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  1. This happens when some addons are not compatible with V4. The only solution I found was to go to the folder C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons. Delete all scenery entries there unfortunately and rebuild.
  2. ShezA

    Garmin 750/650

    Yes it is easily installed in all aircraft via their utility. Just one caution the Garmin trainer nav data cannot be updated.
  3. ShezA


    You are correct. BUR will not work well with P3D although never tried it. LGB does but I have to optimize it as it kills frames around south LA if used together with FSDTs KLAX. We are planning a brand new BUR by SunSkyJet. WIP. Shez
  4. ShezA

    VATSIM Achieves Membership Milestone

    This is exactly what I have been trying to overcome with this website. Try and get some predictability. Shez
  5. ShezA

    Autorudder on MD80

    Maybe assign it to a button on your joystick?
  6. I also feel that the July preset on this set is very grey. Shez
  7. ShezA

    error graphics

    Exactly what I am seeing. Shez
  8. There are some real issues with PTA presets and 4.3 especially with REX SF. None of the presets are compatible and break cloud.fx each time. I am having to uninstall and reinstall all the time. Even your presets are not working well. Shez
  9. ShezA

    Create a flight plan

    There is a good program called Professional Flight Planner which is the final word in flight planning. Everything you need. However, here is what to do when you are not using PFP. For commercial airline flights: Simbrief is best. It produces a flight plan and a lot of sundry data for your aircraft for flight planning. There is now a small utility called Simbrief downloader which will down load the final plan into the appropriate folders for you to load directly into your aircraft FMS. Many formats are supported. For GA flights: Little NavMap is best and it will give you many options to proceed via low/high airways or VOR/VOR etc. You can then upload to the P3D folder for it to be available for your flight. For GA flights, as you might be aware, pilots usually do the flight plans manually and load them up by hand into their GPS unit. If you have the payware GTN units you can take the Little NavMap flight plan and manually input it into the GTN. Or vice versa, use the GTN units and manually set up a flight plan directly there. It's very realistic. Hope that helps. Shez
  10. Let me know if this is fixed with the P3D version of KRIC.
  11. ShezA

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    Truly one of the people who laid the stepping stones for all the developers to take the sim to where it is now. A great man. Left us too early.
  12. I think it is individual developer and model related variability. With the JF C152 I was just unable to maintain any kind of lateral control so this really helped. Then I came across this linked thread and though it might be interesting for others. Try it out and experiment a bit. I never changed the turbulence scalar in ASP4 but now I have. Shez
  13. Agree. I have gone even further down to 20 as per the forum thread and it has done wonders. Shez
  14. I was having a lot of handling issues with the excellent Just Flight C152 mainly due to ASN winds. So on their forums I came across this thread and it certainly sorted me out. Worth a try for others but it will generally affect aircraft too. Opinions? Shez
  15. What I meant was to unlock the frames from inspector and not use it, and just go unlimited. That is the only way I got it to not dip FPS. If you need the inspector then you will see the dip. I am not sure why this happens... Shez