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  1. ShezA

    US Airports

    I think there is a developer on simmarket that has done many of the smaller airports as payware sceneries. Shez
  2. I also found it odd at first that the 787 is so automated that it does not even have a separate rose or arc mode on the ND. The only indication of the localizer/GS is on the PFD. Shez
  3. ShezA

    Windows 10 .dll crashes?

    Same here. I have diagnosed it to REX SF generally however I have seen couatl.dll and DGXI errors too. I have it running in the background and it CTDs randomly at random intervals. Nothing shows in AppCrashViewer etc. If I turn it on to refresh the weather environment and turn it off, no CTD. It is a little better with older drivers. The 411s are worse and cause random crashes in other modules. I am using the 382s for now until this resolves. Tried the TdrLevel fix too no joy. Win10. Shez
  4. ShezA

    DTW beta tests

    This is the long in gestation SunSkyJet KDTW's in Beta testing finally. Shez
  5. Gerard, I just installed your August preset and I get a brown horizon. Any ideas? Shez
  6. I have a Thrustmaster joystick with twist function assigned to steering tiller which sits on a small table to the left of my chair. This is for ground steering. All buttons on top are for reset views so when panning the view (moving the head so to say) while taxiing I can quickly reset to forward view when back on centerline. This is separate from my Saitek Yoke which is mounted in front with rudder pedals for flying. For jets/Dash8 I use the tiller/joystick, for GA/props I use my pedals. All assigned via FSUIPC. My wish is one day some hardware manufacturer produces a true steering tiller... Shez
  7. This happens when some addons are not compatible with V4. The only solution I found was to go to the folder C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons. Delete all scenery entries there unfortunately and rebuild.
  8. ShezA

    Garmin 750/650

    Yes it is easily installed in all aircraft via their utility. Just one caution the Garmin trainer nav data cannot be updated.
  9. ShezA


    You are correct. BUR will not work well with P3D although never tried it. LGB does but I have to optimize it as it kills frames around south LA if used together with FSDTs KLAX. We are planning a brand new BUR by SunSkyJet. WIP. Shez
  10. ShezA

    VATSIM Achieves Membership Milestone

    This is exactly what I have been trying to overcome with this website. Try and get some predictability. Shez
  11. ShezA

    Autorudder on MD80

    Maybe assign it to a button on your joystick?
  12. I also feel that the July preset on this set is very grey. Shez
  13. ShezA

    error graphics

    Exactly what I am seeing. Shez
  14. There are some real issues with PTA presets and 4.3 especially with REX SF. None of the presets are compatible and break cloud.fx each time. I am having to uninstall and reinstall all the time. Even your presets are not working well. Shez