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  1. Matt does have his own which is quite nice, you can find it by typing in his name into REX. The daytime sky textures are pretty cool.
  2. flightdynamics

    Brown haze

    I haven't tried re-installing the default textures, I might try that if it happens again. I've got a preset from Aviationlads which seems to work fine. When I pressed apply to apply the preset, the issue was still there. I then backed out the sim and loaded up PTA and clicked apply a few times in PTA and for some reason the brown haze has disappeared, it's as though it didn't apply the preset properly first time....strange
  3. flightdynamics

    Brown haze

    I use REXSkyForce sky textures
  4. Hi, I'm getting this problem. I'm using the latest version of PTA and the latest version of P3D. I start with default shaders in the sim and then I apply a PTA preset and I get this: http://prntscr.com/irpnjr I've read other posts on here regarding other people that have experienced the same problem, but there doesn't seem to be a conclusion to this. I get this problem with quite a few different presets so I don't think it's a problem with a specific preset. I've tried the usual reinstall of the client, reinstall default shaders etc but it still doesn't work. If anybody could help me. Thanks.
  5. flightdynamics

    Prepar3d disappears

    I don't, no.
  6. flightdynamics

    Prepar3d disappears

    @Prayog I've re-installed FSUIPC4 and it worked. Thanks.
  7. flightdynamics

    Prepar3d disappears

    @willy647 Thanks for your reply - I've tried deleting the config and it doesn't work. @qqwertzde I don't own the PMDG 747 so it's not installed for me. @Prayog I'll try re-installing FSUIPC4, thanks.
  8. flightdynamics

    Prepar3d disappears

    Hi, I don't know if anyone could help or if anyone has come across the same issue. I go to open Prepar3d on my PC and the splash screen appears then after that, a screen should come up giving you the option to select your aircraft and starting airport etc. I don't get that screen. The splash screen disappears and nothing displays. I check my task manager and see that Prepar3d is still running in the task manager but not displaying. It doesn't show as running in the taskbar either. I've not changed anything in the sim either, it just randomly started occurring when I came to load P3D the other day. Can anyone help me please? I'm running latest P3D with all hotfixes, latest GPU driver and latest Windows 10 updates. Thanks, Charlie
  9. flightdynamics

    Mysterious things!

    Hi Keven, My mistake, I thought that the Arrow with a line under it is meant to minimize it to your icon dock at the bottom right. I can see now that I can minimize it to my icon dock by clicking the line button. The VAS seems to have sorted itself out as well so I'm not too sure what it was. Cheers.
  10. Hey all, I've been using the latest ChasePlane alpha version which is v0.1.571. Just today I noticed a couple of things that aren't working for me. It could just be me though. When I launch chaseplane I get an icon on my taskbar and in my tray therefore when I click the minimise to tray icon it indicates red because I guess it's already seen an instance of ChasePlane in the tray, but it's not minimised to my tray if that makes sense? http://prntscr.com/dzhvxg http://prntscr.com/dzhwc1 Also, the VAS indicator seems stuck for me. It's constantly showing -3.91. I'm running Prepar3d with the latest hotfix from them. The last issue I'm having is that I can't use static cameras. It's telling me that my simulator version doesn't support it even though I'm running the latest version P3D 3.4 with hotfix 2 applied. Thanks.
  11. flightdynamics

    Problem installing

    Hi Michael, Yes that has fixed it Thank you.
  12. Hello all, I am just trying to install PrecipitFX into P3Dv3. (It's the very latest one which includes the hotfix. The version is: 3.4.14 I have launched VFXCentral and it's done all it's 'downloading update' stuff etc. I go to install PrecipitFX and I get this error: Installation Error: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.get_Item(TKey key) at A.B.A(Boolean ) at VFXCentral.MainWindow.A(Object , DoWorkEventArgs ) at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.OnDoWork(DoWorkEventArgs e) at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.WorkerThreadStart(Object argument) Could anybody help with this? I've got all the immersion packs installed which are installed aboslutely fine with no problems. Kind regards, Charlie
  13. flightdynamics

    GSX - sound not working

    Ok, so it seems to be working ok now. I've plugged it into a different USB. Bearing in mind that the USB I did use was USB3.0 and now I'm using it on a USB2.0 so that might have been the problem.
  14. flightdynamics

    GSX - sound not working

    I don't get a crash no. I believe that's why it doesn't try initialising the sound device because if it does, your sim will crash, apparently. I've tried plugging my headset in a different USB port and it seems ok now. I'll have to keep testing it.
  15. flightdynamics

    GSX - sound not working

    Anybody had an issue with GSX where it fails to initialise audio device? I've got no sound from GSX. When I go into the sound settings my USB headphones aren't listed on the drop down menu. Instead it says "has failed to initialise audio device". I've installed the Realtek sound drivers from the motherboard disk and headphone drivers but still no luck. The USB headphones in question are the Sennheiser PC323D headphones. They work with other applications fine such as TeamSpeak so Windows is recognising them as a device. I can also hear the sound of the sim through my headphones fine. I've gone into the P3D sound settings and set the correct playback and recording device etc. but it still doesn't fix the issue. I did try to re-install GSX and it cured the issue, but only for one flight. The issue is back again! Has anybody experienced this issue or know how to fix it? Kind regards, Charlie.