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Found 25 results

  1. Hello! I have an issue with GSX level 2: in many default airports (for example Paris CDG, Prague, Manchester, Lisbon, Budapest, Denver) jetways and parking positions are placed 50 feets above the ground, as you can see in the picture. Follow me car works well instead. How can I fix this issue? Thank you.
  2. Since upgrading to P3D v4.2 I'm having some weird menu selection issues. The below video shows the problem when selecting the GSX menu (also happens with Pro ATC menu). First time menu simply appears and then disappears a split second later without giving the user a chance to select anything. However an option is selected! Second time, the menu stays on screen awaiting selection. Problem can be replicated a few minutes later. Anyone else seen this?
  3. Okay so I hope that I am able to have this make sense because this is extremely confusing to explain. So a few weeks ago I downloaded Imaginesims Atlanta scenery for FSX and I had a TON of trouble trying to install it and after awhile I gave it up as a lost cause. So then a couple of days ago I decided that I would try and install it again. So I read through the manuals and scoured the internet and I finally figured out what I had done wrong. After successfully installing it I went up to my FSX tool bar and clicked on "Add-ons" and I found to my horror that everything was gone off of that tab, Couatl, GSX, Addon Manager, Ultimate Traffic 2, etc. The only thing that remained was something called "FSUIPC." I wondered if this would affect my game and it sure did, a lot. So I went to one of my installed sceneries and found out that all the buildings were missing, and the same thing for all the addon airports that used Couatl. It has happened to me before so I was thinking that I'd be able to fix the problem. So I also checked to see if my addon planes were also fine. I loaded up my Quality wings 757 only to find out that all the panels are missing, and outside the airplane some of the landing gears were missing and the flaps were down with the spoilers up. I loaded up my PMDG 737 and the same thing happened (except that there was nothing wrong with the outside of the plane). I am really at a loss here, I have no idea what to do and I don't want to mess with anything to mess it up further. Any help is appreciated! If you need me to elaborate on anything don't hesitate to ask. Thank you!
  4. Spilfred

    My Gate

    Hello Guys. Well I´ve wrote an little software to help me to organize the gates of the airports that I use to flight from/to. I´ve called My Gate and maybe is usefull for someone. The software is a simple data base that help´s me to know what gate is set to that kind of airplane, if the gate is used to domestic or international flight, witch airport that gate is and if the gate is already configured on AES and GSX. In addition, I´ve put a way to see all schedules flights in your PFPX. The software is very intuitive. As sayd before, is a very simple software made by me without any help of beta testers, so, if there is any kind of problem, please let me know. The software is totally free and I only ask you to download from my webpage: I hope you enjoy and if you have suggestions please send me an email to Fred Matias (Sorry about my english)
  5. SpeedBird219

    UK2000 And GSX

    Folks, a quick (few) question(s) here: I know that the safedocks at UK2000 Heathrow do not show "777", because of the viewpoint, or something, which is a bit of a pain when you mostly fly the PMDG 777, so: -If I were to buy GSX, Would the UK2000 safedocks be replaced with those of GSX, and show "777" -If not, is there any edit I can do without changing the view within the 777, to make "777" show up? -is there anyway of making the UK2000 safedock systems brighter, so I can see them from further out? Thanks folks, -Andy Green
  6. Hilkiah

    taxi to gate

    Hi I'm using the demo version of P2ATC with p3d 4.2. I landed at KMIA and requested taxi to the gate. I was assigned D25 (I'm was flying an AA livery) however that gate was already assigned (according to GSX). I tried to "request taxi to gate D26" (which was free/unoccupied), however P2ATC kept assigning me to D25. Question, does P2ATC take into consideration AI traffic at the gates when determining availability? How do you request taxi to a specific gate or to change the assigned gate?
  7. Name: Introducing The New GSX With De Icing Category: FS Scenery Date Added: 28 November 2014 - 07:09 PM Submitter: SierraHotel Short Description: None Provided Introducing The New GSX Update With De-Icing View Video
  8. Hello all This is definitely a stupid question, however, after finishing both pmdg tut again and, browsing the web, I still don't know the answer. I want to use the pmdg with my recently acquired copy of GSX. I'm not able to fo a full dark and cold rub, so I use the default state. However, gsx requires engines to be off (which I do with the cutoff switch and the apu generator bus to on. However, to commence push l, I have to switch on the apu. This however doesn't start for me, which also results somehow in me not being able to even start the engines :|. Is there something else that has to be switched from the engine off state, to be able to start it? Could you guys help me? Vkr Vic
  9. sunstone_leo

    GSX quitting in FSX

    Hello all I seem to be having a problem with GSX after months of perfect operation. So far I have tried updating GSX, updating FSUIPC, running GSX and FX in compatibility modes and as administrator but nothing seems to be working. The GSX engine starts up perfectly when I start a flight. I open the menu to request refueling. FSX then just loses focus and no GSX ground service vehicle/ animations are displayed. The cuotl engine and the GSX menu disappears from the Add- on menu. I have tried with numerous aircraft and sceneries but the problem seems to be persistent. Any help will be appreciated Windows 8.1 Pro 16GB RAM Core i5 3.00GHz Nvidia GTX 650 Chris Holmes
  10. I recently purchased GSX and was excited to use it. I loaded in to test it and it was fine. I shut off my computer and then went to do a flight the next day and my Prepar3D crashed on startup. There are no messages that pop-up and there is nothing in the Event Viewer. I have been into my dll.xml and exe.xml and have disabled everything and then added it back in one by one and came to the conclusion that it is the addonmanager.dll. I then uninstalled GSX and downloaded and installed the latest addon manager from the FSDreamteam website and re-installed GSX but to no evail. Would anyone be able to help me with this?
  11. Hello all, My best friend is a flight attendant for Air Canada and time to time he shares real sound effects with me. I use these sound effects for GSX when boarding and de-boarding....Thought I'd share these because it has added a cool experience to my flights. Just rename these .wav files to anything you are replacing in GSX....don't forget to backup the original! For now I have a boarding replacement and a de-boarding replacement. The boarding announcement is in french and the deboarding announcement is in both english and french. The link below is a .zip file that contains the mp3's and wav's depending on which sounds you replace (doesn't have to be GSX). Hope this adds a touch of realism to your sim! Cheers
  12. DocBird

    GA-Version of GSX?

    Dear fellow simmers, I made a post today over at FSDT-Forum asking if Ground Service X (GSX) would be made available for General Aviation (GA) flyers like me. I asked if it be possible to develop some special features that allow us GA-pilots to take advantage of GSX. I mentioned that a fuel truck that holds next to the plane and a guy/girl climbing on a ladder to insert the fuel hose into the aircrafts wing would be terrific. Or the same happening at the fuel station if I arrive, apply the parking break and cut of the engine. Also, maybe a guy/girl to unload the baggage or some cargo from the plane onto a cart and possibly a limo for the business jets to pull next to the aircraft (instead of the passenger bus). See full post here:,9989.0.html Umberto’s answer was positive but somehow reluctant. Maybe some of you may want to go over to their forum and second this request to demonstrate that there is demand for such a product or even better for such new features to GSX. Happy landings!
  13. DocBird

    GA-Version of GSX?

    Dear fellow simmers, I made a post today over at FSDT-Forum asking if Ground Service X (GSX) would be made available for General Aviation (GA) flyers like me. I asked if it be possible to develop some special features that allow us GA-pilots to take advantage of GSX. I mentioned that a fuel truck that holds next to the plane and a guy/girl climbing on a ladder to insert the fuel hose into the aircrafts wing would be terrific. Or the same happening at the fuel station if I arrive, apply the parking break and cut of the engine. Also, maybe a guy/girl to unload the baggage or some cargo from the plane onto a cart and possibly a limo for the business jets to pull next to the aircraft (instead of the passenger bus). See full post here:,9989.0.html Umberto’s answer was positive but somehow reluctant. Maybe some of you may want to go over to their forum and second this request to demonstrate that there is demand for such a product or even better for such new features to GSX. Happy landings!
  14. Evening all.... I think sadly I made a mistake by buying KATL. It is one of my favorite airports and after downloading SODE, saw it as another airport worth having simply for the SODE jetways... Am I wrong or isnt the new KATL 2016 SODE enabled... If so, how do I enable it. I know that Tropical Sim's SAEZ was updated but you had to change a file in its folder to get it to work... easy process. Can anyone please tell me.. Is KATL equipped with SODE gateways? If so, how many? if not all and which ones? As of this moment, I have downloaded, installed and activated KATL 2016, GSX works fine (It is the latest) but no SODE functionality... No jetway animation at all.. Thanks Flyboy53
  15. I have run into a conflict with FS2CREW for PMDG 737 NGX (using Voice Control) and GSX. I use FS2CREW to run through the preflight checklist. Then at the time of pushback, I select the GSX key mapping (CTRL+ALT+F12). The GSX menu appears and I select the Pushback menu item. Then suddenly GSX shuts down. I have noticed that when I select the CTRL key, the FS2CREW display shows "M+" for Mute. I am using Voice Control so I am unsure why it is using the keyboard or button mappings.
  16. Apparently there still is no fix for the PMDG 777 Nose Wheel steering and GSX Push Back Tug fighting each other? Getting a little tired of the rudder pedals and tiller violently moving about in the cockpit. Please tell me there is a fix without some ridiculous work around.
  17. Nathan Brooks

    A Quiet Day at the Hub

    Just Arrive back into the hub with a lot of PAX so decided to go out on the ramp to take a look to see how the aircraft is doing and sneak a photo. Btw this is my AmeriCay Paint, hand painted and here are the other photos. This N215AC "Miami Vice" for our Miami Hub. N350AC "Hotlanta" for Our Atlanta Hub. Quote MultiQuote
  18. Good day! I have this problem with my Airbus X that, right after I pushback and start my engines (GSX), I lose all controls. My throttle won't move, nor side stick, nor rudder. Before engine start I can move the throttle only (supposed to be that way I understand). Also when I lose controls FSX doesn't detect my joysticks (saitek rudder/throttle and logtiech extreme 3D pro). Why does this happen right after pushback and engine start - no clue! Please help if possible and thanks in advance! Sorry for the duplication (my stupid internet) wheres the delete button? :blush:
  19. Good day Fellow Air Ladies and Men, Here are my shots I did Wednesday morning (20-Aug-14) Shots of a new route we have open up and I am Proud to say it is Cancun International Airport Here are my shots from the Morning Return to Miami International So Me and the copilot start up our little bird from her long nap in Cancun Last Night till now and have the information onboard, unfortunately our tablets weren't working so we had to request for paper work of the METAR and Charts for Origin & Arrival Airport. First Load of Luggage being load up Well you looky here folks, Mr Bean is on the flight going to Miami before heading back up to England, what a surprise and we let him board and take which ever seat he want Marshaller sneak this photo while I was at the FMC and the copilot talking to Bean man. 2nd Load of Luggage arriving "Do you even lift bro?" Push back from the gate and if you look closely you'll see the Co-Pilot turning on the Packs. Was Giving rwy12L for Departure for the CUPT1B. woohoo get to go on the bridge Got to Back track on rwy12L since the taxiway is still under development. Got to love AMS Cancun Scenery, it's truly the best. Beauty eh? Coo-Coo kacoo, back to the big ole blue. On the Descend on the DVALL1 STAR over marsh lands I Do Apologies for no Arrival shots due to Camera giving Problems but next time I shall and hope you enjoy the Photos, you may view my flight on Vataware and FlyCay VAFS. BTW This is the Route I use: CUPT1B.URKOS MISIS UG765 MAXIM G765 FIS B646 MTH DVALL1 Take Care.
  20. endeavor384

    PMDG 777 corrupting FSDT

    The last time I did a computer reformat was 2011 and i just recently did one. After a total of 3 re-formats, i finally narrowed down the problem i was experiencing. I had FSDT GSX installed which works fine with the PMDG 737. As soon as I installed the PMDG 777, I noticed I now had floating objects. The ground service vehicles would be the guy floating and might have 4 wheels while tugging the baggage carts. The fuel truck was just a guy with a shadow below. Additionally after flights > 2 hours ( best I could figure without doing an extensive amount of flight tests- same results on 4 flights over 2 hours, different results after flights around an hour), the airport textures would be missing. This included the runway center line, threshold lines, everything. The terminal building may or may not have been there entirely (not addon). If the flight was only about an hour in length, I didn't notice any issues at all regarding the airport markings, but gsx would still be corrupt. I ensured my gtx 690 had the latest drivers, that I had downloaded both the latest versions of FSDT and PMDG showed no updates in the ops center. Has anyone seen this before? I essentially cannot fly the 777 without it some how corrupting textures. Items tried: delete fsx.cfg delete shader and shader10 files delete scenery indexes and facilities indexes after pmdg 777 install, re-install gsx uninstall 777 and uninstall gsx, install 777 then gsx and then re-do steps 1-3 above No combinations of anything above work. Looking for any assistance if anyone has recommendations. Regards Mark Carter
  21. Norwegian

    GSX not working!

    Hello! I just purchased GSX yesterday, but i can't get it working. I've googled, and tried basically every fix i could find, but nothing works. I've tried re-installing gsx, re-installing Couatl, downloaded the standalone addon manager etc. I have registered over on fsdreamteam's forums, but not been activated yet. See the pictures that shows the errors i'm getting. First Error Second Error Thanks a lot for the help!
  22. Evening folks... Below are the errors I get when trying to install GSX to P3D V3 after having installed SODE. My initial install was "Tropical Sim" SAEZ 2016 which comes SODE ready. Downloaded and installed the latest version of SODE Alls well, Have SODE Jetways at SAEZ 2016 Install three FS DREAMTEAM Airports.... All is good.... Install GSX.... Boom. These are what happened Interesting thing is that when I tried to uninstall the FS Dreamteam products along with COATI addon installer.... The same errors came up.. Somewhere I read it has to do with a DLL.XML? I havent the faintest and thought someone else might have had this issue,,,, Anything stand out in the images? Image 1: Just after closing SODE Registration window.... Image 2: Closing thge runtime error popup Image 3: After closing the last error.. Leaves my instalation window frozen as in image.
  23. I cant use gsx because all sort of error happen in the installation. Something support file fail to update and some scenery fail to update error. I would like to know how to fix that and python25 dll error. Also Couatl crash error.
  24. I'm trying to figure out if the problem I am having is unique to my setup, or is 'normal'. I really don't know how to fix this one. Problem: The GSX follow me car does not work if I ask for service from Yankee (Y), holding at Zulu (Z) to Gate 73 (Airside 4). The results are not only frustrating, but outright comical. Steps to duplicate: Start a flight with your initial location on 36L. Roll down the runway a little less than half way and bear right on Yankee. Hold short of Zulu and select Gate 73 in GSX. Request Follow-Me services. In theory, it should go something along the lines of B6 to north on Bravo or Charlie to west on Echo to south on Gulf and into Airside 4 via H4. But nooooooo... Requesting Gate 109 does seem to work a little better.
  25. DragoB

    FSdreamteam Zurich

    Cannot see any buildings after around 1-2 minute mark. Spawn, and everything is fine, but as soon as 1-2 minute passes, well you can see bellow. PS have GSX enabled