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  1. Wendall


    Has the ATR ever gotten an update?? That is some OLD software, and unless you really are committed to flying an ATR, I'd follow Chris' advice and get the Majestic Q400. Quality piece of software.
  2. The first time I saw the DA CRJ was in 2010. Every year I've said to myself, "It has to be out by Christmas". I think this might finally be the year!
  3. Wendall

    Captain Sim 727 updated to 2.6

    I thought they said the P3D upgrade will be free? Y'all correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Wendall

    King Air Rising

    Great shot Rich!
  5. Wendall

    A2A Piper Comanche 250

    Deadens the sound a bit. Ever put on the virtual headphones? It's a little extra oomph to that.
  6. Thanks everyone! Yup, definitely loving the Comanche, I foresee a lot of time in the air for this one!
  7. Wendall

    A2A Piper Comanche 250

    Gonna echo this, same with the Comanche. Even the smallest titch of elevator sends me flying back into the air. Maybe I'm just landing terribly (true to real life, mostly), but it just seems a little exaggerated from real life. Again, just my 2 cents.
  8. Wendall

    A2A Commanche Released

    This thing, like almost all of A2As releases, just oozes character...I love it already!
  9. Wendall

    Milviz DHC-2 Beaver

    Super excited for this! If I'm not wrong, this is the first bush plane they're doing. The 737-200 looked great in it's gritty, beat-up state and I'm sure they'll give the Beaver an even better "treatment".
  10. Wendall

    A2A Piper Comanche 250

    When did they buy that? Must've missed it...
  11. I still love the Virtavia/Flight1 BN-2, but an updated model...it would be bought swiftly and without remorse!
  12. Wendall

    PMDG FMC Flight Plans?

    Fyi, this was posted about 4 times. Not sure if you meant to or not, just letting you know. Also, you mean like plans you can automatically pre-load? If you go to FlightAware, the routes are all there (for the US at least), and they aren't exactly hard to type in and get set up.
  13. Wendall

    Problems with IRIS products

    This could very possibly be your culprit. Not sure if the IRIS installers have been updated in 3-something years, so you might want to check on that.