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  1. I'll try and pay attention on the region. Thanks....
  2. Hello, I wonder if some more knowledgeable can shed some light on this. The specs are: Z490 Taichi - i9 -11900K no OC - Nvidia 3080 Ti - 16 Gb DDR4 4400 Mhz I play 5.3 with Volanta, ChasePlane and ActiveSky P3D running on the PC. vPilot runs in host mode. My laptop has it as remote with voice. I have very little knowledge of Affinity Masking. According to some forum posts that mentioned to mask logical processors 0, 1 and 2, I tried the following setting: [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=1048575 P3DCoreAffinityMask=1048533 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=2 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=4 However, with 5.2 and no masking, I had the same issue. This happens while in cruise. Around big airports with a lot of dynamic lights, my frames struggle a bit, but that is another matter. Every 4-10 minutes, the CPU load and temperature spike for a few seconds, then settle back down. 4 to 10 minutes later, it goes off again. Below is the performance graph and the processes while spiking. And the rest normal state when not spiking. Spike observed across basically all processors Processes when spike is occurring Processes when the sim is running normally the other 99% of the time. P5D cycles between 12% - 28% CPU load Do any of you know what could be causing these momentary spikes? Normally I find it not an issue, however I don't like the fact that these spikes cause in-sim stutters. These stutters also cause a slight loss in sim time. To the tune of 1 minute over a long haul flight. This wasn't the case back prior to 5.1 or 5.2 I think. Thanks, Xander
  3. Hi Bryan, I'll check it out on next launch. I did disable them already, however I wasn't sure if that was already there from 3.0 or if it is 3.3 specific.
  4. Hello, I have the PMDG 747 and 777 installed and just downloaded the 3.3 locked version update for P5D. However after installing the update and lading the SIM, I still see version 3.0.0 in the about section. And for some reason, there is a new entry in my Start Menu saying "01 Uninstall RAAS Professional Unlocked". Which is not what I just installed. Did I miss a step? How can I check for a proper 3.3 installed veriosn? Cheers...
  5. Hello everyone, in an effort to rule out conflicting programs and add-ons, I want to first back up, then delete all files that contain 3rd party information and start P3D. I would like to run the list by you to see if I forgot something. 1. Scenery.cfg and Add-ons.cfg from C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 2. All shaders folder from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 3. Dll.xml, Exe.xml, Prepar3d.cfg and again Add-ons.cfg from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 I want all foreign programs that may inject into the SIM as well as all scenery to be disregarded. I believe this will take care of that. The only thing I am not sure about is if GSX will also stay out of it. Any ideas?
  6. I'll look into the second option there, Thanks !
  7. I did, yes. Twice. Don't know if it's my headset. I have a standard Logitech USB headset.
  8. Is anyone having issues with ON/OFF? All my FO hears is ALT. Cheers
  9. I could but I use the number for chaseplane views. So every time I choose something it changes views. What I mean is the GSX or AS dialog window. It uses the same P3D window (the transparent grey window). That windows does not map my cursor position correctly.
  10. Hello, I was having a hard time to find proper search criteria for this so I thought I would ask. For the longest time I am having issues with click spot location in pop up windows in P3D. Every time I fly it can be different. I use the GSX and AS-P3Dv4 on every flight. Here is what happens. I load up P3D and start preparing. In the course of preparing of course I open up the GSX window. This opens the semi transparent dialog box. Now when I hover over a certain item, the actual selection I make is one or two items above/below where my mouse currently is. And since the color change when highlighting an item is almost imperceptible I end up choosing wrong things. It doesn't matter if it's the GSX or ActiveSky box. I immediately know I have been dealt the bad hand when I try to expand the box and notice that the edge of the box (where I need to click and drag to expand) is located a certain distance up from the bottom of the box. The only way to remedy this except for squinting for 10 seconds to make sure the correct choice is highlighted is to revert to undocked window mode. Then the cursor does exactly what it should. Is this common? Any ideas? I am running 4K on a 52" Samsung smart TV. Xander
  11. Frank, really really nice. Would appreciate a copy !!! Cheers,
  12. We also joked how on the MD80 we smelled it even before it was ..... hmmm...... jettisoned 😉
  13. You're absolutely right. The AUX pumps were switched OFF
  14. Interesting. I can't find any reference in the B748 FCOM to place the stabilizer at 6° at a certain point. So I always let mine the way it last stayed after landing.
  15. At 5:03 in the video you see that he has the AUX pumps in SYS 1&4 ON. That is not representative of the picture above. FCOM also says that these are electrical and used for ground handling operations, of which this clearly is. The fact that he used 2 and 4 might come down to personal preference, specific company maintenance policy or even cycles on the No. 1 engine. Who knows, but with the AUX pumps on, the requirement of which engines to use becomes moot. He even has HYD SYS 2 pump switch to OFF. It also appears as if he is describing rotor bowing to the filmer. Interesting stuff...
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