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  1. It's been received incredibly well outside the hardcore flight sim bubble. It's a big world out there and we're not alone in it, fellow.
  2. Well, the quickest and easiest way would be to buy him an Xbox and then he could try out Flight Simulator using Gamepass. Much cheaper for him to try that way than buying a PC capable of running it assuming he doesn't have one already. I suspect he probably doesn't have either an Xbox or PC because if he's a big fan of aeroplanes, he'd probably already have Flight Simulator. And you'd have already lost him. Metaphorically speaking, of course 😉 Good luck 😁
  3. The worst two current offenders for me? Cringe rather than cringeworthy: Mike S KPDX's response earlier in this thread was so cringe. To drop (as in 'to release'): Metallica's new album will drop in April or PMDG's new 737 dropped last year. Drop?! What?! In fact, this is my current number one. Get off my lawn! But... language changes. It always has and it always will 😁
  4. Really? I mean, really?! Of all the combinations of words you could have chosen, that's your contribution? What was the point, Mike? And I'm aware of the irony that my post is adding nothing but... AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I feel better now.
  5. I am running a Samsung Odyssey G9 which has a 5120x1440 resolution. It's only g-sync compatible rather than proper g-sync which means I get a slight flicker under some circumstances in certain games. FS is one of those. I usually notice it against a bright blue sky but generally only momentarily. I didn't notice it being any different with my 4090, for what it's worth. I love the monitor, particularly the super ultrawide aspect ratio. But I went through years of owning genuine g-sync monitors and I had to get used to g-sync compatibility really not being the same thing at all. I think the G9 Neo has a g-sync module, though, so maybe I'll take a look at that at some point.
  6. Just got a 4090. Turned on frame generation in Cyberpunk 2077, out of curiosity more than anything. "Blimey!", I thought. Buttery smooth. Astonishing, really. Tried FS. "This is some kind of voodoo!", I literally said out loud. Pricey, obviously. But wow. I haven't been this impressed with a graphics card for a long time. Maybe back when I got my first 3dFX card in the 90s.
  7. I've literally got photos from about five of the seven years I lived in Long Buckby of snow that lasted on the ground for three or more days. I don't know the source of your information but it's very different to my personal lived experience.
  8. Settles every five to ten years? Do what? Sorry to be a pedant but that's simply untrue.
  9. Sorry for the pile on but I can also detect a pinkish shade. It's only slight, though. At first I wondered if you'd take the picture at dawn or, more likely, dusk but that doesn't appear to be the case. My monitor is hardware calibrated, too, incidentally. So this Google imagery, I'm a bit behind the times for various reasons... where's it coming from?
  10. Still doing that, are they? Naughty. That said, looks like a decent rendition.
  11. Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan. Literally every post of yours in this thread is moaning about something. My goodness. Just go and do some flying, take your mind off it.
  12. I've been on Avsim since it was created although I took a long break from after FSX to about a year before FS2020 and now I know why my original account disappeared! But I don't think I ever knew they acquired the IUP file archive. Flightsim.iup.edu was the address, I seem to recall? With items downloaded from there, the possibilities seemed endless especially with the release of Flight Sim Flight Shop (I think that was its name?). They were such exciting days, the early/mid-90s, certainly in the world of flight simulation, coupled with the fact I was only in my early 20s. Loved the mIRC server, too. So many good times.
  13. Watched for the "bad comms", stayed for the laughs! Enjoyable video, even subbed to the channel.
  14. I departed from Northolt and flew over London at 3,000 feet in the 182 a couple of days ago and was surprised at how bad it looked. Normally looks pretty good.
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