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  1. Nice one Keven, you've got it 😀 Seems to be all working again on 1.1.58
  2. @Keven Menard Preferences > Control Assignments. Previous Preset = S Next Preset = A In the past, with this assigned, it used to scroll through each preset, depending on whether I wanted the previous preset or the next one.
  3. @Keven Menard Hi Keven, Tried version 1.1.56 and the problem still remains. Cheers.
  4. @Keven Menard Thanks Keven, I'm now trying with version 1.1.55, fully updated in Orbx Central and I'm still having the same issues. Clicking on camera presets works fine. I can now also assign buttons without ChasePlane crashing. The issue that remains is it won't swtich camera view with my assigned "A" and "S" key. It's also telling me that the "A" and "S" key are both already assigned in the sim as Avatar controls, which they aren't as I can see there's no assignments by these at all in the sim. Cheers.
  5. Now trying to assign keys to certain actions and ChasePlane keeps crashing. See attached log: https://we.tl/t-hGm4LbG8iZ
  6. Hi, I'm assigning keys on my keyboard to the Previous Preset/Next Preset options within the controls menu, however it's not doing anything, doesn't work when I assign joystick controls either. Using version 1.1.52 of ChasePlane and Orbx Central is showing it as fully up to date. I tried the experimental version and it makes no difference, issue is still there. I’ve now switched back to stable version which is showing as 1.1.54 Kind regards, Charlie
  7. Hi, I've just installed ChasePlane but when I load it up, the splash screen appears, then it closes pretty much straight away then it restarts itself and so on, I can't see what any error messages are saying as it won't stop long enough for me to see it. Any suggestions? Kind regards, Charlie
  8. So I followed what you said above... turns out it wasn't PTA. I hadn't installed the dynamic lighting mod that came with the UK2000 scenery, which confused me as I don't use dynamic lighting anyway, but once I installed that it returned to normal. Thanks for the help though....
  9. Well yeah, I know it's that, I'm asking for the specific setting in which I need to alter, I don't know what effect each one is having on the sim. It looks amazing apart from the issue I'm having so I don't want to tweak anything incase I lose what already makes it look good.
  10. Hi all, I've just updated to P3D v4.4 and installed the latest version of PTA and Matt's Dec preset. I've loaded in at Manchester and straight away, most things I notice are now black. See screenshots below, aircraft is black, wing is black, the VC is totally black, can't see where the switches are, the scenery on the ground looks pretty, you've guessed, black. lol. I kinda know it's a lighting thing that needs tweaking but I have no idea what specific setting this is, it's too black for me, I need to make it a bit more lighter so I can see what's going on. http://prntscr.com/lqq3mb http://prntscr.com/lqq4rp http://prntscr.com/lqq54t Kind regards, Charlie
  11. Matt does have his own which is quite nice, you can find it by typing in his name into REX. The daytime sky textures are pretty cool.
  12. I haven't tried re-installing the default textures, I might try that if it happens again. I've got a preset from Aviationlads which seems to work fine. When I pressed apply to apply the preset, the issue was still there. I then backed out the sim and loaded up PTA and clicked apply a few times in PTA and for some reason the brown haze has disappeared, it's as though it didn't apply the preset properly first time....strange
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