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  1. Improved ATC, specifically giving it the ability to assign you appropriate SIDs, STARs and approaches on the fly, without having to pre-plan them.
  2. Sorry, but that's just not the case. There's no other flightsim forum I know that over the past 3 years has had so many bad takes, often bordering on disinformation, about the development of MSFS than Avsim had.
  3. To be honest, after two years, I still haven't understood the "active pause" and why anyone would use this compared to the regular pause function that can also be bound to a key.
  4. Are you sure you don't have any addons running that might cause this? I never saw a live traffic aircraft "spinning" on the ground so far.
  5. Yes, the OP was about real-time live traffic, which is indeed working quite well these days across Europe and North America.
  6. But how do we know you're not hallucinating or your eyesight has gotten worse if you still don't provide any screenshots? Every week someone turns up here claiming that the "textures are garbage compared to last year", or "the clouds look awful compared to the alpha" or whatever. What these threads almost all have in common is that they don't provide screenshots that would allow us to compare.
  7. Of course the attacks turn personal. I mean, some PMDG guy was trying to check the personal government issued ID of a forum user to confirm if his name checks out. 😂
  8. I read a lot of these claims about "regression" in the visuals of MSFS, but we never see any real evidence for that. Can you provide some screenshots for these changes? I've been flying in MSFS since the Alpha, and I never noticed any dramatic changes overall.
  9. Uh, yes? I mean, complaining about MSFS is the only reason you made your account here. Since your first post on this forum, you've done nothing but complain.
  10. Well, considering that every additional plane and airport in the premium deluxe edition breaks down to exactly 2.50€, I think that's a reasonable price to pay.
  11. I found it interesting, because it's the first area I specifically compared. When checking both Google Maps and Bing Maps (throught the native Windows 10 app) side by side, this is actually one of the areas where Bing Maps has a much higher resolution ground image.
  12. Here's how it looks without Google Maps. Not much of a difference, I'd say.
  13. What bites much more is referring to Jörg Neumann as "Jorge" over and over. Apart from that, it's ok, don't worry. No one is going to judge you for playing videogames in your spare time.
  14. These are the kind of simmer meltdown posts Avsim was created for. 10/10. 👌
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