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  1. Bingo! Your advice has been responsible for solving the problem and I thank you all for using your time to guide me. Warmly, cliff
  2. I installed the Gold Version of SFX into a dedicated Folder in my iMac "Bootcamp" partition with no problem. However during the booting of FSX I receive a message reading .................. "An unexpected error occurred which is preventing product activation from being completed. Error Code1-80004005" I'm then given the option of further information on a Microsoft site but nowhere (and no surprise) is there help for FSX problems. If I continue booting FSX I get as far as my 777 being on the runway for about 30 seconds before FSX ends. Help would be much appreciated. Cliff
  3. You're a Prince..... Thank you, thank you! with my regards, Cliff
  4. After changing to an iMac I created a Bootcamp partition into which I installed Windows 10 (64 bit) as the base for FSX. Having bought a Logitech mk220 keyboard I find that the "@" key is unresponsive. I'm unlikely to use it with FSX but I'll still need it to write email addresses when required. If this keyboard is not designed for Windows 10 is there a way around the problem? Help would be appreciated. Cliff
  5. Bingo! 2048 X 1152 hit the spot. My thanks to all of you.... Cliff
  6. Strange.....I can't see fsx.cfg at all. Only... airlines.cfg Elumens.cfg scenery.cfg terrain.cfg Do you think it's because I'm using the STEAM edition of FSX?
  7. I've changed my computer to a 21.5 inch Apple iMac and operate FSX in Bootcamp under Windows 10. It’s a powerful beast : iMac : Retina 4K Processor : 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory : 8 GB MHz DDR3 Graphics : Intel Iris Pro Graphocs 6200 1536 MB THE PROBLEM The 777 Flight Deck appears as if it needs stretching out from each side and the middle of the panel looks slightly "fat". I’ve tried many of the resolutions including 1792 X 1344, 1920 X 1440, 2048 X 1152……..but none fixed the problem. Advice would be most welcome. Cliff
  8. Mike forgive me for not responding more promptly but I've been away and have only now read your helpful note. Thank to so much! Regards, Cliff
  9. Really helpful suggestions to try. I suspect that they're spot on and I thank you both. With my regards, Cliff
  10. Thank you. Just what I needed to know. Cliff
  11. Before buying FS Crew can I start using it after I've completed my FMC input on the runway prior to take off? Cliff
  12. I pause my approach into Heathrow then save with the FSX Save Flight Menu . I go into the PMDG Setup Menu, press STATE SAVE and give it a name. I then receive a message that it’s being saved………….and that’s as far as I get. Additionally at that stage there’s no way to exit Pause and I’m therefore forced to end the flight. Perhaps I should also mention that a green border sometimes appears and surrounds the area used for writing the name. When I load that saved flight I’m at the correct height and position BUT the aircraft is “cold and dark” I’d appreciate any comments. Cliff
  13. My thanks to you all.....I'll stick with what I've got....... Cliff
  14. I currently use FSX (in the Bootcamp partition of my iMac), Orbx Scenery, PfPx Flight Planner and PMDG aircraft As my knowledge of using FSX in STEAM is negligible I’d appreciate comments on: 1. Would I get improved performance in STEAM? 2. Would I be able to use my current software? Or would I have to start from scratch and buy them again from STEAM? Cliff
  15. I couldn't have hoped for better answers. It all makes sense. Thank you all. Cliff
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