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    Been flightsimming for 46 years, started on-line activities with writing reviews for AVSIM end of the 90's, was Managing Editor of Simflight.com for a long time, then founded and ran FSAddon Publishing for many years. Retired in 2021 and now finally building my OWN home cockpit. Nina and I emigrated to Italy back in 2017 and are happily walking our little dog Bruno every day over the dusty countryroads in between the olivetrees.

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  1. Hahaha..... probably. But my memory is fading too..... I had about 28.000 posts on the forums here (as Admin), when I was asked to manage simFlight.com. As of "005 I left there to run my own company, FSAddon Publishing.
  2. I am building a twin engine, steam gauges (mostly) cockpit, based on the Beechcraft Baron 58, but not an exact replica. I also like to fly singles, and other twins. Part of the design is defined by the various parts I already own. The missus doesn't want me to invest 10,000 on a 'toy' .... 🙂
  3. Good to see there are still a few 'familiar faces' around 🙂 Have started fooling around with a 10-year collection of various bits of hardware, trying to melt them into some sort of halfway credible home cockpit....
  4. Never mind, it worked on my laptop. Will transfer the license to my Flightsim Computer......
  5. Hi there. Been trying to buy one of the RealityXP products, downloaded the .exe file and ran it..... but for some reason it always stops when trying to pay for the product. There's a message flashing quickly saying 'Connecting' and then another message that cannot read because the message windo closes......and then NOTHING. Tried both credit card and Paypal...... just nothing happening. Is it a F1 problem !?
  6. Hi all, been away from active simming for quite a bit because of emigration, lack of time and lack of a PC that would still run. Now getting back into it, being retired and having some space, and on researching new sims and add-ons, just happened onto Avsim again. Just curious to see who is still around of my old group of fellow simmers of 20 years go....... and starting to built my first ever home cockpit 😁🖐️
  7. Holger Sandmann is still supporting it in case people have technical problems.... and he left for Orbx long time ago. Too long a story, am not going into that here and now......
  8. Hi Ted, yes, no problem. Just make sure you download it before I take the shop offline. Thank you ! Merry Christmas, Francois
  9. Dear all, first of all let me wish you a Merry Christmas, even when in lockdown or otherwise limited. Hopefully, you are all still healthy. Also hopefully, next year will see a return to normalcy, and no, not the ‘new normal’, the regular one. Here’s hoping. Talking about next year….. the reason I am writing to you is that I have decided to stop my commercial activities under FSAddon Publishing. It is getting too expensive, and too much work. Too much for the time I still have to spend on it, and too much for my age, I guess. Even though we are spending most of the time at home here in Italy, forced by the circumstances, I seem to be running out of time most every day. I guess the slower tempo of living and moving has to do with it ,-) Anyway, after all these years of FSAddon it is a tough decision. But with the advent of the new MSFS the sales have now dropped to almost nothing, and the cost of the websites has not gone down. So it just does not make sense to continue. Most of my work these days is responding to former customers who managed to lose their downloads and request new links and registration keys. As of January 1st the Shopify Shop will be off-line. It also means support for previously sold products will be a problem because I am not continuing the almost daily efforts I still put in currently. More like once a week. And over some time the server contracts holding the software will also lapse, making the downloads no longer available. It has been a long road, sometimes bumpy, never boring, and I think together with my developers we have brought some joy to flightsimmers all over the world. I will now try and build my own home cockpit before it is too late and either Covid or old age catches up…. You will still find me on various forums from time to time. Best regards, Francois
  10. FSAddon Publishing will stop selling its products via third party distributors as of January 1st, 2017 ! That means you will no longer be able to buy FSAddon products from simMarket, Aerosoft, Flight1 and other such general webshops. Instead you will find everything FSAddon produce on their own (Shopify powered) webshop. https://fsaddon-publishing.myshopify.com A Quote From Francois Dumas ""I understand that this may be somewhat of a disappointment to customers who prefer to buy at the large resellers, and we'll probably even lose some customers (and yes, some visibility), but the fact is that I am running all this on my own. The combination of an ever shrinking FS market, high cost of the third party selling, high workload on all the administration (not the least because of EU tax rules), my 'other' activities (such as moving house and building a place in Italy and other work), (my) age induced slow reduction of energy....... all for a few hundred bucks a month just doesn't justify it anymore. So instead of spending energy on all that, I'll now focus on my own webshop ONLY, with the added advantage for most authors of earning higher percentages that will offset lower sales because of not being in the big warehouses. (As I do not have any overhead, I charge a lot less for selling products than the competition does. This advantage goes 100% to my authors). At the same time I have added new payment gateways, assuring safe and industry approved financial transactions, am working on improving server space and download speed, building new installers and also working on more freeware projects. The only exception is our (very modest) sales via Steam and Dovetail Games, currently only Ben Gurion X Airport. Hoping to see you check our shop and forums regularly, and helping spread the word about the great FSAddon products I'd like to thank you all for being our loyal customers for the past 12 years. And last but not least I'd also like to thank especially simMarket and Aerosoft for their professional help in selling them for all these years."" Kindest regards, Francois
  11. FSAddon Publishing has released the long-awaited WACO bi-plane collection by Simon Smeiman. Simon has outdone himself once again in the amount of detail, special animations and effects, and has also added some unique models to the pack. The FSAddon WACO Collection is made up of no less than 8 different models, all with different liveries and animations. The WACO's modeled are the ATO, CTO, QF2, UPF, YMF-5, YMF-5D Super. And on top of that a YMF-5 Floatplane and the famous Jet Waco !!! So yes, 'Taperwings' included ! And to make things even more interesting, also including some FREE extra's! How about the WACO CG-4A WW2 glider? And not just one, but 3 differentvariants and 2 different models! And last but not least, Simon has made the included 'cargo' Willys jeep driveable too, so you can make a tour of the landing zone! All in all FSAddon are offering a unique package, even for current owners of other WACO's and they invite you to have a look at their product page on the FSAddon Publishing webshop (the sole and unique distribution point ) .
  12. Only seen this now. So sorry to hear it, Garry always was a very enthusiastic flightsim supporter and contributor !! Rest in Peace Garry.
  13. Yes, it works, but you'll have to install it yourself I'm afraid. The Installer and Configurator do not work for P3D.
  14. FSAddon Publishing offers 50% discount on ALL of its products until January 3rd 2016...... so rush over and get you some DISCOUNT !! (Offer valid through our own shop AND through simMarket.com only)
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