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  1. Here is the updated link to the KORD scenery as the previous one expired.!Ap6BzLcFirPslsRhL0aUpJgleEiIeQ Shez
  2. There are two developers. I saw another announcement somewhere...
  3. Here you go. I have not touched the main terminals. Just put in almost all gates.
  4. Let me see what I can do. It was part of the effort to update this airport. Shez
  5. I think I have captured everything in this version except what is not available in the latest satellite imagery. Shez
  6. My mistake. I included the same scenery and texture folder twice. I have corrected it in the link. For you, just delete the sub-directory KORD and use the scenery and texture folder at the higher level folder. Basically duplicated. Shez
  7. OK here is the full version with photoreal, autogen and seasons. Re-download from link below.!Ap6BzLcFirPslsRhlC3hyAaoR_whEw Shez
  8. I may attempt to try and merge the FSDT into this however I will have to reengineer the FSDT as it has old photoreal elements. Shez
  9. It actually has all seasons. Not sure why it is not showing up. Let me update. Shez
  10. Well this was initially an AFCAD update with a photoreal background (borne out of frustration of my VATSIM Chicago Center controlling where half the pilots had old scenery). I then decided to align all the taxiways to the photoreal so it looks a lot better now. I also put in all the gates and updated the layout to the current with the new cargo to NE. Here is the link if anyone wants the Beta. I am still working on the cargo buildings.!Ap6BzLcFirPslsRhTyNZ73ln2mosCw Will be at AVSIM soon. Shez
  11. This is what I am having developed. I hope pilots and ATC both use it to the mutual benefit of both.... There are a few final enhancements to make before I officially launch it so watch this space. Shez
  12. Went with the purchase of the i7 8700K and the GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 5. Interesting that the price of the Mobo went up $30 after my purchase...hopefully can sell the i7 and the mobo. Shez
  13. That is an interesting comment. I was looking at the 8700K performance on the pass-mark charts and saw significantly improved numbers over 7700K. Shez
  14. Thanks Ryan. Real world priorities means output has slowed to a trickle. Will not get full price for the 7700/MB but maybe 75%. I am coming from a i7 3700K so I am going to see a jump in performance with the 7700K but the 8700K seems to be even bigger. Shez
  15. So I purchased an i7 7700K and a Z270 MB for a new build but still in component form. Now I see the i7 8700K and am thinking to maybe just sell the boxed 7700K/Z270 MB and start with this so at least I get a great new machine well into the future. Opinions? Shez