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  1. Since it seems to be getting worse and your hardware remains the same, cache is cleared. The variable that jumps to mind is internet. That can be great one day and not so great the next. I know you said you have 400mbp spectrum, but have you run a speed test on that pc to make sure there are no issues with your network adapter.
  2. Does it let you change your ATC registration numbers like the default planes do?
  3. Flying the 172 over l.a. right now real weather and it is calm, plane flying perfectly still with the occasional bump. Seems true to life for me. Usually in real life the air is rarely glass smooth. At least that's my experience. Evenings are usually pretty calm as it is right now in l.a.
  4. I think the main difference here and why Microsoft won't abandon this sim is because they now have a way of profiting off the addons. I hope the die hard sim community uses the built in marketplace because it's that ongoing revenue that will keep this sim around for the long haul. MSFS is unique in that that the add-on market will probably be the strongest of any of their games. What other games will they be selling $100 addons like PMDG? I hope MSFS gets their fair share of this and I hope this is what leads the franchise to being Microsoft's most successfull game, at least in the PC world.
  5. 100% that is your controllers. I had the same issue during the alpha phase and it only went away when I got a decent controller. I had to retire my Logitech, just didnt have the fidelity.
  6. Your physical controls make all the difference as well as the curves you set for them. The Logitech yoke i had to get rid of, as it just doesn't have the resolution making it much too jerky. The honeycomb works great. Logitech pedals need a curve so they are not soo sensitive on initial movements
  7. For anyone using the Logitech yoke, it was pretty much non-flyable for me during the testing. The Logitech just doesn't have the resolution causing the plane to jerk up and down when controlling the elevators. I ended up buying the honeycomb and it made all the difference. I kept the Logitech rudder pedals and added a curve to lessen sensitivity on initial movements. The honeycomb is has no curve and no null zone, for me it's perfect.
  8. So I have your same specs, gtx1070 with i7. What I will say is that my performance in High settings in MFS alpha is as good as my default xp11 with similar "high" settings. Of course the visuals dont compare.
  9. Well as someone who was lucky enough to test drive MFS I was not able to go back to XP11. I was using XP11 in VR pretty much exclusively before I got in on MFS testing. I have made exactly one flight in XP11 with VR since using MFS and it just wasn't doing it for me. I haven't yet removed XP11 because I keep thinking I'll want to use it in VR, but so far that desire has not come back to me. I just keep wanting to explore the world of MFS.
  10. The bones of this sim are strong. Much more advanced then any other flightsim on the market because of those things mentioned. What the TPD's will add to this experience will be a joy to see and experience.
  11. Yes. And on your last point yes and MFS does it better. You'll see
  12. I recently signed up for onflight and started using with the alpha (surprisingly onflight already has native support for MFS even in alpha) and it works flawlessly. So when MFS release version is out I'll be continuing to build my company in onflight and explore the routes. Nothing like flying into airports you wouldn't normally think of and seeing the area as you would in real life. No approach is the same. So much to explore!
  13. That screen shot has as good of graphics as is in the latest Farm Simulator. The crazy thing is this is just some place on the Earth scaled map where farm simulator is no more than a couple square miles. Looking at this is ruining farm simulator for me, makes it feel so limited now.
  14. For me, I'm excited for the visuals and how that lends to the sense of actually traveling. My dad had his PPL and I remember as a young boy staring out the window of the Cessna 210 watching the wheels go up, the land pass by, observing the different towns, roads and terrain as we travelled along. I was always keen on the surroundings as we approached a new destination. What would the runway look like, the buildings or terrain we would pass over at low altitudes on approach. I would smash my head up against the window to see the gear come down and do the same to see them make contact on the runway. Stepping out after the engine shutdown I enjoyed that sense that we were somewhere new, the air was different, the buildings were different. As much as I love the study level aircraft, and real life procedures, the thing that has been missing to me is this sense of actual travel, generic scenery ruins that. Downloading my own satellite imagery in XP11 helped with that but it never was great, and knowing that it was limited to the areas I downloaded, that I couldn't just go anywhere was also something that broke that emersion for me mentally. Anyways that's what I'm looking forward to with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The sense of travel.
  15. Cessna 172 - KWHP to KKNB Whiteman is my local airport in Los Angeles, and Kanab is my local airport where I have some remote property in Utah. Fly through the deserts of Socal and Nevada. Fly over Vegas and up to the beautiful red rock and canyons of Southern Utah. Curious to see what the detail is like at those smaller airports and surrounding areas. Can't wait.
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