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  1. Hello! Im thinking of getting an X55 HOTAS and I KNOW i can set anything to reverse thrust for a 777 or 737 PMDG for FSX but if I go ALL THE WAY back on the throttle, does that act as reverse thrust or idle? Do you have the X55? What do you use as reverse? Thanks
  2. Alright, is it responsive and no delay at all? Do you use them? Finally, random question and issue I have with FSX.....I never know what my curisng altitude should be...Like from Newyork to Philly, How much do you think it should be in a NGX 737?
  3. Hello! I was deciding between the Saitek yoke and rudder or the X55. Dont wanna get too indepth but is the X55 good for boeings like the NGX 737 and cessnas or would it make sense to get the 6 year old yoke? Will using an X55 feel weird and is it any good to set flaps as there isnt really a lever or anything like that? You get what I mean, If i want to fly Boeings and Cessnas, whats better? x55 or saitek yoke and rudder and what are the cons of both of them (the x55 and yoke, besides the rudder) and ill just tell me whats better for me. Please dont say its up to you, i dont want this to go too indepth, just looking for 1 or 2 straight forward answers Thanks in advance.
  4. btw do you guys want to make aviation a career or its not worth it for the money? Because the only reason I want to by this stuff is to help me learn and become a pilot but sometimes i think Its not worth it cause the pay. Do all pilots start at the regionals?
  5. um can you guys please answer my question above? :( EDIT: Didnt see your answer....Yeah but I just said give me 1-3 words :3 Yoke+throttle + Rudder or X55 FOR ME, from all youve learned and judging by quality and durability and realisim, just tell me what is better for me.
  6. Whoa whoa Whoa! Slow down Ok IF I GET THE YOKE, I NEED THE RUDDER, the rudder isnt only for taxiing...Lol. It has some good use in the air and while alligining with the runway... So you are looking to upgrade your yoke? See, all of this "people stopped using their yokes" really make my wonder if I should just get a freaking X55..... Guys, forget about me, what would you get if you had NO CONTROLLERS and can only get one, Yoke and rudder or just X55....TELL ME JUST SAY IT DONT SAY ITS UP TO YOU JUST SAY IT.
  7. Ah so I FOR ME it may be a one size fits all for the yoke and rudder because I will only fly boeings and cessnas, so the yoke isnt old and outdated and the rudder has brakes right?
  8. BTW read my specs and tell me if its enough to run smoothly with the THREE addons i mentioned...CPU is at 4ghz btw.
  9. How about you just come up with a combo for me man ? ill mark u solved
  10. Ill get the panels later...YEAH i do have a PMDG NGX 737 so how does this sound Saitek Yoke Saitek Rudder FTX REX 4 ASN ? Ok so im going for the yoke, but which addon do you think I should Cut down on ? ORBX to get a PMDG 777 or which addon for what hardware?
  11. Hello! I need a controller for FSX and stuff to fly the things I always and usually only fly (Boeings and Cessnas)... Please tell me what I should get for the controller. As for addons, I already know I want --- FTX ORBX Global REX 4 texture Direct Active Sky Next Thats 179 dollars right there....If I get the X55 Hotas, I wont have a problem with getting that and those 3 addons, Or, I can get Saitek pro flight yoke + throttle (the one it comes with) Saitek Pro flight Rudder Pedals FTX REX 4 ASN That will cost around 450$ I have 290, But in like One month I will have ATLEAST 390...EITHER way I have to wait til the end of this month to get anything. So what makes more sense for me? A yoke or a joystick? is the saitek yoke nice, no lag, good quality, feel real? I can just get the Yoke, Rudder, EXTRA throttle to have two and a swtich panel but no addons so FSX wont look good....Should I just do that? So lets count that.... What should i get??? Thanks
  12. Hello! This is on the PMDG section because I think i am too zoomed out for my HUD in the NGX 737 to display what it should porperly. When I do CTRL Z twice i get the red notification of FPS and such but in the right corner I dont get how much Im Zoomed in so I cant know what level of zoom im in. This is for FSX, any ideas? Just a small issue Thanks
  13. Mirakledba

    PMDG NGX 737 ILS approach download link for practice? FSX

    Thanks guys! I'll be sure to check it out. Alpha floor, simbrief is a nice site that sets the whole route for me so I can have fun while learning how do it all alone. That is just a reply to the other topic. Thanks for the stuff guys!
  14. Mirakledba

    Airways FMC question for NGX 737? FSX

    Had to stay awake to see your reply. Thanks man. I am watching that whole video tomorrow. After that, hoping for a video that shows me where and explains where the sids and the routes go into the FMC. I want the PMDG 777 badly because I dont wanna fly a 737 in the future, but a great start. I didnt have 80 dollars at the time and was impatient and got the 737. When i posted this http://forum.avsim.net/topic/440927-how-to-know-what-my-routesairways-are-fsx-pmdg-777lrf/ I was on my friends PC trying it out for 1 flight, too bad I didnt do the flight not knowing my routes. Thats besides the point. Thanks for your help, i will watch kyles video on routing tomorrow, but I had 1 question left, even after knowing my routes and that, where to I put them in the FMC? I know I did it with the tutorial but that was a 1 time thing...Do you think I should do ILS approaches without L NAV AND VNAV and just talking to ATC using heading and VOR LOC and APP? Just for fun while I learn about the LNAV AND VNAV and FMC routes and stuff? G'Night.
  15. Mirakledba

    Airways FMC question for NGX 737? FSX

    Sorry, Ill watch it tomorrow. Not everything NOW its just im travelling for a few months in a few days leaving my PC behind forcing me to use my laptop for FSX with finals coming up and all. What exactly does that video teach? I WILL Watch it but no one is really answering my main question but I can see why. Sorry if I got you ######, I just need to know WHERE TO START. YOU ALL were in my position not knowing about this so tell me what you use and how to get better. Want me to tell you why? I turn 15 in two months. Im havent even started training. That is why the FMC confuses me, you guys have a higher level of experience. I just want to get an idea of stuff before training. I see kids 15 and 16 using the FMC and the NGX perfectly so I want to be like , not huge indepth stuff I should be learning later on. P.I.S.S.E.D is what I said, nothing insulting dont worry. So i will see your replies tomorrow to these. Link to good route planning sites. Where to learn how to use the FMC for ILS landings and use it just like everyone else. And finally, Sids and Stars (nothing too indepth, just to get a working proper route in the FMC like tutorial 1) Still early on using this stuff, so dont rush me please.