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  1. Try and make a change in the NI profile, see if that change is reflected in the NVidia CP. If it is then it is working. Shez
  2. That is the NVIDIA Profile Inspector. Try this.
  3. Mine works with 385.41 and is version
  4. Question: in the aircraft.cfg general section, can we assign more than one aircraft to the atc_model section? i.e. atc_model=B738,B739. Shez
  5. This is my preferred method after much trial and error (I actually alternate between 2xSSAA/8xMSAA in sim plus 2xSSGS in NI). The GPU works much harder and hits 90-100% in external view but the clouds etc. and general smoothness and clarity of view is very good. Shez
  6. After much fiddling about and experimentation I was able to get the IVAO MTLs to work in V4. The models I had were all FS9 ones so I had to do a lot of models swapping from the AIG website. I now have a combo of UT2 and IVAO MTL In VATSIM. Unfortunately these are not for public use as per their wishes... Shez
  7. Thanks Jay. Very useful. Shez
  8. Hi Jay, You are right. I converted the models to FSX and they appear. Just need to fix the animations. Shez
  9. Does anyone know if there has been a change in the way LODs are handled by V4? I have a bunch of older AI which have LODs but are now not showing up in V4 from a close distance. They can only be seen from about a mile away. Oh and they work fine in V3... Shez
  10. I have a new download coming. If you would like to test it send me an email. Shez
  11. Looks good thanks!
  12. Finally moved to V4. Could someone point me to a chart someone is maintaining that tracks all the addons that are now V4 compatible. Thanks Shez
  13. Alright alright already so I assume you are telling me that you are not using my KTOL...?
  14. yes sir, speaking of which....