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  1. PMDG changed the way panels and scenarios get saved, adding that previous states might not work properly (Changelog). Was this by any chance a pre update panel state or scenario?
  2. Adding to HighBypass's comments, remember that the core jet is not being reversed on these engines, as opposed to e.g. an MD-80, where the combined exhaust is being reversed. So add to that that you also have positive thrust on the core, you have a closed reverse system, while that huge fan is still spinning down. That is a lot of total forward thrust.
  3. Is that the original QOTS 747 for FSX? I can't figure out what is wrong. You can; - Check your gross weight under the FSX payload menu. (Don't change anything, just not the gross weight). - Is/was your speedbrake extended? The TAT looks OK for 350 KIAS. At 1st I thought it might have been the FSX realism setting of displaying TAS on the IAS display, but it is not it when you look at the ND. So it beats me. Hope you figure it out.
  4. Also, in this case, highlight does not seem to mean you are exceeding a restriction. Actually it seems to be telling you that may exceed the MZFW if you fill the cabin with passengers. That is all.
  5. Exactly, however. Those values highlight at the same values every time. Be it an empty, or partly filled cabin too as you mention. So it must be a heads up of some sorts that passing those values will limit pax load.
  6. No it's not. I can load up more than 66500 lbs of lower deck cargo and still be under MZFW. What I believe now is that if you fill the plane full of passengers, that will be the amount of cargo left over before reaching MZFW. Not sure but I'm going to check after I land. This assumes again that all seats are filled with 190 lb adults. It is probably also why you can still go over the mentioned amounts, as it only tells you that if you go over a certain amount, you can't go full adult pax anymore..
  7. Well I would think the same thing. However the limits are: 30270/28279/5990 in pounds. Which is 66500 pounds. I hardly think that it is all the 744 can carry in its underbelly. At LD1 max weights, that means 9 units in lower front and 8 in lower aft. The capacity is 16/14. Now I already know that volume capacity and floor loading are 2 different things, but the difference in full LD1 qty against volume capacity doesn't match up. Also, there is a point where you get invalid entry in the cargo hold when you enter a value that is too high. That would probably be the load limit. But there is no desription of what the highlighted text means. I don't believe it is related to CG as it always changes at the same value. Doesn't matter in what sequence you enter them. Anything above the mentioned values turns highlighted...at any time on the ground. Cheers,
  8. Nevermind. I figured out that when the GPS date becomes available, it will no longer accept manual entry. If yo want to try it, inhibit GPS NAV in POS REF, then go back to ACARS. Now suddenly you can insert the date as stated before :-)
  9. Want to hear something funny? Ever since I posted my reply, I have the same problem now. I enter the UTC date and it does not work. Gives me two squares
  10. Hello, does anyone know why above certain amounts in the lower cargo hold, they become highlighted?
  11. I simply input the UTC Date. i.e. For a flight right now I would input 30, and it will display 30 in the field. Regards,
  12. Hi, I flew for 9 years on a mix of split and single cue MD-80's. And while I agree on the fact that with the split cue you can follow one axis whilst giving lower priority to the other, I find it also detaches you from actually flying. You are basically starting to focus solely on that damn cross. I liked the V-Bar because I felt what it told me was. "Listen, you're hand flying. Never mind that 50 fpm or that half a degree of bank and fly the thing". I could more easily see through the V-bar and actually fly, using its inputs as kind advice. The cross tended to make me a slave to it, while it already has a slave. The autopilot. My 2 cents....
  13. Hello, forget about EPR. You will not be able to get this as the GE90 does not use EPR, period. To get it, you engine has to have air pressure sensors mounted at two different places in it for the gauge to then measure the ratio between the two, which the GE90 does not use. Most GE engines use only N1 % as a power setting unit. Since the PMDG 777 models only the GE90 (because that was the only factory option for the B777F, B777-200LR and B777-300ER) you will not see the EPR gauge. The EPR gauge has just as little place in a GE90 B777 as a propeller RPM gauge. So no matter how you change your MFD setup, no EPR will appear.
  14. Glad I could help.
  15. Correct, because you did it this way, and because you probably have activesky the FMC will do an ACARS sequence in which it not only loads the plan, but loads the waypoint winds etc just as in real life. Only you have to execute these downloads. Because you have not executed these downloads, the *FMC prompt stays displayed. It is too long to explain here, but look at the B777-300ER Supplement on page 7. It will go in to detail on how this works. And/Or search online for PMDG 777's company datalink feature. Cheers,