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    Been flight simming since FS 98 and have them all. Just about to hit 3500 hours all combind. I am a real pilot with an IFR rating an the FS help breeze right through it in 35 hours.

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  1. Hey guys I was wondering what to use to open airports to make repairs on the AFCAD files I had one From Flight 1 that would do FSX and FS 9. I have an issue I need to fix at KXNA with dirt taxi ways it was being replaced or repaired when MSFS added it. It was down for 90 days Id like to fix it used to do it all the Time In FS9
  2. I sure hope there is something like the FS Nav like in FS9, It is so nice while on a flight having a full page map that has everything Freq on it and ILS Course Degrees and ATIS, AWOS. Way points. My fave is while on a flight you see an intresting looking airport you can see the name and fly into it later. Best part it dose not pause the sim while looking for all the things mentioned.
  3. I saw somewhere on youtube that they were running an i9 processor..?? So I guess I'd wait for an i10 or i12 LOL
  4. I'm pretty sure when you get the sudden speed loss it's due to ICE not stall. Next time it happens just look at GPS ground speed you are still at the accurate speed. You may have to fly manual throttles for a min or so. Make sure your ice equipment is on. This was the same condition that brought down 2 Airbus's in the past. I used AS 6.5 or Default WX before the ended. I'm using REX real WX....Just a note I get my wx from AOPA then REX down load and seems to be spot on with conditions of real world.
  5. REX seems to be working fine. I've compared the weather it down loads to AOPA weather data and is right on. I do how ever miss the WX radar from AS 6.5. I'll just continue to use it for now.
  6. My Rex seems to be working ok....Yes Active Sky 6.5 is dead was using default until it's gone too. I'll look at the others for now I'll use the REX.
  7. Something is up with my weather.....I use real world weather when I fly. I noticed that the weather is always the same at my airport and does not match the conditions. When down loaded it's always same wind light clouds and light rain coming or going. However I'm pretty sure it's correct at other airports that I fly to. I use the update every 15 min. Any help or clarification let me know. Thanks Scooter
  8. I have to as, which number in the series actually changes the brightness? Is 1.30 or 23.70 or 1.14 ? light.5 = 3, -1.30, -23.70, 1.14, fx_navredcardose light.6 = 3, -1.30, 23.70, 1.14, fx_navgrecardose
  9. True but it only shows Main Tanks in the CFG.....No others. The thing is when I check the Nacelle tanks it shows 400lbs. This is unusable fuel. As the main tanks get below 400lbs the Main and Nacelle empty at the same time. EG as the Main tanks drop below 400 so do the Nacelle the empty at the same rate it's like the Nacelle fuel is added in the Main tanks. When at 300lbs it shows the same in Main and Nacelle. I just thought they'd be separate that's all. Thanks Scooter
  10. Hey there using the FS9 version and I noticed that fuel gauge shows 400lbs/ side Nacelle tanks. and 1300lbs/side in Main tanks. However when bellow 400lbs in the Main tanks it's actually using Nacelle fuel. In other words it should use the 1300lbs/side and when empty you should have 400lbs/side in the Nacelle tanks kind of a reserve. Should be 1700lbs/side total fuel. How it works in the real plane where I've read. The FS plane has 1300lbs/side 192gals including the Nacelle tanks. Just curios if this is right? Thanks Scooter
  11. AHH Mark and Pegaso, Such a easy fix with my Brakes (Breaks) Mark LOL.......I adjusted the Sensitivity way too much in the settings to the Left in FS settings. I was getting tired of fighting the aircraft keeping on on the runway during take off seems a little harder than real to keep it straight than the real world. But any way adjusted the settings to the Right and it is fixed. Thanks for the help. My second grade teacher would have just paddled me again for the misused word!!!! Scooter
  12. Yeah LOL it was late (Brake......) I don't know why I did that....Hmmm. Anyway yes every aircraft, With the default AC it starts out saying differential brake, I cant even set the P Brake. Using CH pedals the same as last several years. If I touch the toe brakes it changes to brakes and they are locked up. Hmmm the only thing new on my PC is updated the Norton AV 360. I'll check the things y'all mentioned and report back.
  13. New Break Issues. When I release the breaks I get a Differential Break sign and does drag. If I hit the breaks to slow it changes to breaks. Breaks won't release. I have to Ctrl. then release them again then the Differential Break starts again any help.....Again a new issue. Thanks Scooter.
  14. Well it's been a while. I know its the 64 bit thing causing the Navigation Display not to have directional numbers.....Does anyone know how to fix or replace that gauge thanks. Scooter
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