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  1. Yes I noticed that on my last flight as well (2 days ago). Also noticed the controllers where using real life callsigns like UPS, Delta, Spirit, to name a few. Had not heard that before.
  2. If you just want to fly and explore and not be tied down to running a simulated company with the limitations that brings, then Skypark is great. Especially when you are on their discord channel there is a lot of great missions and interaction. Since you're not running a company you have the freedom to fly whatever planned you want for the mission. It gives purpose for flight and is probably the best for exploring the world. Air hauler, or onair, they simulate running a company which brings other aspects into the game, but also brings some limitations as to which aircraft you can fly from any given location. So it depends on what your into.
  3. Just so we're all clear, if the wind is coming from the right then your nose should want to point to the right, or directly into the wind. I always fly using live weather and the plane has always reacted correctly in this regard. I have no weather add ons.
  4. This is why I would encourage people to buy add-ons/mods from the marketplace when possible. A steady stream of revenue for the franchise is what allows them to hire talented guys like Working Title and others.
  5. I'll share my recent weirdness with fix in case it helps someone: Problem 1 My purchased add-ons in the marketplace all of a sudden were showing as not installed. So I clicked to download my add-ons again and it went through the process of downloading and installing, however after the downloads completed, it showed as if nothing happened, still showing them as needing to be installed. After a couple hours of deleting the add-ons manually and reinstalling through marketplace, logging out and logging back in, nothing seemed to fix the issue. I could see the items were physically installed but marketplace didn't show them as installed and the items (some planes, some scenery) were not available to me in game. Solution At some point a couple hours in to this frustrating issue and with the thought of having to reinstall the whole thing lingering in my thoughts, I noticed that the time on my pc was off by 1 hour. Daylight savings had accured a few weeks back but for some reason the pc did not update the time. Going into the time settings in windows all my settings were correct, time zone, daylight savings, auto sync, all properly set, but it was still wrong. So I hit the Sync Now button and my pc immediately corrected itself. With that I restarted my pc for good measure and logged back on to msfs, problem solved! My add-ons were now showing as installed. Problem 2 After fixing the first issue I started up a new flight, and noticed that the LOD distance was terrible things just didn't look great. I could see imagery coming into focus nearby as I flew along, very distracting. Solution Well this turned out to be a very straight forward fix of simply double checking my graphics settings. Everything had changed to medium/low. Why? I don't know, i can only assume it had something to do with the previouse windows time settings issue and fix. Anyway I put the setting back to High which is how I've had them since day 1 and all was good again. Conclusion I don't know why my pc time didn't update for daylight savings. But in my case that caused problems, it was an easy fix, but getting it figured out was frustrating. Maybe this will help someone.
  6. Working Title CJ4 mod will do VNAV decent as long as you have all the fixes and constraints properly set in the FMS.
  7. Isn't that something you could do with all of the planes already in MFS?
  8. I have both. Im currently using Skypark because I like the freedom in choosing whatever plane I want to fly, and I also like the iPad with moving map. I only have one screen so it's nice to not have to switch windows to go between programs. I also like the simplicity of it to a point, no worries about aircraft rentals, or where you happen to be at, just get paid to be a pilot and fly the route. I do wish it had more of a career story line or explenation to it rather then just pick a random flight and go. I also wish the flights themselves had more customized story to them that is relative to the area. For instance if I'm flying out of Van Nuys it would be cool to see a something like flying a private charter for a Hollywood executive to Las Vegas or Jackson Whole. You know something that would be custom and plausible for that region. All it would take is someone to sit down and go city by city and see what kinds of businesses or commerce they have and come up with some creative stories. I think it would make flying around different parts of the world more interesting and maybe educational. They kind of hinted at that early on but I haven't seen it yet, just a bunch of generic flights. I am going to stick with Skypark in the hopes that they expand it and improve in some of these areas as I really do like the interface.
  9. For what it's worth, i installed It on a separate drive, drive 😧 in my case through the xbox store and had no problems, I've installed add ons with no problems. My updates have all been smooth.
  10. I think these 3rd party developers will do better then ever. Ive never bought an ORBX product before, and I've been simming since the early 90s. I bought my first ORBX product yesterday, KBUR through the marketplace mainly because it is an airport I frequent and it was sitting there right in front of my face in the marketplace, all I had to do was click a button and it was installed. I have a feeling these 3rd party developers will sell more then ever but the platform has to also be healthy because it is what everything is based on. The corporate world can be cruel, and I'm sure Asobo has lofty financial targets to hit and report back to Microsoft. The platform needs to be making as much $ as possible first and foremost, everything after that will be fine so I will support the platform where I can.
  11. Looking forward to more reviews, looking great so far. I'll buy when it's in marketplace, just so I can support asobo further.
  12. One thing that MFS weather does well is cloud location which metro blue provides with satellite data. I did a flight from SoCal to NorCal and I peeked outside my house beforehand to get visual on actual weather. It was blue skies in L.A. but I noticed that there was a cloud layer in the distance to the north that got thicker as it extended west and thinner to the east. I pulled up metro blue website and sure enough you could see that cloud layer on the satellite map. Jumped into the sim and it was there as I panned to the north you could see the cloud layer in the distance. What was great is that you could see on the map where the cloud layer dissipated to the east and as I flew along that path the cloud layer was depicted perfectly. In know there are other issues with the weather in the sim, and I hope that they are able to figure out those issues in time. But the satellite based cloud depiction is more realistic then anything else we've had and using 3rd party software that makes your weather load and reload during the flight seems like a backwards step. Time to move forward and hopefully this will mature with the rest of the sim.
  13. Since it seems to be getting worse and your hardware remains the same, cache is cleared. The variable that jumps to mind is internet. That can be great one day and not so great the next. I know you said you have 400mbp spectrum, but have you run a speed test on that pc to make sure there are no issues with your network adapter.
  14. Does it let you change your ATC registration numbers like the default planes do?
  15. Flying the 172 over l.a. right now real weather and it is calm, plane flying perfectly still with the occasional bump. Seems true to life for me. Usually in real life the air is rarely glass smooth. At least that's my experience. Evenings are usually pretty calm as it is right now in l.a.
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