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    I'm a current B777 Pilot. Previous types include B737-300 & F27
    I'm new to Computer simulators and I'm keen to see what drills and management models can be practised with the current high level sims.
  1. I seem to have missed the opportunity to install in a separate file system, so its ended up in the program file(x86) folder. I'm guessing its probably easier to leave it for now and see if it works? I've activated the 3 files you mentioned. It seems to be ok at the moment.
  2. Thanks for the additional tips Guys, I'll install as a top tier folder specifically for FSX. It did run better that way on the iMac, so will try the same here. All the other stuff sounds technical but you sound like you know what you're talking about so I'll go with it. It's halfway through the download, so hopefully I can test it in the am and add PMDG if it's working fine. I'll have a crack at the simconnect thing too, whatever it does Regards, Steve
  3. Thanks Dan, I've lent my FSX disks out so downloading the Steam edition now. The program ran well enough in boot camp with the iMac and 8.1. However I'm hoping for improved performance and convenience from a dedicated PC. Fingers crossed
  4. Hi, I'm installing PMDG onto my new PC after deciding that my iMac with Bootcamp wasn't what I wanted. I had reasonable success running PMDG, initially with FSX and then adding FSX/SE. I never really understood if I'd improved things or not. So I'm wondering if I should install either of the programs or both? Both iMac and PC are running Win 8.1. Any Advice gratefully received. Regards, Steve Wakeham
  5. Hi, I have a similar question. I'm finally giving up on my iMac bootcamp based FSX & FSX/SE and buying a new PC which arrives tomorrow. Could you advise me if there is any advantage or disadvantage to having both installed? I guess having just the one makes sense. My bootcamp version ran OK, but i never liked setting up windows on the mac, so now I'l have two separate systems, and the PC's sole purpose is to run PMDG 777. Any advice gratefully recieved.
  6. I wish, I wouldn't have to suffer with the constant crashing and failures caused by trying to run windows on a Mac! Seriously though, is this ever likely to happen. From what i've seen this package would blow away an opposition on that format. Fingers Crossed Oggy
  7. Hi, I don't remember, I'll have a look when I get back home. Thanks for the idea. Regards, Oggy
  8. FSX SE with PMDG installed. All other FSX aircraft operate as normal, however when a PMDG plane is selected it has the control column hard left and the mouse doesn't operate any switches or other functions. Is there a simple switch I'm missing or any other advice? Regards, Oggy
  9. Hi I recently changed from FSX to FSX SE. I installed the 777 Base aircraft along with the Emirates Aircraft, however none of them can be operated by the control column, which displays as hard left. Or by the mouse, which cant even toggle switches. All other aircraft operate normally. Any suggestion?
  10. I recently updated to FSX SE and installed the PMDG 777 2/3/F Base and Emirates aircraft. However none of them work. The control column is hard left and he mouse doesn't operate any switches. Other aircraft operate as normal with the control columns and mouse. any ideas?
  11. Hi, I'm struggling to transfer my PMDG 777 to the new Steam Edition of FSX. I could really use advice or a link to a step by step instruction to the process. Thanks in Advance Oggy
  12. I'm running 64 bit windows 8.1 and just noticed that FSX with PMDG 777 is labelled as 32bit, is this normal or should I be looking for a 64 bit version?
  13. Finally found the Start menu on windows 8, The operations center was hidden there!
  14. Thanks Guys, I'll have a nose through them when I get back home next week.
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