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  1. Try KBLD or BLD which is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) designation for Boulder City. Todd
  2. The shot labeled GRAND CANYON, USA is actually Page Arizona and Glen and Marble Canyons. Horseshoe Bend is in the center of the shot and a small part of Lake Powell is on the right. Google Maps reference: https://www.google.com/maps/@36.8938331,-111.2435471,28352a,35y,270h,36.61t/data=!3m1!1e3 Info now corrected so disregard this post.
  3. I believe you have to purchase both at the same time. I'm sure Jean-Luc (RXP) will give you a definitive answer. Todd
  4. QF-16 Aerial Targets. https://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/qf-16-full-scale-aerial-target/ Todd
  5. 49X - Chemehuevi Valley Airport is pronounced : SHAY-MUH-HAY-VEE. Very nice shots! Todd
  6. Since when is Windows 10 free? I guess you meant it was free for awhile if you were upgrading from Win 7 or Win 8. Todd
  7. PC-12 trait. Read post #4 here. Todd
  8. vortex681 you're making the same assumption that the OP is making. Windows doesn't see the PS/2 type throttle quadrant as a separate device. The Saitek Pro Flight Yoke comes with a throttle quadrant. That throttle quadrant plugs into the back of the yoke via a PS/2 type plug. The yoke is then plugged into your computer via one USB plug and the OS (and FSX/P3D or X-Plane) then picks up the Pro Flight Yoke as a device with 5 axis, X and Y for the yoke and Z, Rx, and Ry for the throttle quadrant. I have a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with the PS/2 throttle quadrant, an additional USB Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant, Rudder Pedals, and the Cessna Trim Wheel. Windows 10 Device Manager only shows 4 devices connected. That PS/2 throttle quadrant is rolled into the flight yoke. To the OP. Open up Control Panel in Windows 10 and select Devices and Printers. Look for the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke icon and right click on it. Select Game controller settings in the menu that pops up and then on the Game Controllers window highlight Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and then press the Properties button. You will then see a screen where you can test all of your buttons and you should see 5 axes. Move your throttle quadrant levers and you should see the corresponding axis move on the screen. If it works there then you have eliminated the OS as the problem. Todd
  9. I think your problem is a X-Plane 11 issue. The are many posts at the org where users are having trouble with X11 and Saitek throttles. Try your throttle in X-Plane 10 and report back. Todd
  10. n4gix While Windows 7 users do out number Windows 10 users, your posted data is over a year old and is comparing all operating systems. Take a look at these varying numbers for a more up to date Windows OS comparison. Todd
  11. OK point considered regarding the turning capability of a 777, the radar refresh rates, and the Flightradar track accuracy, but if you were the ATC controller in that situation and (with the radar refresh rates you mentioned in mind) throwing out the confusing "turn southbound" instructions, what would you have done differently knowing that on your radar screen you see an aircraft heading straight for the San Gabriel mountains that you had given instructions to turn right heading 180? The point of my previous post was did the aircrew possibly misunderstand the turn right to heading 180 and expedite right turn instructions because their readback was continue right heading? Todd
  12. Regarding the LAX incident. While I agree that the controller made things worse you do have to question the pilot's actions. If you look at the video linked in post #7 soon after they were told to turn left heading 180, they were told to turn right heading 180 (ATC controller correcting her mistake) and immediately afterwards told to Expedite Right Turn. The aircrew responded: Eva 015 Heavy, roger, passing heading 010, continue right heading. Passing heading 010 sounds like they were continuing to turn but notice after that "expedite right turn" instruction, they never did perform a right turn to heading 180. It seems as though they stopped their turn and continued on a heading of maybe 010. So it seems (at least to me) that the aircrew is to blame because the controller gave them a corrected instruction and the aircrew never acted on that instruction. Todd
  13. (Trying to steer this topic back on track) At 5:58 in the video linked the track (green line) shown is wrong. You can't go around Mt Wilson at 5500ft. Mt Wilson sits on a ridge and isn't a mountain peak. The ridge is at 5710ft. but one TV antenna rises 971ft above that. For photos of Mt Wilson and its surrounding area go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Wilson_(California) Todd
  14. Angwin Parrett is in Northern California. Big Bear is in Southern California. You can find your compatibility answer here. Todd
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