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  1. I agree with you, there are too many church towers in Antwerp. Although they differ in size and colour they all have the same shape. Also they are too dark compared to other buildings. As for the Groenplaats, I think they took the Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek ( a nice model ), turned it 90 degrees against the clock and and placed it in the middle of the Groenplaats, Just north of this wrongly placed object you can see a low red building with the outlines of the basilica, with one of the many church towers standing beside it. They would have done better leaving Antwerp as it was.
  2. Hello Jean-Claude On my C:/ drive the path to the community folder is C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community If you check the size of the folder \Microsoft.FlightSimulator_etc\ you will find that it is rather small (356 kB in my case). When you open it you will see several shortcuts (folder icons with a small arrow) pointing to the place where you installed MFS 2020 (E:/ drive in your case). No need to fear, thus, that your addons will eat up space on your c:/ drive! Dirk
  3. MaDDogz is right. This is not Sion, but Turtmann, which seems to be closed nowadays. Nice shots anyway.
  4. If you want to fly in this kind of environment Orbx has two nice sceneries for you, AYPY Jackson and Tapini Airport, both with a lot of interesting airstrips in the mountains of Papua - New Guinea. Check them out!
  5. Hi Tony, Carenado has a very nice Skymaster for P3D. Dirk
  6. In X-Plane 11.26 open the Graphics Tab in the Settings menu. On the bottom line there is an item that lets you change the UI size.. In 11.30 The Graphics Tab has a new Item called Accessability where you can do the same.
  7. Hi, the C/O/A tabs are on the left edge of the screen.
  8. I guess the guys at Eurocontrol Maastricht already started carnival, because they sent you 24 miles to far, to Liège in Belgium. Maastricht-Aachen airport, with just one runway, can be seen in the fourteenth picture, somewhat to the right and up from the right wingtip. In picture 16 you have already passed it. Nice pictures. Dirk
  9. Hello Jan, I have the grey areas when Belgium 2012 has a lower priority than NL2000 as well as when Belgium 2012 is the only scenery addon activated. I still had the afcad files from an earlier download. Thanks for your offer! Dirk
  10. Hello mr Salden, I have downloaded and unpacked your 3 rar-files. In the resulting Belgium 2012 folder the scenery folder contains 94 items. The file Area_Lp2_SnapOff_N050410787_N050282146_E002500471_E003132712 is present twice, once with the rar and once with the bgl extension. There are no AFCAD files. In the actual scenery I see default textures in an area west of Gent, as mentioned also by other users earlier in this thread. In the east there are three gray areas (north of EHBK, at Vaals and along the Belgian-German border). Upon checking the rar-files I found they had the following content: Part 1 Belgium 2012 scenery 94 files texture 19.428 files Readme.txt Brussels HD scenery 5 files texture 601 files Readme.txt Part 2 Belgium 2012 scenery 54 files texture 19.428 files Brussels HD scenery 5 files texture 601 files Part 3 Belgium 2012 scenery 0 files texture 0 files Brussels HD scenery 3 files texture 601 files I couldn't detect any AFCAD-files in the archives. Is this as it should be or are the archives corrupted?
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