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    Hi, afaik trinusvr creates vr like out of normal non vr games. You might check out Riftcat - that lets you use a smartphone with htc or rift games. I tried Riftcat with flyinside demo and fsx but was not satisfied with the graphic quality. Just some days ago I bought Aerofly FS 2 and found the quality "good enough". Riftcat on pc + vridge app on phone via wifi install steam VR run aerofly in vr mode (within steam) Even as Aerofly is not as deep as fsx for the price of 30£ +20£ headmount for phone + 10-15£ for Riftcat it was worth to try it for me. Aerofly comes with south us as photo scenery , but much higher frame rates than fsx and imo much better graphic quality in vr especially. I did not found a way to try X-Plane 11 with Riftcat as X-plane 11 is not in steam yet and games outside are not compatible with Riftcat or I didn't found the solution yet. good luck
  2. scenery group lost by FTX Central: for me it works when , after using FTX Central, click on top menu, "Restore", then "Restore Groups from Backup" but I'm no expert in that and don't change too often. cheers alf
  3. the edi-gla flight plan website was closed for new registrations but is now open ! Real World Flightplan Database http://www.edi-gla.co.uk/fpl/ thanks to those who work with/for that website !!! regards alf
  4. do you know this guide ? THE FSX COMPUTER SYSTEM: THE BIBLE - BY: NickN I found useful suggestions in there. cheers alf
  5. Hi, updates about the release dates from Aerosoft forums from today, 2 Sept 2015: Aerosoft CRJ "It means we are 28 work days away from release (and we count with 7 work days a week). So if we have no unexpected issues Sept 30 it is. If you see 28 again tomorrow it means we hit an issue that needs an additional day!" http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/33966-aerosoft-da-crj-preview/&page=182 ----------------------------------------- Aerosoft Airbus A330 "I still plan with 2015 but I am not going to force the dev team. This is one of our biggest projects and it needs to be done right." http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/92340-a330-preview/&page=34 cheers alf
  6. I had FSX Acceleration and after reading many many posts about steam I uninstalled Acceleration and installed fsx steam as single install. I can confirm what I have read often, that it is better with VAS (less OOM). A few older freeware utilities won't run but nothing important. As far as I know, it will give less problems if it is the only fsx version on your pc (so ,don't install the DVD later). good installing for you cheers alfred
  7. Hi, there is a new version of GSX just some days old, maybe you try uninstall yours (including couatl) and download and install the new updated version. works for me in fsx SE. good luck alf
  8. Hi, I am still a beginner in fsx and can only write from my experience. I have the cherokee and like it very much but the "autopilot" is not really auto but more a little assistant after you fly trimmed etc. I never got used to it even I read a couple of hours. Today I bought the A2A182 , and had problems with the use of the autopilot too. After reading some forums it seems I am not the only one. The most help I found here: http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=46130&hilit=autopilot+182 "- Once nicely trimmed on climb out, just press 'AP' to engage and it'll keep you climbing out at the same rate. (it's actually a 0.25 second press that's needed to activate it, not 2 seconds, so just a slightly prolonged mouse click is sufficient.) - Turn the rotary knob(s) to select your target altitude and the autopilot will automatically arm for capture. - Press 'UP' or 'DN' to adjust vertical speed if desired. - Just be aware that if you preselect your target altitude (when on the ground for example), you'll need to press the 'ARM' button on the autopilot after engaging it." with those tips it seems even I manage to work the autopilot alt . (there are some topics on the A2A forum about recent problems with the C182 and autopilot, and a new fix is in work according to this threat: http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=121&t=48863&hilit=autopilot+182 I was aware of those comments and still bought it today cheers alf
  9. Just 2 days ago I came across Efass flight planner. There are some not so good reviews from 1 or 2 years ago but this seems to be a updated fixed version. http://froom.de/efass/ " EFASS is free. After 14 days you can decide, if you want to pay for EFASS, or if you want to continue using the free version. All you need is an EFASS-Account that you can create during the installation process." I used it for a few flights and it works for me very well, quick, easy , including SID and STAR, moving map, detailed airport view. don't know yet if I would buy it, as there seems to be no indication yet what the price is, but for now it's my favourite. cheers alf
  10. wow ! great, really well done cheers alf
  11. I enjoyed watching, great and thanks alf
  12. Thanks for the Link (s), I did not see that it can suggest SID and STAR, did I miss something ? One free solution for SID STAR is FS Commander. (the free trial version works 20-30 min and won't export) I like that FSC shows them on screen as route- easy to see and choose the one I want. cheers alf
  13. nice Shots ! that's a good area for Photo Scenery, I only have photo south England and prefer FTX there but your pictures remind me that there is also a good reason for Photo Scenery in other parts of UK , I'll put it on my wish list, thanks
  14. No Persmission to orbx forum: "Sorry, you don't have permission for that! [#1001] You are not allowed to visit this community." - Something that might bring a solution , but I did not try it ! Setup a new account (without FSS number) from a different IP address (a different computer from a different house, work, internet-cafe etc), new user name and different email address. You might access that account afterwards from your own home pc. If that works then at least you could read forums and maybe contact Orbx from there and explain. If you put in FSS numbers of purchase, use only those which you did not put in before on other accounts. Possible reasons why no access to Orbx forums: As from other posts I read, where customers could not get access to Orbx forums it could seem that a IP address gets blocked. I read from customer who tried to access the forum from another computer and put in the same purchase No as they had put in before from a different account - and that could indicate a fraud. (as if someone takes the FSS.... No from a forum post and claims that its his product). In my case it might have been that I forgot my user account (forgot even that I made one before) and tried to set up a new forum account with a different email address of mine and a new username /or the same (can not remember exactly what I did) and I never got the message where I could confirm my account setup. And, is Orbx connected to OZx forums, becaues I could/can not login there anymore? But thats not important as I can read OZx forums at least without login. tell if you found your solution, it might help others in the future, thanks alf
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