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  1. I had this error when I loaded up at Montreal airport in the Carenado Mooney. I restarted my computer, then loaded up somewhere else. No issue. Then I loaded up at Montreal again, also no issue. I'm on 512.15 (old) driver, DX11 and DLSS Quality, Windows 10, RTX 3090.
  2. It's almost as if they're leaving space for Orbx to improve the scenery. 🤔
  3. Admittedly I haven't flown much in Canada before this update, but I had a look around Montreal and it looked pretty good! Not much melted buildings or anything, but it lost connection to the server a couple of times during the session. I guess that's just because everybody is testing it out.
  4. Are you sure the volume knob on the radio in the cockpit is turned up?
  5. Oh boy. Is that something that can be corrected with mesh?
  6. I've had that issue before, and it was my radio volume knob in the cockpit that was turned all the way down for some reason.
  7. I haven't done a single flight since December, because Asobo p..... me off when they broke TrackIR and refused to fix it until late January or early February. By then I had lost interest and the urge to go flying was gone. But I've kept the sim up to date, and started a free flight after every update to make sure it still works. I still haven't flown anywhere, but I've loaded up the sim, had a look around with the cameras testing DLSS. I have set my 3440x1440 G-Sync monitor to 90 Hz because that's where it behaves best. My 512.15 drivers are from the archives of the Smithsonian, and haven't updated because they work great. With DX11, DLSS turned on and set to Quality, V-Sync on, full refresh rate, it will keep 90 FPS and butter smooth on panning and looking around. Still looks sharp enough for me, and incredibly smooth. When I set V-Sync to 50%, which in my case is 45 FPS, it's still okay, but it's a noticeable drop in performance. The funny thing is that on 50%, my GPU just decided to chill. Literally. Temps are down to 50C or so, my fans at only 38% and barely audible. It makes me wish they had included an option for 66% refresh rate as well, not only 100%, 50% and 33%. Haven't tried DX12 yet.
  8. I found my drivers in an old archeological dig, and it works flawlessly with DX11 with DLSS. Getting great performance! But DX12 might be better when the drivers come out?
  9. My 3090 is holding my wallet hostage and I'm all out of copium pls help
  10. It's mostly DLSS 3 performance boost. Which will only be available on 4000-series.
  11. Sometimes resetting your router / modem could work too. They can be a bit quirky sometimes.
  12. Could it be a geographical location server issue? I don't know what part of the world you're in, but maybe try using a VPN to make your sim connect to a server in a different part of the world.
  13. From reading comments around the internet, they're saying DX12 works better with certain AMD CPUs than with Intel? Is that correct? And what CPUs?
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