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  1. So I use a program called Process Lasso to assign the CPU affinity to the other programs. Its a nice little program which gives a lot of information about the computer and the programs/services currently running. Maybe someone else can advise if its possible to do this without PL.My AM setting actually matches my PL core assignments (I do this in SimStarter P3D). Apologies for introducing these other programs....
  2. Got it. So for me with temp issues the setup settles on P3D on core 0-2,4,6,8,10 Other tasks (ASP3D, etal) on 3,5,7,9,11. Best balance of temp and fluidity. Thanks for the help in further refining my setup. Cheers.
  3. I will check it out although I suspect if I use the non-physical cores (1,3) then temps might go up. Thanks.
  4. So I should run P3D on cores 0,1,2,4,6,8,10 and default everything else to 3,5,7,9,11?
  5. I have written about my experience which I think corresponds to Steve's guidance. HT ON means my CPU generally runs with fluidity, but running P3D with on all cores we end up with a hotter CPU. To counter the temp issue I run Process Lasso and allocate P3D to the HT OFF cores (for me 0,2,4,6,8,10) on my 11 core PC (I think these are the physical cores). I then allocate all the rest of the programs on cores 1,3,5,7,9,11. Better temps and fluidity and better CPU utilisation. As I live in a warm climate, to counter the temps in summer running P3D, I also remove the CPU cover to allow it to breathe 😃
  6. Is this '60' a new entry? I thought -1 was what you were using?
  7. In-sim: disable vsync, change to unlimited frames start MSI afterburner, RTSS starts automatically, both are minimised in tray RTSS: bottom left press Add, find your prepar3d exe and add. Prepar3d is now added to list in RTSS RTSS: click on the added prepar3d in list, on right is scanline sync, click the word itself and you will cycle through the options, use X/2, on right click down arrow to get -1 That is the basic limit RTSS set. MSI AB and RTSS have to run every time when you run P3D or you will may get artefacts. If you need to get the on-screen parameters let us know.
  8. I would check on websites that specialise in RTSS scanline sync parameters as when I went through them they were a bit too technical. I then took some pointers and through trial and error settled on -2.
  9. That's fine too. I just prefer to have a P3D profile where I need the vsync adjusted. Other times I am happy with my monitor default and I also don't need any additional screen data.
  10. You click the down button on the right of scanline sync.
  11. You have to make a profile for P3D in RTSS and link to program. Then only will it start with specific features for P3D. Otherwise it can work in default but it will always be ON. I would then use MSI AB to setup the on-screen options from setup-monitoring-choose from list of display items. Make sure you tick the "show in on-screen" display. Also make sure the screen resolution does not change or it will not show. I say this because for flightsim I use my full 4K resolution which maximises the clarity so I can keep the antialiasing lower. For normal work I use 150% of display capability otherwise the text is too small.
  12. Curious. Why do you have vsync ticked? The RTSS is performing that function for you.
  13. I think use only scanline sync and leave the frame rate limiter at zero, it will automatically adjust to monitor refresh rate.
  14. I have two profiles specifically for default and P3D with the only parameter changing being the CPU affinity. For Default profile all processes are on full hyperthreaded CPU affinity (cores 0-11). For P3D I have a profile which pushes all non-P3D processes to cores 1,3,5,7,9,11 and puts P3D on 0,2,4,6,8,10. The result is as below. https://ibb.co/nc21bMv
  15. That is why I brought it up and Bruce also wondered why it is not used. This was an older tweak and I guess has not been discussed much recently. It is widely known in many gaming forums.
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