, which, although it hasn't eliminated the CTDs completely, has reduced them significantly. A few weeks back, someone in that thread took an informal poll and determined that everyone who was having CTDs was on a high-speed, fiber optic line. Obviously, a very small sample group and totally unscientific but that's how the "limiting your download speed" started. The general consensus is that the only way to eliminate them completely is to turn off Bing data. I've not heard of one user who's done that and has still experienced a crash so I hope that's where the focus is at MS/Asobo. Believe me, I'm fully aware of how finicky our PCs can be at times and how one bug doesn't affect everyone equally. But I think the evidence is starting to pile up that this is a problem on MS/Asobo's end, not ours.
  7. My CTDs started the day SU13 was released and have persisted ever since. I reported this bug very early to MS and did everything they asked me to do so I can appreciate you wanting to start from scratch. I went so far as to reinstall Win11 on a new SSD which I had just installed to use as a backup. Installed a fresh copy of MSFS onto that, and without a single update or addon installed, had a crash on my very first flight. I have long since resigned myself to the fact that this bug is on their end since there is absolutely no way I could have made my setup more "vanilla", as they like to put it. All I've been able to do is minimize the frequency of the CTDs by limiting the download speed of my network card. Other solutions may work better for you and, hopefully, you can find some relief by resetting your system. I just want to temper your expectations. BTW, we have almost identical systems. Your specs read just like mine, right down to the motherboard.
  8. I didn't fly the MU-2 but the Dornier 228 and my tinnitus started after about a year on the airplane. Although I'll never know for sure, I've always blamed the Garretts. If you don't mind my 2 cents, I think they did a fairly decent job of capturing the sound of the engines. Of all the things that need to be improved and/or fixed on this aircraft, the sound is not very high on my list. The first thing I noticed was that they did a fairly decent job of capturing the different sound the engines makes as you walk around the aircraft. You can hear the hiss of the Garretts when you are standing on the side or in front of them, but it softens a bit when you approach from behind. TBH, the cockpit sounds similar to what I remember a Do228 sounded like, even if the engines weren't in the exact same location relative to the pilots. As far as I'm concerned, they can leave the sound alone while they work on other way more pressing issues.
  9. Yes, I do have Navigraph data. That's interesting then. Does MSFS add a runway based on that data? Out of curiosity, I checked the Bing satellite (which, I guess, is actually TomTom) and it looks like they've started construction on a runway, although I assume it's finished by now. I always assumed Google to be the more recent data but the way the area has been dug up, Bing must newer.
  10. Yep, no addons here either. Thanks for checking!
  11. Is anyone else seeing this at 81ME? I did some searching but couldn't find any references made to this airport before. I know it's just an elevation glitch somewhere but I'm still curious if it's affecting just my installation or others, as well. I am running the SU14 beta but I know it was like this pre-beta. I don't have any other scenery that should be affecting this area, unless it's come from a world update that I have installed that others may not. It's been great practice for my takeoffs and landings with an obstacle, if nothing else.
  12. Looks like he updated his website... Shorts Regional Series – Product Features – BlackBox Simulation Software
  13. No, there are no options yet for either the TDS or PMS GTN units. Hopefully, with the first update, there will be improvements made to the modern radio stack. The bigger issue with the autopilot, as I see it, is the fact that it is almost impossible to determine whether a button has been pressed. I didn't expect them to include an annunciator panel, but the buttons barely move, and that's the only way to know which mode you've selected.
  14. Yes, future versions are coming that are less expensive with fewer variations.
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