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  1. I thank you for the info. I am back at this after a while and just saw your reply. Apologies for not replying right away. I like SOH's forum that as soon s there are any replies I get an immediate email. But not here that I am aware of so I will resurrect the repaint and fix those missing plates. EDIT: Just found where at the top under "Following" I can subscribe to get an email.
  2. thank you for the replies on a holiday weekend. I just got to here today. I will check out my install and also uninstall; save my textures and then re-install.
  3. I got this fantastic aircraft in August downloaded direct from Flysimware. I started a thread over at Sim Outhouse with my Flower Power texture which prompted a couple of guys to pick it up. I just downloaded the latest update from FSW; uninstalled my old install and installed the complete new install as suggested. First when I tweaked my aircraft.cfg with my own textures and eliminated those I don't want to fly I saved it and opened up FSX. Ooops NO FSW Cessna 402C. What happened? I went back into FSX in Windows Explorer to discover that model MAIN does not exist anymore. The model now if you do not have F1 Radar is RDR_GNS. Ok. I corrected the cfg and the panel is now RDR_GNS. OK no problem. Fire up FSX...go to the airport parking...start the engines...what is that beeping? Can't shut it off! I don't remember that before. Tried every switch on the panel and can't shut it off. Exit FSX. I saved all my textures, panel folder (since I added a WX radar of mine) and the aircraft.cfg just in case I had a problem. Learned THIS the hard way in my years of flight simming. Opened up the aircraft.cfg and changed the panel to "panel=". Since I have my old panel folder in the FSX folder, I fired up FSX again...find Cessna 402C Flower Power texture (my own creation) and park at Nantucket. NO BEEPING!!! I didn't think there was any before. Anybody any clues? I will wait to hear and hope this is still read by one of the designers.
  4. I wanted to have a T-44C Proline 21 equipped USN trainer and though the Navy has the "steam" gauges for engine and ITT info, I am using the Carenado C90GTX. I found the repaint done for the C90B (T-44A) and at first thought that the CNA's and the CACNGTE_EXE's were identical and just needed to rename them in DXTBMP. Not so! So after a few hours work and comparisons I was able to convert all the textures and got a very creditable T-44C (IMHO) again or so I thought. There is one area missing textures, the tail strike plates. I wrote to Carenado Support because THEY are the guys who created the model and that in my limited knowledge I believe is the problem. I compared the CNA1 and CACNGTE_EXE_1 textures and they are absolutely identical though 5 and 6 was where all the work had to be done for conversion. "We don't support repaints or modifications" was their repy though courteous and quickly forthcoming and recommended me to here where I have "lurked" many times LOL before. Here is the jpg I sent to them: I opened up the model in ModelMakerX to see if I could see anything but it opens up without textures so there was no way for me to see what was missing. I know its a small thing and I will live with it if nobody knows why. I have both the C90 and the C90GTX so if I feel ambitious I may reload both of them and then compare them myself. More here later.
  5. Not able to edit the post above, I have to do the correction by this reply. After some problems with aircraft, I have decided to change eras and carriers from CV5 to CV10. I have two favorite eras in Naval aviation: the 1930's and the era between Korea 1952-Vietnam 1965. The revised air group now in 1956. The aircraft are really unique and if you check out the revised website for Yorktown CV-10 you'll see what I mean. I personally downloaded every aircraft including personally purchasing some of the payware examples to be sure we have a really top notch air group to fly. We have some really good missions, and a custom ai carriers 2 with correct configured destroyers. Come join and lets fly together.
  6. I have always loved this era of Naval Aviation since building and painting plastic models as a kid. It's only natural to have a desire to create a different era of virtual Navy Air Group. I found a lot of modern ones available to join. All of them are really fun and very dedicated and authentic. (I flew for 2 years in one with a great group of guys) but with the availability of freeware and payware 1930's Navy aircraft as well as the really well-done aircraft carriers and other ships by masters like Yanco and FS Shipyard, it's time we pay tribute to the golden age of Naval Aviation. Come and earn your "virtual wings of gold" and fly with a squadron of the virtual Yorktown Air Group. Visit our webpage: https://tgycgijoes.wixsite.com/virtual-uss-yorktown
  7. In 2012, I started My Holiday Airline Virtual (notice the name flip) and though a slow start, when because of real-world commitments by myself and a couple of key staff, we closed our website and parted company. (Our VP became a real world airline pilot in Germany and our Route Manager joined the Air Force) I because of other issues stopped flying at all for a while. That's past history. I have just with a lot more experience in the past 5 years flying for a number of VA's both military and commercial desire to awaken MHvA and hope to attract some pilots with experience who are not flying for anyone now, and new pilots who would like to join their first virtual airline as we all did however many years ago. I use Virtual Airline Manager to manage our operations and pilots so things are done professionally. I won't say anymore but ask you to just take a look at our web page if you have any interest in joining a new VA awakening again. Our banner website is: https://tgycgijoes.wixsite.com/myholidayva
  8. I have been watching videos and reading real-world material on the Q400 and pilots/fo's use the supplied charts the same as those as MJCs for V1, VR, V2, VFRI and VCLIMB values inputting them as directed in the manual. Also use the MJCQ400 cpan to get the other values you need for programming the FMC. I like TOPCAT too and maybe "someday" Christian and his partner will add templates for the Q400. Hint Hint!!
  9. Couldn't figure out how to update our Oct 17 release so I started a new topic. After talking with a number of other flight simmers I know and asking why they thought we weren't getting pilots, their thoughts were that the Vietnam era Navy aircraft are out of date as well as not being supported by vLSO or TACPAC so I spent the day today updating our website to the 1987-2000 deployments of CVW9 aboard USS NIMITZ CVN-68. There were around-the-world cruises so we will be visiting some really interesting places. We are flying: F-14A Tomcats, F/A 18 Hornets, EA6-B Prowlers, E2C Hawkeyes, S-3B Vikings, SH-60 Seahawk Helicopters and C-2 Greyhounds. The USS NIMITZ is Javier's ai-carrier, fully vLSO compatible as well as fully landable and catapault launch capable for all aircraft. Squadrons are created so that you can use your payware aircraft or freeware. TACPAC is required for the Tomcats and the Hornets. If you miss the variety of a mixed airwing not just "Superbugs" come and join us. http://tgycgijoes.wix.com/cvw9virtual
  10. I have been in quite a few virtual airlines civlilan and military in my 10 years of flight simulation and I think have learned a lot. I have created a new military (Navy) VA over at tgycgijoes.wix.com/cvw9virtual There are 4 really good USN VA's replicating Navy Carrier ops and I was in one of them for a while and really enjoyed my time with them. I only left because of real life issues 2 years ago all resolved. They are all about current operations. We are different in that we replicate the U.S. Navy in the Tonkin Gulf in 1970 flying the aircraft of that time like F4 Phantoms; A7 Corsair IIs; A6 Intruders; and more. With the tremendous job that Vietnam War project has done with scenery for us to fly in, its going to be really exciting. We fly off the USS America, CVA-66 on Yankee Station with our escorts and 2 other carriers on a line period. Check us out and come on board. We welcome experienced pilots as well as nuggets and are just getting started. You can get in on the ground floor with your fellow aviators. vCAG CVW9v
  11. Download Marcus Thompson's FDSFX panel available here and other free flightsim download sites including different real world flight attendants audio files like Southwest, Delta, Air Jamaica and American. I had a friend of mine who was a real world flight attendant on furlough (for a baby) record custom announcements for the CRJ (for my own personal use only-by agreement) but you could have any male or female friend do likewise with the scripts which are available here by Google search from Pinnacle Airlines. it comes with really good documentation on how to do this. It is a gauge for the panel which triggers announcements by p/b on the panel. It is frame-rate friendly as well. i have used the stock version for years and you can find MY DASH 8 custom panel here on AVSIM for download.
  12. The only time the window shades would be closed is for showing of a movie, usually you will hear an announcement to have all window shades up for takeoff or landing; aisles clear might be for meal service. Also federal law prohibits standing in line in the aisles at a lavatory. I have done extensive research into flight attendant announcements with FDSFX including having had an fa do custom ones for two virtual airlines I have flown for in the past for my own personal use.
  13. Hello Goldstar: I know this is the 777 livery but I also have seen your post of the B737 NGX Alaska Airlines "Spirit of the Islands" here. Can you please make this for iFly B737 FS9 and FSX?
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