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  1. From what I understand P3D now does not load all active scenery sets even if they are active. The sceneries activate when one approaches them. In the past this used to cause a load problem and memory issues but now this goes away. Is my understanding correct? Does this get impacted by the new XML method? Shez
  2. Hi Gerard, not sure why the d/l link does not work for me. Keep getting an error. Shez
  3. That is exactly why I have not bought it yet. Just flying it on Delta routes restricts it. I wish someone would just do the American Airlines and Allegiant liveries so maybe we could fly the MD80 routes with this B717. Shez
  4. There is something the matter today with VATSIM voice. I am in the air KIAD-KSFO and did find the voice of controllers at KIAD a bit difficult to understand. I am online at LAX_CTR scheduled 12 noon PST. It is booked on our website :). Maybe you can try there with me. Shez
  5. There might be some relief for predictability of ATC online availability coming. The idea arises out of my frustration from being a VATSIM pilot who rarely is able to get ATC coverage when I want to fly especially in the US and Asia. I have just had developed an ATC time booking website which can be universally used by ATC to book time slots when they are going to be online. The booked time slot appears on a daily/weekly/monthly calendar. Pilots can view the calendar and plan their flights to get ATC coverage either flying in or out of that region. A few ATC can also get together to open coverage in tandem so pilots can fly in between the regions (like a mini-event). There is also an option to get an email if an ATC booking has been made on the website (you can turn this off of course). The website also has a pilot request functionality for pilots to request ATC coverage where they are flying. The website will be in testing phase very soon and at the moment only a few US based ARTCCs are participating in the pilot (VATUSA is observing if the idea will be feasible). Hopefully when they provide the go ahead we can have more ARTCCs come on board (for some strange reason some regions have declined the chance to sign-up). The most common feedback I have heard over the years is that controllers are not able to predict their availability most of the times. Neither is there any guarantee that ATC will be online even if they book a time slot (this is VATSIM and real life does supersede). That is fine. There is obviously no obligation to sign-up on the website. With that said at least if some of us use this and can build traffic levels maybe others can follow suit and it becomes a must-do procedure for controllers. In the end, hopefully we can have some hope of getting some predictability of ATC coverage (which was the original goal of VATSIM), rather than pilots blindly flying around hoping for ATC on VATSIM. Watch this space... Shez
  6. Agreed. (P3Dv4/CRJ ver. So I just finished that flight you suggested including the long legs, the aircraft flew it perfectly without any circular tracks, deviations, etc. Landed perfectly. This is with AS P3DV4 real weather. I even tried to throw it off balance by increasing sim rate to 4x/8x but it stayed rock solid. Shez
  7. Not worth replying to.
  8. You don't own it....and you are thrashing the product? For some of the users having issues, try and reinstall with a complete delete of all folders. The aerosoft forum has posts on this. Then install the latest build and see. It certainly works well enough for me but there are certainly some items which are WIP. LNAV refinement, turns are still being worked on HUD display issue GSX door recognition Frame rate fluctuation, this one I have reported on seems to be related to some system calculation which is occurring every few seconds Minor issues with FMS display I am going to fly that route above and report back too. Shez
  9. Try and make a change in the NI profile, see if that change is reflected in the NVidia CP. If it is then it is working. Shez
  10. That is the NVIDIA Profile Inspector. Try this.
  11. Mine works with 385.41 and is version
  12. Question: in the aircraft.cfg general section, can we assign more than one aircraft to the atc_model section? i.e. atc_model=B738,B739. Shez
  13. This is my preferred method after much trial and error (I actually alternate between 2xSSAA/8xMSAA in sim plus 2xSSGS in NI). The GPU works much harder and hits 90-100% in external view but the clouds etc. and general smoothness and clarity of view is very good. Shez
  14. After much fiddling about and experimentation I was able to get the IVAO MTLs to work in V4. The models I had were all FS9 ones so I had to do a lot of models swapping from the AIG website. I now have a combo of UT2 and IVAO MTL In VATSIM. Unfortunately these are not for public use as per their wishes... Shez