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  1. Various factors gave you those results: 1. At typical hot(ter) temperatures, your true altitude would have been above 4800 feet. 2. The required V/S given your true airspeed was more around 850 fpm (as already mentioned) 3. Although the chart mentions a standard 3° glide path, I am calculating a profile of 329'/nm which is more than 3° 4. The profile view of approach plates is not realistic. There it's an instantaneous descent after KOGLO. Your 777 (or any heavy jet) can not instantaneously give you commanded V/S. It takes awhile to settle, thus getting you above profile from the getgo. 5. There is only 1645 feet on this approach to try and recapture the profile. All these factors contributed to your three approaches 🙂 Cheers !!!
  2. This is my feeling as well. I understand things change in a process. But I feel there is a disconnect between seeing the benefits of releasing tease posts and the “apparent” fear of not using this same medium to issue updates of progress or lack thereof. Or even admitting things hit a bump. I feel you do your base more of a gesture to show both sides of the coin, then to show the glitzy parts than pull back for months at a time. Cheers,
  3. xkoote

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    PMDG Pheromone Drops “Just a dab behind my ears and they come a runnin’” ”PMDG, Promotes Masculinity Damn Good”
  4. xkoote

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    The EFB has already been announced somewhat in the - now years long- B748 previews. Has to be something else....
  5. xkoote

    777 flaps are amazing!

    I can second what Dave said. As impressive as the engines are, they look very natural with the size of the airplane. However, when you stand next to the wheels and look up ....... WHOAAAAH !!!! Those struts tower above you. They are extremely tall and extremely big. Amazing machine. I love flying it, and wish this plane would get more updates or even V2's and V3's like the other ones in the hangar ;-)
  6. xkoote

    Brake Overheat/Autobrake Problems

    Search these forums for this. In the beginning there were many many reports of this, with varying solutions. It boiled down to setting correct null zone and sensitivity settings for this hardware. I have it as well, but last time I set it was 3 years ago. And I am currently not at home. One band aid if all else failed and you didn’t want the hassle of fixing tires and brakes was to quickly apply parking brakes and relese them again (CTRL+. then .). While not realistic, this would reset the problem of constant brakes signal being sent ...... until you touch the toe brakes again. Good luck...
  7. xkoote

    Take off roll issue

    It is the winds. Try one takeoff with some crosswind, and then the same takeofff again with no winds. You’ll notice that that is the variable. Cheers,
  8. xkoote

    Take off roll issue

    It is the crosswing acting on the rudder of the aircraft. It is not noticable during taxi. But during takeoff, it requires quicker action. Same as in real life.
  9. xkoote

    Cabin pressure

    Hello, 1. Check the supply switches on the air conditioning panel. They should be in AUTO. If for some reason they are in HP BLD OFF during climb will not make a difference, but as per SOP they have to be in AUTO. 2. Check if all your doors are closed. The (DOOR) light under the annunciator panel should be OFF 3. Make sure you haven't opened the cockpit window and forgotten to close it. The MD-80 has no annunciator light for that 4. The pressurization system should be in AUTO. On the center pedestal, the yellow/black wheel with the yellow tab at the wheel's base is the outflow valve controller and it's master selector. That yellow tab should be UP for the pressurization to be in AUTO. If it's down (manual), the valve may be wide open. When the valve is wide open, the yellow valve position indicator to the right of the wheel will be fully AFT (open). During climb, that indicator will be around the top of the console. At high altitudes, the valve position indicator will be almost fully FWD (closed) These 4 steps should guarantee you get you press problems sorted...
  10. Hey Guys, the requirement to have ART OFF relates to certification in which the FAA didn’t want to have a derate off of a derate. Why a derate off of a derate? Because normal TO thrust (ART ON, no flex) is already a derate of max TO thrust (ART OFF, no flex). So Douglas had to implement the procedure to have the ART OFF when FLEX-ing. By switching the ART to OFF and then applying a FLEX, you are now assumed temperature derating from your engine’s Max TO thrust value. Not the normal TO thrust value (which by itself is already a derate). Simple stuff right? :-) Happy Days ...
  11. xkoote

    Navigraph Stuck at 0%

    Problem solved, northtexas and Carenado support gave the final solution in this case. Thanks,
  12. xkoote


    Thanks Guys...
  13. xkoote

    Navigraph Stuck at 0%

    I installed the Fokker 50 and loaded it immediately, so not any of the aftermarket GTN's. The stock universal. Shift-8 is at 0% and the CDU is stuck at loading database. Left it open for 2 hours, no change
  14. xkoote


    Guys, the software comes with very little documentation. Who knows what the difference is between the F50 and F50 Lite? Thanks,
  15. xkoote

    Navigraph Stuck at 0%

    Hi guys, any of you have a problem with the GPS? Mine turns ON, but never fully starts. When I press Shift-8 to check the Navigraph status, it is stuck at 0% endlessly. Any ideas? Unfortunately Carenado provides 0 documetation regarding the software and installation itself. Cheers,