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  1. ...that involved waiting for a new joystick since FS has deemed my antique Saitek Av8R unsuitable and another of screwing around trying to figure out the keyboard layout, I am prepared to declare this version of FS is f****** awesome. 🙂 I do think it may be a bit over complicated to new users (which I have regressed to in my years of absence) and could deal with a more intuitive interface but I think that flight around Naples is one of the greatest I have ever done in any FS. Yosemite was a bit disappointing since they excluded the waterfalls (criminal) but finding MY HOUSE was really cool. 🙂 So is there an online guide to the keyboard mapping anywhere? Can it be mapped to the FSX layout?
  2. Thanks. The hand rest is reversible but the thumb rest is not. It takes separate pieces.
  3. Looking for the left handed adapter for a Thrustmaster T.16000. Please let me know price and shipping to 46825, USA Thanks!
  4. I gave it a shot but no luck. No big deal. It works now and that is what matters...
  5. I would be more interested in a Travel Air Mystery Ship or a Laird Solution/Super Solution...
  6. Just getting back into FS and I dusted off my old Saitek AV8R only to find FS2020 doesn't like it much. I don't find any kind of a profile for it and when I assign controls they are very sensitive. Is there any way to damp this down a bit? Thanks!
  7. I thought I had used it here but couldn't seem to get it to work. I used it over at SimV and a few other places.
  8. Usually just GA. Most of the default planes seem to be right up my alley. Not into Commercial at all. I really love Golden Age racers, but they ahve always been few and far between and I imagine that has not improved. Then of course there are the obligatory warbirds to tool around in.
  9. So I finally pulled the trigger and bought MSFS Deluxe. I used to be into FS in a BIG way starting back with FS98. In fact, that was the very first program I ever bought for a computer. I went through all the various incarnations up to FSX. I remember the Golden age of Flight Simulators, the various scandals (who was it that tried to claim copyright to liveries back around 2000?) I hung in there a while after FS was canceled, vomited at the attempted reboot with MS Flight, then rejoiced when I heard the new version was coming out. I dipped my toes in but the community had changed it seemed. The site I used to frequent (Simviation) was a ghost town and now seems to run on bots with little to no activity. I told myself I had moved on from Flightsims and however dedicated I was then, that chapter was closed. The FS community seems just a shadow of it's former self. Freeware seems dead and development seems limited to paints and scenery at best. The stalwarts like Avsim, Flightsim, Simouthouse, etc are still here and that is a good feeling knowing that people are still dedicated to this craft. I was saddened to learn of Tom's passing and am happy to see his legacy is being preserved through the continuation of his site. So, here I am back, FS2020 is downloading as I write and I hope to get reacquainted. Looking forward to many hours of flying with you! Kevin Ryan
  10. Thanks guys, they're not making this easy...
  11. Returning to Flight Sim and I purchased online for a digital download. According to this, not only do I have to pay for the game but I have to sign up for Xbox Game Pass for $9.99 per month? Also, if someone could help me find the download code I am supposed to use, that would be great. Thanks for the help!
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