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  1. marcus300zx

    Suitable A2A Aircraft

    Thanks for the replies. Firstly I went for the full version of fsuipc as suggested and having then changed the arc on the yoke controls made a massive change to how I was able to fly the aircraft I had. I bought my a2a aircraft and in the first instance I decided on the c172 trainer. Once I worked out the autopilot from their forum and changed the trim response as per a video by froogle, I am now having lots of fun flying. Just done my 3rd landing in the plane a visual one and it's the best landing I have done, so very happy. It's great fun and really good plane to learn from, even starting the thing had me confused for a while. Like the view you get out the windows of the scenery from the high winged plane and due to it being slow I have plenty of time to get my approach lined up.
  2. marcus300zx

    Suitable A2A Aircraft

    Hi All, I have recently moved from flying jets to props and have spent a month or so flying the real air legacy. its a great plane but I am looking at something with 4 seats. I have some nice planes im my hangar and they all have their plus points, but they all have the same negative and that my pilot skills. I can take off fine and I can fly to my destination, but its the end game where I fall short. I don't know if its how I have my flight yoke set up but my final approach looks like 2 people are playing see-saw on the wings. if I try to correct to the left or right I seem to always overdo it. ILS has been my godsend, but when ATC give me a visual approach it generally goes a bit wobbly, which is why I stepped down from my jets (airbus, phenom & avro) to prop. I want to stay with a single prop plane and love the fact that the A2a stuff has to be maintained as well as flown (I'm a mechanic in my spare time so love this aspect) I like to fly from point A to point B with a flight time around 2hrs. I like all of the a2a stuff but due to my current low level skills I need something easy to fly and something that I can ILS land if weather turns foggy. ideally I would like something that has an autopilot that can follow gps or heading and you can if required set an altitude and the plane will ascend or decent to that and hold it. I think only the Cessana 172 & 182 do this? Also, and tips on how to set the sensitivity, dead zones on my Saitek pro yoke would be great Marcus
  3. If have the same thing, my Aerosoft Airbus will land smack bang in the middle of the runway on autoland, but using the same course and the same frequency as the airbus in my phenom or even the Avro RJ will not.
  4. marcus300zx

    Can I switch off runways?

    Airport Design Editor X does not seem to work with the Steam Version, pity
  5. marcus300zx

    ATC Add on

    I don't understand why even in real life a Visual Approach would be assigned to a modern Jet with full Autoland Abilities. I can see why now and again an airliner would do a manual land to keep their skills up, but would that decision be more down to the pilot rather than the ATC
  6. marcus300zx

    ATC Add on

    Hi All, Is there an ATC add on that will stop the issue where I get assigned a Visual Approach when I am doing an IFR flight? Does VOXATC do this? I only fly using IFR and ATC Vectored Approaches as that's what I enjoy, but I know there are programs out there that can enhance this further for me.
  7. I landed at LHBP Ferihegy the other day in my phenom and literally the ILS aimed me at a 30 degree approach across the runway rather than actually down it. I think it was runway 13R. I used a programme that allows you to see the actual glide slope and it showed it to be completely mis-aligned to the runway. The Glidescope for the paralell 13L though was spot on
  8. Although the CPU is an I5 I would say at 3.2GHz is less of a hinderance on the game as the graphics card. The HD6670 from what I see is a low end card and not even mid end. The CPU is mid end so with a mid end card I was hoping for quicker graphics.
  9. One of the best things about the Aerosoft Airbus is that you done have to try and work out what the current Course or Frequency is for the runway as you put in the runway you are landing at and it inputs all the info itself and 99% of the time lands itself on the runway. However, if I fly my phenom or Avro even using the web for current course info (FSX ones on the map are hopeless) I am lucky to get it on the runway 50% of the time using ILS landing
  10. marcus300zx

    Wait for the Phenom 300?

    I do love the look of the interior of the Phenom 100 and I always fly IFR so Navdata is not a major issue for me. I did look at the other Carenedo Offerings and although Carenedo have done a fantastic job on the look of the planes, the ones they offer look dated compared to the New Modern Phenom. The 300 would just mean I can fly faster to my destination than I currently can in the 100. Hopefully I wont get too impatient waiting and but the Hawker 850 as a stop gap.
  11. Hi All, I know this game is ancient in Terms of PC Game Age and thus I have happily paid addition monies to look to bring things like the Aircraft and Graphics meshes more upto date. But my simple flight in my Aerosoft Airbus from Paris Orly to Belfast City last night showed the most frustrating aspect of the game for me. I love to fly using IFR so I get the ATC giving me instructions and generally get no biggie issue with this, only with the runways themselves. My flight last night from orly had me assigned to take off from Runway 24 by the ATC. So to set up the V speeds in the airbus you need to insert the departure runway, but the Airbus MCDU does not have a runway 24 listed. Its not like some airports where 24 is listed in the plane as 25 due to update magnetic differences, its just not recognised at all. First time I have had this issue so minor compared to the next one. ILS landing info tends to really ruin it for me, especially after flying for 3 hours only to find the ILS wants to land your aircraft at a 30 degree angle to the runways or in the case of Belfast when I activated Approach Mode the plane flew left, then right, then left etc like a snake but at no time even though LOC was captured did it actually fly directly towards the runway (on 2nd landing attempt had to give up on CAT111 auto land and switch of AP to land Manually) Lots of companies out there develop and make money from various add-ons, but I just cant fine one which sorts out the ILS, Glideslopes, Active Runways or that seems to have the Database that can match the one in your aircraft. Am I missing something or is there nothing out there
  12. Hi all, After spending the past 6 months enjoying FSX-SE and spending a small fortune up game upgrades and cntrollers, it has not come to the time where my trusty graphics card can no longer keep up. My System is a Advent DT2410 running the following Processor Intel Core i5-3330 Processor Details 3.0GHz, 6MB Cache (runs at 3.2GHz) Memory (RAM) 8GB Memory (RAM) Details 2x4GB, DDR3, 1333MHz, 16GB Max Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 2TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Details SATA, 3Gbps, Variable RPM Graphics AMD HD6670 Graphics Details Dedicated, 2GB, DDR3, 800MHz, HMDI, VGA [R6670-MD2GD3] Soundcard On-board Audio (On-Board) Motherboard Disk Drive Multi DVD-RW (SATA) Networking Realtek 8111E 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (On-Board), Ralink 802.11 b/g/n 150mpbs wireless (USB Dongle) Included Monitor None Included Peripherals Keyboard (Wireless, USB), Mouse (Wireless, USB), Wireless Dongle (USB) Installed Operating System Windows 8 64-Bit Can somebody point me in the direction of a good card to get 30fps even at busy airports? Would a GTX750 do the job? Budget up upto £200 GBP
  13. Hi All, I was wondering if it is possible to switch off runways so that ATC does not assign approaches to them of AI aircraft do not take off or land on them. I am looking to do this for 2 reasons, 1 sometimes when you have L&R runways one of them causes Chaos as planes need to cross 1 active runway to get to parking (Gatwick fro example) and the other is I am rubbish as non ILS landings and only want ILS runways in operation if possible. Is there a programme or utility out there that can do this?
  14. I need to look at replacing my Carenedo Phenom 100, due to it not having the range I require. Basically my longest flight is 1,300 nm which the phenom can't do without a fuel stop. I really like the plushness of the Phenom with its leather seats inc the pilots ones and its actually a nice plane to fly with cool looking instruments. I have had a look what's currently about in the Bizjet market and can't find anything as plush. I see Carenedo will soon launch the Phenom 300 so I will wait for this unless there maybe something else out there to fit my requirements?
  15. marcus300zx

    Where do FSX SE flight plans save?

    In your User/documents/flightsimulator folder regards