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  1. There are many members who are just assuming that complex airliners will be a disaster on MSFS. The new sim is very much a modern sim with a full development on the 64-bit platform. Let us wait and see how it manages the high complexity airliners and then comment. I am sure PMDG will be noting the flyability in MSFS and working with MS to address any concerns. This is not P3D with its origins in FSX....let's give it a chance.
  2. Sounds like a good strategy to me. It's maximization of profits.
  3. The problem with us freeware guys is that we are balancing the development with our own time so difficult to say, but after a short time away I am working on it again.
  4. Never upgraded so can only test in V4. Maybe when it is ready someone can test it for me.
  5. Amazing numbers Umberto! Did not realise that this new sim is such a blockbuster already! Personally, I have not purchased it yet (been busy) but in alpha/beta form I loved it. I actually find P3D a bit boring now except of course for the payware aircraft and sceneries.
  6. Your wish is my command...KIND. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/kind-indianapolis-international-airport.448174/
  7. Right. So no change since the beta testing period. FSUIPC is your friend. To me this appeared to be a very easy change if they implemented a cfg file entry to include joystick profile.
  8. So you have confirmed it. When I fly the A320 I use my Hotas sidestick profile. When I then decide to fly the 748 I have to change to my Saitek Yoke profile. Of course, P3D also did not have this capability and we only got this through FSUIPC which has aircraft specific assignments, which I suspect is what we will do here too. Oh well...
  9. I have been travelling and not had a chance to purchase the sim but in the alpha/beta there was no way to assign joystick settings profiles to aircraft. We gave this feedback. Is it implemented?
  10. Agree. But once you have assigned the controllers it is great to fly. But FSUIPC is still a must.
  11. Yes you can. Set up a controller profile called blank or whatever and remove all assignments. Then use this all the time. You have to do this with all the controllers or you will get interactions. Word of caution there are a lot of default assignments which cause issues with controlling the aircraft. You have to do a seek and destroy on them or the flight is a mess. Remember the sim allows multiple assignments to a key or joystick button so be careful.
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