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  1. I really want to like MSFS but after every update I seem to have more issues, yes I empty my Community folder, if I fly out of Lake Havasu I get half the desert showing correctly and then half this ugly light fake green color. In addition, I cant seem to get live weather to work or ever display the weather properly here in the US, we are having Thunderstorms which happens maybe 10 times a year and I have live weather that says I will get thunderstorms and then I have a few clouds here and there but clear skis. Any help is appreciated, I have a screen shot but cant figure out how to add it. Thanks in advance you guys have always been great. Shayne.
  2. Silicus, your method worked for me, I tried all the others and had everything up to date and still nothing. In that method I was missing one of the gaming services and I cant recall which one but the last step on the video before getting to method 2 resets it and then I downloaded it and everything worked and updated. Thanks again, when folks work together to help one another we can solve almost every problem. Thanks again Avsim and all the folks that make it what it is. Shayne
  3. Tried many fixes, anyone have one that worked without re-install. Also what's the best way to reinstall as good old MS has word not allowed itself again all why I do nothing other than try to use it. Thanks in advance as I have run all the trouble shooting for security, updates ect to no avail it hangs and looks like its 95% complete on the little blue bar. Also any info on why we have to update the gaming services, I know its all interconnected but seems like more things to break. Thanks again Avsim you guys have saved me more thanonce. Shayne Nofts
  4. Thanks so much that did the trick much appreciated. Shayne
  5. The only thing not updated in Content is Japan but I got this problem form the latest update. Am I really the only one with this problem, I guess its possible but any other suggestion to fix the runway textures and Hills in the UK would be great.
  6. Its on, I am not sure what options I even have other than a reinstall. Shayne
  7. After the update with stock everything all my airport runway textures look and they all have grass on them and they do if you are up close. They are all washed out like there is other textures trying to bleed through or something. I have pictures but dont know ho to post them here. I noticed this when I was checking out the UK and did my firt flight from London City and grass on almost no runway textures there plus multiple elevation changes. AT EGLL runway looks like a roller coaster with small hills all over the runway but the airport itself looks fine but again no runway textures and grass. Any thoughts or am I a reinstall and if so I am not sure how to do that with MSFS online stuff. Thanks in advance but I ma getting afraid of any update. Shayne
  8. Any thoughts as I have been trying to use MSFS and check out the UK but runways seem to be covered in a light green almost see through grass and EGGLlooks like its a roller coaster when at the end of the runway. Not sure if it was like that before the update but man every update seems to break more and I use MSFS less and less. Any thoughts or anyone else with this crazy airport textures, all stock and Community folder is empty by the way. Thanks Shayne
  9. My 1070TI runs almost everything at 2K and average of 30 frames but I go higher in less dense places but with this it looks like 10FPS is what I get. Tried different resolutions even 1080 and still 10 FPS with 7862Gigs of GPU memory used. If that is the case then we may need a 16GB video card in the future. I will keep messing around but is is an awesome scenery even though I cant use it and for the cost of two drinks at a bar I can still check it out. These developers must be porting over these airports as they are done very quickly and are half the price. I am not complaining but just curious how they release them so quickly compared to original development that took years and now everything is half price witch logically tells me they didnt have to spend as much time to convert to MSFS. Anyway my two cents if anyone has a solution I am all ears. Shayne
  10. I have done like 30 flights and I have had the live weather work only twice and that was because there= was no clouds and it got the wind correct. We had 40 plus mph wind for two days in Southern California and all I could get was wind from the wrong direction and 10 MPH with no gusts. I am using live weather from the start and not changing anything after that, am I doing something wrong or is it that inaccurate. Crazy with all the talk and hype, I hope its fixed soon as that is a big part of flying.
  11. Well it has been snowing in many of the states in the North, SD, MN, ID, WI all have had snow this week and more noow but nothing at any airport falling from the sky or on the ground. May not be implemented yet but it would be nice to find out.
  12. Does anyone know if the reverse thrust will actually work or be available for assignment in the sims?? Seems it would need a wire or additional sensor to be triggered or actually programable.
  13. Here in the US its has been snowing in our northern portion and many states have had snow some almost a foot. I have loaded the sim up at many airports that are showing snow and have yet to have the weather engine have snow. One strange thing is the weather always starts or when you bring it up before your flight to first set it it is always at present highlighted, not sure if this is normal but again I cant get snow to save my life. Any thought would be appreciated. Shayne
  14. This is a tuff one but if anyone is familiar with Xplane and the current Zibo 737 mod it seems to ride through turbulence much more realistically, if you are outside you can see the entire plane move slightly up and down as well as little bumps on the wing that tend to rock it, that is with Active Sky. In moderate turbulence in an airliner you never move up or down more than a few feet generally, MSFS seems to have modeled it from a center point on the aircraft and then it moves along that axis. I did fly the TBM the other day out of Steamboat Springs and over the mountains and noticed that the turbulence then seem very real, you could watch the entire aircraft move around and not pivot around an axis point. Not sure what was different maybe I did the mod and forgot between flights but its there it just needs some work. It seems as thought the airflow around the model is off and the pitch momentum is off like the plane is stuck until its unlogged from its current state, that I think bugs me more than anything but some of the mods are making it less pronounced. Shayne
  15. To me Turbulence is nicely modeled in Xplane with Active Sky and Zibo Mod 737. We know Xplane simulates air flowing over the surface and watching replays of a crosswind landing in Xplane is like watching a real crosswind landing. I know MSFS was or is simulating airflow but it certainly behaves nothing like what I felt or encountered in a real aircraft, no wing dip or displacment other than along that center axis. I hope there is a fix for it as that is like the plane is sitting on a stick. Speaking of replay is there one in MSFS and if so maybe we could watch a crosswind landing and see how it behaves, I haven't flown enough yet with the game since weather is not working here in the US so we never seem to have wind. Shayne
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