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  1. Hello, So when i tried to install edzok and successfully setup everything and it seem to be working until when i load the plane i can't look around using the middle button. I use windows 10 and p3d v3.3
  2. Hi, I just installed my gsx yesterday from the gsx website. Please show me how i can update it because i think i have the lastest version already from gsx website. If you want to see the error please give me ur email and ill send you picture of the error.
  3. I cant use gsx because all sort of error happen in the installation. Something support file fail to update and some scenery fail to update error. I would like to know how to fix that and python25 dll error. Also Couatl crash error.
  4. B_L0

    Can't install the MD11

    Can anyone help me, My pmdg md 11 wouldn't work with keyboard. The yoke wouldn't turn or go up and down but the exterior shows that the aileron was moving. Please help
  5. I just bought the md 11 and realized i can't use my keyboard to turn the plane. I can't turn the plane with my keyboard and other stuff works.
  6. Hi i just install pmdg 747 and i got this weird looking gauge, all the numbers and letters are bigger than usual how can i fix this?
  7. Where can i find Cathay Pacific "spirit of hong kong" livery for captain sim 777?
  8. Can anyone help, i have a captain sim 777 and whenever i was about to touch down there was a sudden freeze. How can i fix this? IT so annoying especially when you tried to land a plane, I just land the plane but then the freeze came so my plane went up again (flaring part) and then the main gear touch down and break -_- .
  9. How many liveries out there are for the b777-300 captain sim not the er. I only found 1 which is the emirates and the default ana PMDG have much more liveries for 777. Please tell me where can i find the liveries for the captain sim 777-300. They need to update their liveries, latest update is july. They still don't have etihad livery, found 3 broken link. They still didn't design the swiss 777 liveries yet( Maybe i am wrong). While PMDG has it already.
  10. At the bottom of their forum i see this message: You can view Topics in this Board. You can post replies to Topics in this Board. You can post towards your Post Count in this Board. You cannot start new Topics in this Board. You cannot post Attachments in this Board. You cannot start Polls in this Board. I don't see any button that say post topics...
  11. yea but i can't find a button that say post a topic?? when i go to their forum.
  12. How do i post a topic in their forum??
  13. pmdg 737 is one of it best product, you don't want to refund it. Captain sim customer support suck, i ask them a question and i need to wait until tomorrow. Now they dont even replied to my question. But they delete it :huh:. Actually swiss has 777 but i think they replace them for the a340. http://www.cardatabase.net/modifiedairlinerphotos/photos/big/00010962.jpg
  14. How do i post a topic in captain sim forum official?
  15. I know how to add their liveries but, i can't find a livery of the swiss for the b777.