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  1. How did you resolve this issue, exactly? I am having the same problem. And it just started. Came out of nowhere. I don't think I made any adjustments in either FSUIPC, or P3dV4. Thanks!
  2. In a community where add-ons are sold with the compatibility for both P3D and FSX at one price, am I to understand that after spending $89 for the 747V2 for FSX, I am now supposed to pay and additional $139 for the P3D version????? Rob Olson
  3. I'm having trouble with the aircraft busting the 250kt speed restriction under 10,000 feet. Once the aircraft becomes airborne, the speed selection jumps to 235kts. However, when the plane reaches around 6,000 feet, the speed selection goes to 275kts. I usually reach that speed well before 10,000 feet. What am I doing wrong in the TOGA config? I even inserted a 250kt speed restriction under 10,000 feet into the FMC. That didn't do anything. Also, I've had a couple of occasions where I've engaged the TOGA switches on the takeoff roll. After the takeoff power is set and the airspeed is building, the throttles all of a sudden automatically go to idle. What's that about? Thanks!
  4. I'm glad someone has started a thread on fuel configuration. I'm finding that I'm usually landing with about 30,000 lbs of fuel remaining. However, none of the fuel is left in the tank that supplies the APU. So, I land with adequate fuel but can't start the APU. I just have to wait for ground power before engine shutdown. Is there a way to manage the fuel config in flight, so there's enough fuel in the tank for the APU? Thanks! Rob Olson
  5. From the captain's position, I cannot turn off this one landing light because it conflicts with the panel flood knob. Every time I try to click it off, I turn the knob. Thus, I have to fly with that one light in the "on" position. Unfortunately, we all don't use EZ-DOK. :smile:
  6. The catering vehicles, as well as the fueling truck and the truck that brings out the power unit, are all invisible. The only part that is visible is the flashing light. I wouldn't know if the plane was being service, if not for flashing lights just floating along.
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