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    Former owner of Zoomoon (the site for FS aeroplanes in UK liveries), if you can remember back that far. Mid-90s. Was it really almost 20 years ago?! Anyway, the internet archive does have a copy of the site.
  1. spacedyemeerkat

    DoveTail Games Buys Licensing Deal with Microsoft

    It won't be an update - an upgrade, if you will -, it will be a new product and one that existing DLC is highly unlikely to be compatible with.
  2. spacedyemeerkat

    DoveTail Games Buys Licensing Deal with Microsoft

    Excellent modeller, perhaps... dreadful sound implementer and recipient of appalling legal counsel, most definitely.
  3. spacedyemeerkat

    DoveTail Games Buys Licensing Deal with Microsoft

    Just for your information, IHH sold its catalogue to DTG several months ago.
  4. spacedyemeerkat

    DoveTail Games Buys Licensing Deal with Microsoft

    And they are past masters at that. Oh, yes.
  5. But if it's not used over the photoscenery it sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
  6. Thanks for that. It did cross my mind that generic buildings may effectively erase the ultimate point of photorealistic scenery.
  7. So, basically, if we install Rev-X it will simply overwrite Treescapes?
  8. I bought the treescapes, too. Pleased to see someone else thought the installation was ludicrous, too! I must admit I'd really only be interested in buying Revolution X if it runs on P3D V2. I can't see why it wouldn't be portable.
  9. I'm looking forward to hearing what people think of this.
  10. From that list, absolutely Horizon's scenery, provided you like photographic scenery, of course. If not, from what I've read, the ORBX scenery would be a good bet.
  11. spacedyemeerkat

    FSX Vista: DX10 Versus DX9 Video Essay

    Strange: I have a very similar set-up, except I run at 1920x1200 and find that under DX10 I effectively receive bloom 'for free' whereas under DX9, performance drops by several frames.
  12. spacedyemeerkat

    Traffic Toolbox has disappeared!

    >Install the new FSX SDK that's included on the Acceleration>disk.Solved. Many thanks!
  13. spacedyemeerkat

    Traffic Toolbox has disappeared!

    I had Traffic Toolbox selectable from the 'tools' menu within FSX but since installing Acceleration, it's disappeared.I've even activated manual loading of the DLL and, inspite of the fact I approve it, the 'tools' menu is still not appearing in FSX.Can anyone help?Many thanks!
  14. spacedyemeerkat

    Micro Stutters gone when AV disabled!

    I disable my AV program (Avast!) whenever I start-up FSX. Makes a massive difference to load times of photo scenery.
  15. spacedyemeerkat

    HiFi release TWO new products for FSX

    >Hi,>>What English was appalling in previous releases? This is the>first time I have ever read that. We go to great lengths to>make sure things look, read, and are spelled correctly.>>Thanks,>Jim>>> to the graphical side of things, as I recall.I wish I could provide you with further detail but sadly I can't; just remember being unable to make neither head nor tail of the instructions for usage and being surprised the quality was so poor. It was incongruous with the rest of the package.Wasn't there some sort of integration with a flight environment type package a release or two back? It related to that, I'm sure.