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    Hi, afaik trinusvr creates vr like out of normal non vr games. You might check out Riftcat - that lets you use a smartphone with htc or rift games. I tried Riftcat with flyinside demo and fsx but was not satisfied with the graphic quality. Just some days ago I bought Aerofly FS 2 and found the quality "good enough". Riftcat on pc + vridge app on phone via wifi install steam VR run aerofly in vr mode (within steam) Even as Aerofly is not as deep as fsx for the price of 30£ +20£ headmount for phone + 10-15£ for Riftcat it was worth to try it for me. Aerofly comes with south us as photo scenery , but much higher frame rates than fsx and imo much better graphic quality in vr especially. I did not found a way to try X-Plane 11 with Riftcat as X-plane 11 is not in steam yet and games outside are not compatible with Riftcat or I didn't found the solution yet. good luck
  2. scenery group lost by FTX Central: for me it works when , after using FTX Central, click on top menu, "Restore", then "Restore Groups from Backup" but I'm no expert in that and don't change too often. cheers alf
  3. the edi-gla flight plan website was closed for new registrations but is now open ! Real World Flightplan Database http://www.edi-gla.co.uk/fpl/ thanks to those who work with/for that website !!! regards alf
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