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  1. Hey y'all, did anyone end up making a paint for that new Southwest livery? Doesn't matter what model.
  2. Avsim has meant so much to be in the past few years, and Tom deserves the utmost respect in his passing. I hope Avsim has another 18 years under it's belt.
  3. Well that's just a damn shame...ES' Guernsey scenery rekindled my love for low and slow flight. Sad and disappointed to see them go, but what can you do really.
  4. Found it, copied and pasted it for those who don't want to go searching... Build 1.1 Update is out! This is a 'Update' installer. Allow this to run and overwrite the LJ24B files. Only particular files will be overwritten. Do not uninstall the LJ24 to do this. * Weather Radar face in VC is now mapped as a $pan gauge assembly so you can install a weather radar gauge 'over' the face assembly. And, this features a flip-able face set that includes a Garmin G500 GPS in 3D model structure, functioning, as well as a 'blank' face plate complete with night mapping glow for any gauge you would like to place there. Rotate through the face plates via the round, black 'Aux Inverter' knob just to the right of the Weather Radar. * Autopilot coding and switches now feature 'Past Manager Cancellation'. If you click on NAV and you were in HDG, HDG is cancelled out. This keeps the Autopilot from freezing from having multiple 'manager' systems running. * Light map attached to the N-number plaque in the VC * Logic modified to 'Low Fuel' alarm if you refuel inflight, (transfer) * Lights on Fuel Manager panel now turn off with Batteries * Strange purple thing in back of rear cabin under a seat has been irradicated * Engine temps adjusted to proper redlines and running temp ranges with 720C being redline. 'Realism Mode' adjusted for higher temp rangers. * Secondary Beacon added to top of the Rudder structure * Wind Drag on Landing Gear assembly 'increased' * Smoking 'cooked' engine effects taken out of the 'lights' section due to people using 'L' key to turn on all lights. * Edit to Kneeboard Reference Card; Max. Mach should be .87, not .77. Repaired. Not Modified.................................... ** Engine RPM remains the same ** Engine thrust settings remain the same. The aircraft was very powerful and climbed out at 6,000 FPM if needed and could overspeed on one engine. Lowering the thrust will cause the aircraft not to be able to cruise at proper speed at ceiling; FL 450. You 'can' modify thrust settings manually in the 'aircraft.cfg' if you wish. ** Gray edges on Annunciator lights panel is still there. We cannot trace the source of what is causing this.
  5. Could that be a really poor implementation of an engine glow? I know it was mentioned in the manual at some point that they had created a glow effect that would get brighter or darker in relation to the throttle setting, so it would make sense, but there isn't much else about it and in their screenshots it's nestled in the exhaust of the engine. Maybe the effect is corrupted or something along those lines?
  6. Hey Ray, what's that little orange circle trailing behind you a few feet in that picture? Secret afterburners, St. Elmo's Fire, or just aliens?
  7. How's performance? Is it resource heavy?
  8. I'll be looking out for this one, it looks fun, is a bizjet (!!!) and VC quality looks acceptable for me.
  9. This was posted this evening in the Hangar Forum and we thought the wider community might enjoy the read. Thank you Jackson for posting it. Hi everyone, One thousand posts on an internet forum is not a massive deal, however I decided to do a little write-up on Avsim and the role, to whatever extent, it has played in my life. I stumbled upon Avsim in the build-up to the PMDG NGX release. As a 13 year old with a budding passion for hardcore simming, I had been buying tubeliner add-ons in attempt to learn the incredibly complex systems of modern airliners, and the NGX looked to be the next step up. I lurked for a long time, a tad scared at the idea of posting anything to a public forum that could be deconstructed and criticized by hundreds of simmers more knowledgeable than I, but sooner or later I started to post, usually staying in the PMDG forums just to keep up with the latest product news and offering help to anyone I could. But you can only do so much in a small space, right? I started to read around different sub-forums, learning more things and discovering more aviation history than I ever could've imagined. FSX went from a mystical beast that never really responded to anything I tried to a program that could be understood with a few software/hardware guides. I learned IFR rules and SID/STAR procedures, and started to research flying lessons in the real world, as I was starting to think that aviation was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Aviation just stood out to me like a green thumb, and the best way to get into it at the time was to fly from my desktop, and there was no better place to discuss my hobby than this site. I got into different sorts of add-ons, discovering what parts of aviation appealed to me more, whether it be rotorcraft, light-twin GA ops, bush flying, or heavy iron. Products from A2A, Aerosoft, and many more kept my passion for learning fueled, and there was no stopping it. I started doing more and more complex procedures with less-automated aircraft, and got into serious pre-flight planning. Transoceanic routes in older equipment such as the A2A Boeing 377 were something I particularly enjoyed doing. Where am I headed with this? Well, after a while, it seemed like I couldn't learn any more. I got bored with it. Sure I could do a bunch of stuff, but there wasn't any "spark". So I just kept myself doing patterns in my spare time, just to stay current. With the stress of school and social life, I couldn't find the time to do a 2 or 3 hour flight in the 737 or A320 like I used to be able to. Simming went from something I looked forward to to something I considered an obligation so I didn't lose my touch. However, 2 weeks ago, I soloed for the first time at a flight academy in Dover, Delaware in a Piper Warrior, one month after my 16th birthday. Since then I've come back to simming with a vigor, and am looking forward to a bright future in aviation, both in the simming world and in the real world. Soon, I hope to start studying hardcore for my PPL, and my future is looking bright. The simming community has helped me in more ways than I could imagine in finding my true passion, and I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. Without Avsim and all the support and education within it, my passion for flying would be little more than a pipe dream. As a teenager coming into a hobby mostly dominated by older folks, I was at first scared I would be unwelcome, but the community was and is extremely approachable, and for that I thank...I guess everyone. I've grown in my three short years here, both in confidence and skill level, and it's mostly because of all the exposure to aviation that Avsim and the simming hobby has given me. So thanks, and happy landings, Jackson Dalton
  10. It amazes me how you guys find these old threads...thank you jbcallender
  11. Drats, lets try this. and yes it is!
  12. Any of you incredibly talented gentlemen think you could handle this? http://www.planes.cz/photo/1170/1170828/sukhoi-superjet-100-ra-89009-aeroflot-afl-su-ostrava-osr-lkmt.jpg
  13. So we finally got a spinner that shows the same usage as the VC does! Thanks!
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