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  1. Thanks for the thoughts. I did, at least I think its correct, I will research more when I get home and report back.
  2. I noticed today that as I was flying I had great lights in the distance and it looked great but under and around my plane never had lights for about a mile or so out. Even as I landed in Midway it was dark right up the the field but all the airport lights were fine. so as I fly the area around my plane becomes dark or never actually lights almost as if I am flying and they are turning off the lights in front and around the plane. Any thoughts on what it could be or how to fix.. I was using the Zibo 737-700 and the extended USA nightlights from downloads. Thanks . Shayne
  3. Shayne

    I can't decide between P3D and X-Plane 11

    I have been flightsiming since 98 and fly privately but I have also spent over 7 hours in the 737NG/767-300/A320 real sims and I can say that XPlane Dynamics are much better and more realistic. That being said the pros of P3Dv4.4 no out of memory and its much smoother overall compared to FSX, weather with REX and Active Sky is the best you can get and the developers are great. Sim wise the flight feel for P3D is more arcade but you do have some better flight models that you can buy and many of choices. X Plane11 Zibo MOD is hands down the most accurate 737-800 you can get and its free and worked on almost daily with many updates weekly. Xplane weather is getting better and I have active sky but it lacks turbulence in and around CB's at the flight levels and the haze shader or modeling isnt the best if you are from a region that is relatively clear with 50 plus miles of vis. It can be real for that hot summer hazy day in Socal. One big negative is there are no seasons or easy seasons with Xplane 11, I understand they are coming and there are a few programs available. Clouds textures are also not of REX quality but there are some good ones out there. Xplane doesn't have as many payware airports but many of the mainstream developers are going over so its getting better all the time and the sceneries tend to be less money for equal quality. Xplane is still smoother overall and easier to work with from a rebuild or addon standpoint, I have used it for 9 months without one missed boot, if something isn't correct it tells you and still boots and is flyable snd you get scenery message. This last point is my favorite as I also have ORBX Global and Vector with P3D and its a nightmare every time you update anything, I know it is getting better but I have to mess with it and fix it way more than anything with Xplane. I hope this helps as I use both depending on the missions but its ans awesome time for flightsimers. By the way, one last thought is you will need at least a 8G 1070 video card and a newer Intel Processor of at leat 4 or 4.5Ghz for P3D. I get about the same frames with all the addons in both around 30 steady, when Xplane dips its smoother still than P3D but I have very little problems with either in the performance category, also less if any tweaking to CFG in P3D compared to FSX. Shayne
  4. Shayne

    Carenado PC-12 released

    How can I get Auto pilot fix as I just purchased the PC 12 and its unusable right now.
  5. I just wanted to give this a shout out as I purchased it recently. I have been looking for a real nice turbo prop to go to all the hot and high airports in the us and this thing is a lot of fun. I have a friend who has some time in this thing and its fast and can get up to FL30 or a little higher. The systems and modeling are awesome and its an easy plane to land for some reason. I have been flightsiming for over 18 years as well as have some real time in small aircraft but his thing is great. The outside model is not as fancy as most would like but do not let this fool you its a great simulation. I fly yesterday from KPHX to KEGE and was up at FL310 with a 60Knott tailwind doing 375Knots and I had to keep pulling power back to prevent and overspeed. My buddy claims it can keep up or beat a CitationII. Its a great aircraft adn I am having tons of fun with it. More technical info would be great but there is alot on the Web so no worries. I normally fly tubes and have many hours as a virtual airline captian but his thing is awesome. I cant wait to get a hold of one of the good business jets thats coming. Shayne
  6. I was trying to download the CFG. guide, I know there are a few of them out there but the file seems to be mission and I believe it was version 2.0. I just built a new system with the I7-4790K and I want to know the best tweaking guides out there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Shayne
  7. Here is the email I sent to Jay hoping to get a reply. Hi Jay, I hope you can help as I have been using REX4Plus Essentials for a long time and just bought Soft Clouds.FS Order 673012 from wanted to download the software that allows you to import them into REX4.I am not sure but I may have purchased the originals with an old email, that email would have been an earthlink account.I just need to know how I can register, can I get my order details from you guys, and I would like to download the software that will put the textures into REX4?Number would have been the one listed below and I can provide anything you might need to know. I The email I may have had when I purchased the original program would have been possibly an earth link or possibly g mail. but I couldn't find it with gmail so I may have cleaned it out accidentally. Let me know what I need to do in order to get the help or you can email me directly what ever is easier the g mail account is active. Thanks in advance.
  8. Does anyone know of who I might be able to contact to get help with support. I purchased REX and have my License key but when I purchased it, almost three years ago, I had a different email so I dont have all the info they need. I put in for help on the form and have not had a response by anyone. Ultimately I am just trying to download the the REX Soft Cloud file that allows me to put them into REX Essentials after I purchased the soft clouds last week. If anyone has a contact ect I would certainly appreciate it, I am confident I can provide enough info so they could access and realize that yes I purchased it and have support REX for a long time. Thanks in advance. Shayne
  9. Shayne

    Devs, where are the Lears?

    So many great business jets they could make. Eaglesoft ia working on the Citation XLS that should be good but not sure how far away. X plane has a good Challenger.
  10. How does it work if you use GEX for North America, do you have to restore to default First? Also anyone have GEX and now use this and if so what are your thoughts. Thanks Shayne Nofts
  11. Shayne

    Latest NGX update question

    Okay let me update and see what I get. Thanks and I will keep you posted
  12. Shayne

    Latest NGX update question

    ===== I downloaded the latest version and this is what it says, is this correct?? Also I have the 600/700 as well do i need to re-download that as well as I am not sure if I bought that version on the site or not its been a while. PMDG 737-800/900NGX for FSX / FSX-SE VERSION v1.10.6461 Sorry its Shayne Nofts and I forgot it in my above post
  13. Shayne

    Latest NGX update question

    Sorry I purchased Dow load version direct from the site and just wanted to update to the latest versions I think its D for FSX. Shayne Nofts
  14. Shayne

    Latest NGX update question

    Has anyone downloaded the update and run it and had success with the update without deleting everything first?? It seems there have been problems and it works so well I am worried that I am going to have to update and re-install all the liveries ect. Weather radar is great but I don't want to have the problems. I know its not that huge of a deal but its the time I don't have. Thanks
  15. Can anyone explain how to get weather radar with this combination. I noticed Froogle was talking about it in one of his you tube videos. What version of both and how, any help or info would be much appreciated. Shayne