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    Former owner of Zoomoon (the site for FS aeroplanes in UK liveries), if you can remember back that far. Mid-90s. Was it really almost 20 years ago?! Anyway, the internet archive does have a copy of the site.

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  1. As a fellow cyclist I know how much this aspect will have hurt, too. Delighted to hear you're recovering.
  2. Why not just start a flight, complete the ritual and exit straight away?
  3. I quite agree but read the thread 😁 Anyway, enough on this now from me. I've made my point.
  4. Yup. I'll buy it now. Inexpensive enough (relatively speaking) to give it a go. I wouldn't have if it was another tenner. Good on PMDG. And sorry to those who wanted to pay £30 more 😋
  5. Just received an alert from Box. Currently in stock. Finally! 😁 (Posted here because it's the only subforum I visit but I guess this will get moved to hardware, apologies.)
  6. I'm delighted you've posted this because it's a rather delicious antidote to some incredibly sniffy posts over the last couple of pages. I hope you buy it and I hope you love it. Might even give it a go myself - without getting caught up in all the intricacies - if the forum dads will allow me to 😁
  7. I agree. Now, where do I change processor affinity? 😁
  8. The next Steam sale is mooted to be towards the end of June. However, according to isthereanydeal.com, it's never previously been on sale.
  9. The short answer for the Steam and Microsoft Store versions is yes, you can install and fly them on different PCs (although not concurrently).
  10. Me too! Talk about a joke without a punchline 😁
  11. Only in the flight sim world would we think handicapping at £1.5/2k GPU, literally designed to be comfortable running at a high temperature, is a good idea. But look, if people want to drive their Ferrari at 30 on a motorway, that's up to them 😁 (And I say that as someone who honestly never goes over the speed limit. No, really!)
  12. c£1k on a graphics card to intentionally hamstring its performance 👍😁 My 3090 is loud (although define: loud), too, when under considerable load. It's expected.
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