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  1. Submitting the ticket to make it official. And no, no controller or key commands controlling the switch. Cheers,
  2. Hey guys, can anyone confirm that they are also seeing the the autobrake switch does not jump to OFF after takeoff but remains in RTO? Made three takeoffs with the same result. Wanted to run it by you before I submit a ticket. Thanks,
  3. I also see no link for the new version that is locked to PMDG. It looked around on the FS2Crew site and couldn't find it. And the link only shows the full version. So I don't know where to find any P3D v4 version either. Any links?
  4. Hi "allamet", for future reference, the failure of displays, or lack of a complete external model is attributed to a bad/non-existent SimConnect installation most of the time. In case you ever run into this again. Cheers,
  5. Is "Z" not the AP engage switch? That button is not an On/Off switch. You're looking for the small black button on the top of your control column, on the outside horn/grip. If you press that (with your mouse for example) your autopilot will disconnect. I believe the standard key combination is "CTRL_SHIFT_Z". You can try that as well. If you get a constant AP disconnect siren, press the button or combo once more to silence it. Hope this helps, Cheers,
  6. You can't change it anywhere. Cheers
  7. Ok I get it. As Dan correctly pointed out, if you don't insert the S, the FMC will think you have commenced the descent. That is why it remained so in the FMC. The S lts the FMC know you are selecting a new cruise altitude.
  8. Not sure what happened there. The /FL360 is for planning purposes mainly until activated. I am not sure, however if you are maintaining FL361 in your MCP and in your CRZ page, entering FL360 at a waypoint should keep it in ACT CRZ with a T/D slightly before the boundary waypoint. Maybe you can verify if it is a repeatable error by doing the same once more. - MCP 36100 - FMC FL361 - Set waypoint restriction - That is it. And see what happens. cheers,
  9. Hello guys, can someone confirm that updates to the 777 are in the works/planning. There was one post some time ago stating that some 747v3 features would be rolled back into the 777, but the recent post by RSR and other posts completely leave out the 777. If anyone can chime in would be great. Cheers,
  10. I dont understand your comment. Dont know what type you fly but on large airliners you dont use the rudder during normal flight. Only in engine out scenarios. I'm sure the OP understands that. Of course you can react to the fact that tue rudder pedals are needed in certain cases however I preferred to keep it obvious and relevant.
  11. You don't need autorudder. In flight you don't need the rudder anyways. On the ground, use the keyboard rudder shortcuts. (Ins and Enter I believe) to taxi around.
  12. That username. Is it related to a certain 777 operator? 😊
  13. Are your engines running?
  14. Remember also that one is the Empty Weight and the other the operating weight. The latter is most probably what PMDG selected as the average weight of 777's configured with all crew, their luggage and additional more complex seating configuration. Which all adds weight. As said before... weight and balance section has the more correct info and matches the FMC.
  15. Hello Francois, the empty weight matches PMDG's standard B777-200LR empty weight. So they should match. There must be an entry error in the FMC. Things to remember: - Payload in PFPX = Passenger weight (adult/child/infant)+baggage weight+cargo weight - Payload in FMC = Passenger weight (adult weight only)+combined cargo weight What I do is if I have children and or infants in PFPX, I have to combine them to form the total passengers in the FMC. You also have to add the baggage weight PLUS the cargo from PFPX. Together they form the total cargo(belly) load. Alternatively, you can just enter the same ZFW in the FMC. I never did this but just read it in another post. The FMC will then add pax and load randomly to reach that ZFW. Let me know how it worked out.... Cheers,