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  1. xkoote

    Landing the 777, what's going on?

    Guys, as I mentioned many moons ago, 1. the real 777 does not behave this way, 2. You can use the reverse when the mains have compression 3. "Fly to the runway" means don't let the nose drop too hard. It doesn't mean push it down otherwise it refuses. 4. Thanks for the guys who are investigating this to make an amazing product even better. 5. PMDG show the B777 some fresh love. His brothers are all going in past v3 😉 Cheers,
  2. xkoote

    PMDG 777-300ER egpws terrain shows all green

    Couldn't find any reference of "peaks" in the manuals...
  3. xkoote

    Question about RNAV approach

    For RNAV Approaches in the 777; - Set platform altitude, and make sure you are in SPD | LNAV | VNAV PTH when approaching FAF. Speed is controlled manually in the 777 in final approach - About 2 NM prior to FAF, set the MDA on the MCP - After leaving platform altitude on the way down, make sure to be at least 300' below the missed approach altitude, THEN set MisAp altitude in MCP - Autopilot MAY be left on to at the lowest 200' above ground, provided that the runway itself is coded as a waypoint on the approach. This check is done during approach preparation. If not, disconnect the autopilot at MDA.
  4. xkoote

    PMDG B777 Autoland System Error.

    Hello, I have not checked the behavior. The LAND 2 or LAND 3 has no bearing whatsoever on the capability of the ILS transmitter. This is a common misconception. I can get LAND 3 on any ILS provided the aircraft has all three redundant systems operating. It will revert to LAND 2 if for any of the required systems, one is inoperative. For example, RAD ALT, AP or multi mode receiver. I’ll check and see maybe tomorrow, as my LOE is scheduled the day after. Cheers,
  5. xkoote

    Left throttle doesn't advance engine thrust

    Try pressing CTRL-E, which is the default SIM auto engine start feature. You’ll probably find you have control back of your engine. It was either a combination you pressed without knowing or something. Autostart it seems assumes control of the engine, but because it is already started, you get this. It has happened to me many moons ago.
  6. xkoote

    B748 VNAV descent

    Vangelis, the above statement explains much more clearly the difference between the B744, B77X logic and the -8 logic. The only thing it does not clearly and finally answer is if during this time, the A/T SPD mode is referenced to the speed band (i.e. a desensitized mode) or the actual speed command bug (sensitive to the knot). Haven't flown her in some days as I'm busy beta testing my sexy Douglas baby, but it's certainly great to learn new tricks from these otherwise boring gentle giants...
  7. Had the same issue just now for the first time. Just bear in mind that braking a 747 from 60 or 70 knots to 0 should not cause brake temperature problems given decent starting brake temperatures (e.g. coming in from a long haul) Whether you stand on the brakes or slowly bring it to a stop, it's the same amount of kinetic energy. Now if the anti skid can't cope and you skid and rupture tires is another story. In principle, having FSUIPC set to super sensitive or not shouldn't make a difference. However, I'll try these settings and hope it helps... Xander
  8. xkoote

    B748 VNAV descent

    Interesting ! Thanks. I’ll go find some reading material ...
  9. Hello, maybe someone can clarify this for me. I have flown two different aircraft types in my life that are fully VNAV capable, and countless in the FS world. Is it just me, or does the B748 remain endlessly in SPD | xxx | VNAV PTH when initiating a descent? Maybe this is specific to the B748? From what I know, the Boeing VNAV will; - Calculate a ToD point using as much information it has at its disposal ( e.g. descent winds, gross weight, descent speed and crossing restrictions ) - Once that point is reached, VNAV will initiate a sequence that without variation will reduce the thrust to idle. IDLE is displayed during this time. When the throttle reaches idle, thrust mode changes to HOLD. - ONLY when current airspeed drops below a preset value, does thrust mode change back to SPD to re capture the speed before going back to idle. As I am experiencing for a few flights now, VNAV will stay in SPD | xxx | VNAV PTH at top of descent, and thrust will keep managing speed during the descent. I kept it in VNAV for about 2 minutes to see if it finally changes to idle. It never does. Am I missing something? Or is this maybe a known issue? Cheers,
  10. xkoote

    747-8 Assumed Temp Reduction?

    It is not a problem per se. Just that the data is not available yet. Those charts are not widely available for the B748. So you can either, 1. Use TO thrust as per the OPT 2. Invent your assumed temp based on past FS experience (or maybe other types) and "risk it" Don't count on TOPCAT for anything else and be patient for the ATM data.
  11. To those with RAAS issues, I resolved mine after almost a year. Check these; 1. If you have RAAS in your menu, make sure the Master Switch is ON when you select it from the drop down. 2. Make sure, your particular airframe has it enabled in the OPTIONS menu 3. If it is not, download makerunways.zip and PROPERLY run it, by reading the readme.txt 4. In dll.xml, if RAASPRO is disabled, enable it by setting "Disabled" to "False" 5. Proceed to steps 1. and 2. Note: RAAS locked for PMDG does not appear in your Add/Remove Programs Note: My issues started after I uninstalled RAAS Locked from my Add/Remove Programs, which as it turned out was for a different software. Symptom was a CTD of P3D v4 whenever RAASPRO.dll was enabled. Note: As an extra measure I also uninstalled and re-installed PMDG 777 and then the 747's
  12. xkoote

    Hot glowing brakes

    Understood Kyle. Even I, who can just glance and skip at will gets lost in the myriad of posts. Had a RAAS issue for the longest time. After a good amount of cursing, floating question marks over my head, a LOT of research and reading and 12 restarts later I finally got it working today. Sometimes you see some posts in which the square root of 0.0 effort has been made before posting... Cheers,
  13. xkoote

    Hot glowing brakes

    All I have installed nowadays is ENVTEX and ENVSHADE. Just cleared the shader cache as well due to the new driver release. After about 6 minutes, I had 5 blown tires and temp units hovering around 8.0 with no change in color outside. It’s not that I land with all eyes pointing to the discs, so it’s no urgent matter. But I always loved my Triple, and with the Queen hogging the limelight, I find myself looking for the little things that made it so great...
  14. xkoote

    Hot glowing brakes

    Hello, just did a RTOW return on Max Autobrakes. Simulating an uncontrollable fire. Stopped on the runway, the temps flew to 7.0 and one tire burst. However from the outside, all brakes were their usual color. No glowing hot brakes. Running P3Dv4.3. AmI missing a setting or something? Cheers,
  15. Sorry I can’t be of any help. However many thanks for the amusing sequence of events, now firmly built in my mind 🤣. Looks like that dude that mounted an MD80 wing in ATL found a job in MSP as a tug driver 👍🏽